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Well long time, no see guys!

It’s been about a month and a half I would suppose…whoops. In all honesty, this past Summer seemed so non-stop! I had a class that required me to do 2-3 assignments pretty much every day and it took up a lot of my free time. BUT I’M BACK. With a super long post too, so ya’ll better enjoy it.

Anyways, this past weekend, a darling friend of mine named Tawny and I drove down to Richmond to visit the Maymont Estate specifically because we had read about their Japanese garden. WELP, we finally went down and did a collaborative photo shoot together and today I’m going to show you the pictures. TA-DA.

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And I would call that a wrap! We had taken so many photos..almost 400 I believe and managed to get it down to 129 which was a miracle. Honestly though, these gardens were so gorgeous and there was beautiful weather…it was so perfect. Also a huge thank you to Tawny for being my partner in crime with this photo shoot and getting me out of my comfort zone.

Disclaimer; All photos were indeed taken by either me or Tawny with a Canon Rebel SL1 with the Standard Kit 18mm-50mm Lens (because I ain’t that fancy). Please do not re-use, re-post, or anything along those lines.  Thanks for your understanding.

I’m hoping the next post will be an anniversary geared post, but we shall see. 😉

Until next time guys!!

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
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Taylor Rae


SimplyMe: Our Engagement Photos!

Hello everyone!
I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY SORE RIGHT NOW. I have been trying to complete the workouts Blogilates releases and today I completed the “Love Handle Hysteria” workout and let me tell you all how much I hate weights. Anyways, I am so glad that I finally have a day off where I can relax and FINISH A POST. Well, if you haven’t read the title already…OUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS HAVE OFFICIALLY ARRIVED! We got the full amount a couple days ago and I have been sharing them with everyone! They were everything I hoped for and more…plus, it’s mine and Anthony’s first photo shoot together.

imageSo, I wanted to use this post to kind of give you all a detailed look at our engagement photo experience and give a very special thanks to those involved. So, the day started off with me working out so that I can fit into the dress above. I then took a trip around the corner to get my hair done by Jennifer Cheek! She did a wonderful job curling my hair because typically…my hair doesn’t hold curls. Afterwards, I came home and relaxed and looked through some of the items I got from the Bridal Showcase.
image-1Once Anthony came over and we finally got situated and everything together for the photo shoot, we drove down to Downtown Fredericksburg…specifically, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Vintage Boutique. Now, I had called the store days in advance to ask permission for us to have part of our photo shoot in their store. They were very happy to say yes and I think some of the best pictures were while we were shooting there. So, we go in to take a look around and Anthony had some vintage video games and consoles to sell. I fell in love with every piece of vintage clothing and shoes they offered in my size and it took a lot to make sure I didn’t buy them too. After a little while, Anthony and I decide to take a walk before the Matt and Kathy from MathyShootsPeople come. When we came back, we began the photo shoot!
image-2We had a great time shooting in the store. I think some of our best pictures were taken here! We had some ultimately geeky moments and lots and lots of laughter. Matt and Kathy made us feel so comfortable since this was mine and Anthony’s very first photo shoot together. Honestly, I think Matt and Kathy are as close to a future us personality wise than most people we know. They were awesome to work with and definitely caught some truly awesome moments!
image-3After our shoot in the store, we stepped out to capture the unique green and purple store front. Wanna know something funny? We actually asked the store owner to photo bomb! AND HE DID. It was great. I am so thankful to Horseshoes and Hand Grenades for giving us free range in their store and making sure we were comfortable and free of interruptions! After our store shoot, we went for a walk around downtown looking for really vintage and unique backdrops for some photos and we came across a few wooden doors and graffitied walls. We then found an old barn looking building where we took individual shots and some pretty shots laying down.
image-4We then proceeded to a local river to take a few more shots laying down and then we took some awesome street shots and a silhouette shot that I completely adore (and will definitely use for our wedding). After we finished our last shots, we headed up back to the original street we met up on and…Anthony made an Instagram video. Haha! I’m serious, but we also talked about how awesome social networking was and how thankful we were for their overall awesomeness and when the photos would be done and so on. I think this was one of the best experiences of my life and I will never forget it…especially with the photos! I actually compiled a slideshow for the blog!!

Just in case you don’t read YouTube descriptions, the music is actually a tribute to how Anthony proposed! If you didn’t see the original post where I announced our engagement, Anthony proposed during “Natural Anthem” at The Postal Service concert! So I used my favorite song and the original song he proposed to.

Well, there’s our engagement photos! I hope you all enjoyed them and I promise a beauty post is coming up!! I would like to give a special thanks to Matt and Kathy from MathyShootsPeople.Com! As well as to the awesome owners and staff at Horseshoes & Hand Grenades! You all made this day extra special! Anyways, it’s about to be 10 o’clock and I have to wake up at 5am!! So bed time for me!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember to stay safe! If you’re on Instagram, I’m doing the 30 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge! What are you thankful for? Follow me @TaylorRae319!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

SimplyMe: Wedding Stuff & Other Things…

wedding stuff

Hello To Everyone!
I am back finally!!! It has been so busy recently and I just came down with another ill day and oh my gosh I CAN’T WIN. But a lot of wedding stuff/planning has been underway and a lot of food, working out, and I am literally all over the place. But now that some of the important things are taken care of, I can really start to relax until the last week of September since we’ll be having our Engagement Cookout with family and wedding party members. But here is a little update on what’s been going on lately!!

wedding stuff1So, last Sunday my family, my best friend/Maid of Honor, and I went to Fairfax for the Washington Bridal Expo and I have forgotten how overwhelming these bridal conventions can be. There were so many different vendors and so many prizes to win. It was madness. Luckily my family and Ambrozine were so helpful!! We ate our weight in free food and cake and oh my gosh it was great in the meal aspect. I did find a few photographers and videographers that I really wanted to meet with and so on, but for the most part…it was just crazy and I will probably only go to one more and then be finished with them. But I am so glad I got to see my best friend and really go over possible plans, color combos, and so on!! She’s truly the best MoH ever!

wedding stuff2Monday, Anthony and I finally took our pre-wedding/engagement photos with the incredible duo photographers: Mathy Shoots People. The whole day was just geared towards prepping for our session. I had to get my hair curled by my hair stylist, had my mother do my makeup since I get shaky hands when it comes to eyeliner, and talk about ideas with Anthony. We did our photo shoot in Downtown Fredericksburg since it’s got antique shops galore and a river near by for great photos. We also took some shots in a freakin’ awesome vintage store called Horseshoes and Hand Grenades also located in Downtown Fredericksburg and they were so amazing to us! They closed the store a tad early so we could take our photos without any interruptions and distractions. They also had like super cute vintage clothes and it took everything in my power to not buy everything. But I do want to thank everyone who helped out!!! Thank you Matt and Kathy, H&HG, Jennifer Cheek (hair stylist), and my mother!! I can’t wait to show you all the photos!

wedding stuff3Last but not least, Thursday I went to my first Bridal Boutique!! Apparently, my mom had a friend who’s sister ran a local Bridal shop in Occoquan called Amy’s Bridal Boutique! So, my mom, brother, and I went up for the day and had some Salvadorian food before heading to our appointment. In case you don’t know what those things are in the picture, they are Fried Plantains (Plantanos) and Pupusas! I tried to limit what I was eating since I didn’t want to be bloated while trying on possible corseted dresses. Well, after lunch we headed over to the store and I fell in love with Amy and her mother! They were so lovely and personal…I felt so comfortable trying on dresses. After about 4 or 5 dresses, I felt so awkward because I had really loved them all. They all had something that I fell in love with, but not enough to buy on the spot. There was one dress though that when I initially saw, I thought it was definitely not the one and it was going to be laughable even. Let me just say that just because it looks a certain on the hanger, doesn’t mean it won’t look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS ON YOU. Well, I tried it on for hoots and giggles…and I fell in love immediately and I told my mom to FaceTime my dad to show him. We all felt it: THIS WAS MY WEDDING DRESS. So…I bought it. I would post a picture of the dress on here, but just in case Anthony decides to read this post…I’m just going to keep that a secret until our big day! Sorry!!! But a brief description: It reminds me of a shooting star. BAHAHAHA. I’m sorry again.

Well, that is pretty much all that has happened recently! Just an update on TheDCLadies.Com: My next post will be live on the 26th during TheDCLadies Wedding Week! So, I have a special idea planned for the occasion, but it will still pertain to college students so don’t worry! I am supposed to be receiving a lovely package of purchases within the next few days, so I may do a mini-haul this week or do a review on the recent Legend of Korra Book 2 episodes since I’ve been trying to add a geeky feature to the blog. Let me know which you would like best in the comment section!!!
Anyways, have a fantastic week everyone!! Please stay safe and if you could have Colorado Flood Victims in your thoughts and prayers, please do so! Remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae

Engagement Photos: UPDATED!

I am just a tad bit excited…our engagement photos are coming up in about 3 weeks which sounds long, but I am so excited! We’ve been slowly preparing for the shoot with Mathy Shoots People and we’ve got the basis of what we want our shoots to reflect: our geeky ways, our love, and who we are individually. So, we are pretty much set at this point, all I have to do now is just make sure my engagement dress still fits…I’m going to be working out hard these next few weeks…and years. But basically this post is to update you all on what outfits I will be wearing and why! SO, let’s see what I’ll be wearing for my engagement photos…

engagement 2So, this first outfit is very simple, comfortable, and complements mine and Anthony’s geeky side. We will be wearing the same shirt and shoes for this portion and this will probably also feature our “I Said ‘Yes'” thing on the 3DS to emphasize my ridiculousness. I’m not too sure if I’ll be wearing any jewelry aside from basic necklace and such, but it’s definitely going to be the most simple outfit of the shoot. I am excited to see how we work with this!
Old School Gamer Tee – JCPenny
Jeggings – WalMart (Comfy too)
Shoes – Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro

engagement 3This outfit is definitely going to be accompanied by some Chinese food and a picnic blanket. It’s funny, our photographer asked us what our “thing” is as a couple and I told them Chinese food and relaxing! So we are going to have some Chinese food takeout boxes and a little picnic in the park of Downtown Fredericksburg. I love this outfit though mostly because of the colors and it gives me an opportunity to wear some jewelry like the bracelet shown and a handmade necklace from my mother. It is definitely a comfortable outfit, though a bit more made up in a sense.
Striped Top – TJMaxx
Jeggings – WalMart
Shoes – Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro
Jewelry – Charming Charlie’s & Handmade

engagement 1This will probably be our final outfit and is a bit more…formal, I suppose? This is actually my favorite outfit because the dress is so beautiful! It features colorful stars and the most perfect lattice cutout! It truly does show my personality in a big way. I am so excited to wear it for the photo shoot and the engagement party as well! I was debating on whether to wear heels or not with this outfit because it is for our more formal shots, but I decided to stick to who I am and chose my off-white crochet oxfords and it honestly became the most perfect outfit I’ve ever put together. This outfit is for our walk among the colorful buildings in DT F’burg and also hints at our wedding theme. I’ll also be wearing a handmade anklet that my mother also made as well as cute star earrings. I AM SO EXCITED TO WEAR THIS OUTFIT IT’S RIDICULOUS. AH.
Star Catching Dress – ModCloth
Laced Back Cardigan – TJMaxx
Crochet Oxfords – TJMaxx
Jewelry – Random Korean Store & Handmade

So, that is pretty much a detailed list of what I am going to be wearing and how we are coordinating it into who me and Anthony are. We are so excited and we are definitely going to share the experience with you all! WE WILL MAKE YOUTUBE WORK FOR US. But yes, we will be filming that day as well…or as much as we possibly can. But, I hope you all enjoyed this update and I hope you all will look forward to the video and I HOPE YOU ALL LOOK FORWARD TO MY VERY FIRST POST ON THE DC LADIES’ BLOG AS A COLLEGIATE CLUB CONTRIBUTOR ON AUGUST 22ND!!! I’m excited. :O AHHHHHH.
Anyways, I hope you all have a great rest of your week! Be safe and always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

Engagement Photo Shoot Fashion & Beauty

Hello everyone! It’s been one heck of a week for me. A lot of pain and medicine involved, I will say. BUT, we are finally in the beginning stages of our engagement party planning which includes our engagement photo shoot. We are having our pictures done by Kathy and Matt from MathyShootsPeople.Com in Downtown Fredericksburg on Tuesday. We really want this photo shoot to be fun and vintage, so we thought Downtown Fredericksburg would be our best bet! Luckily, we get unlimited outfit changes, but we’ll probably keep it down to 2 or 3, just so we’re not all over the place. Our main goal is to show our different personalities; For me, I’m geeky, fun, vintage. Anthony is more modern, laid back, and not quite as geeky…So, this photo shoot is bound to be interesting. But here are some of my fashion and beauty ideas for Tuesday.tumblr_mpg31d49XK1qa95aho1_500I really have been dying to wear my boyfriend jeans with my wedges since I’ve seen Linda from NomNomBlingBling.Blogspot.Com sporting them in a lot of her posts! I wanted to show my love for Hello Kitty as well with this cute light hoodie that Anthony bought me recently! Such a cute and casual outfit that I found so perfect and comfy. For this outfit, I wanted to incorporate my geeky side a bit by doing the tradition “I Said ‘Yes'” picture with my Animal Crossing 3DS. I think it would be fantastic and totally depicts my life at the moment…please don’t judge me.
Hello Kitty Hoodie – Forever21
Boyfriend Jeans – Jennifer Lopez
Dexter Wedges – Payless
I can see us sitting at a café with me having an iced green tea latte and playing my 3DS and Anthony on his MacBook doing graphics. Then a picture of us on a bench with my head on his lap while we’re trying to catch fish on Animal Crossing…goodness gracious, what is happening to me?

tumblr_mph626LiuW1qa95aho1_500This is a more vintage inspired outfit that I put together. It feels a bit more romantic to me although I was never one to wear skirts. It shows a lot of my personality though, the outfit is different with the polka dots on the button up. The cute straw hat I actually bought for my trip to Israel last year, but I haven’t worn it yet this season. I finally found a wide belt and my black oxford heels which add the perfect touch in my opinion. The jewelry on the bottom is for the entire day, not just this outfit. I think it gives the overall vintage feel we expect for our wedding without giving too much detail that even we aren’t aware of. But I love how playful it is.
Dalia’s Collection Polka Dot Button Up – TJMaxx
Chevron Printed Skirt – Thrift Store Pickup
Wide Belt – Forever21
Black Oxford Heels – Thrift Store Pickup
Hello Kitty Watch – Gift
Betsey Johnson Watch – Ross
Earrings – Forever21 & Icing by Claire’s
Necklaces – Gifts
I can see us walking around the old churches in this outfit. Taking a nice stroll and relaxing around the colorful buildings. Very simple things since this outfit is rather busy itself.

When it comes to beauty, I want to look very natural. So minimal eye makeup and just a touch of lip shimmer. My hair will be either way or curled, just to give volume and frame my face a bit more. For my nails, yes I am going to have to start getting them done again…dang it. I can’t find pictures of how I really want it done, but I want a very light pink and neutral pale color. Something to match really any outfit. So, the beauty portion is neutral, natural, pale, and minimal. If that helps any?

Well, I can’t wait to take the pictures, hopefully my health improves before then! But, I am having fun doing the planning for the pictures and the party. I will make sure to take some behind the scenes pictures for you all and whenever I get the actual pictures, I’ll share them with you as well! Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Be safe, stay blessed, and always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae