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Hello Everyone & Happy 2017!

I’m sorry I didn’t do the “annual” new years post this year…I had sincerely thought about it but I just couldn’t get into the spirit of it. 2016 was a difficult year for me and although I tried not to let it get in the way of me blogging and filming, it did decrease my motivation substantially for a good portion of the year. But I feel that this year I will try to take better care of myself in terms of physical and mental health. But I do want to say; thank you guys so so much for spending 2016 with Simply Taylor Rae. 2017 marks my 5th year of blogging and I’m not too sure whether to celebrate or just spend the year finding my “identity” and keeping it calm. Either way; you guys ultimately kept me going and I appreciate everything you do. Thank you.

Anyways, here’s to the first post of 2017 and the many more that will follow!


December was a really weird month for favorites; I kind of started changing my thinking and taste in many things but I still hope you all enjoy the post. By the way, please enjoy looking at my incredibly nosy doge who likes to bust in when I take pictures.


Ya’ll know I was excited for this release and it was worth the wait entirely. Pokemon Sun and Moon have really brought about a well needed change to the franchise; instead of gyms, there are trials where you get Z-crystals rather badges. Many cute Pokemon have been introduced as well…but shiny hunting has become a pain in my butt I tell you what. Overall though, I really really loved this game and although it took me a wee bit to finish it; so so worth.


During our trip to California, Anthony bought me a pair of new Adidas shoes for our anniversary and I love them. They are quite comfortable to walk in and are cute for many occasions including Disney Land. We got these for a pretty good price I believe and I’d definitely suggest them. They’re quite aesthetic in my honest opinion.


This is kind of what began my taste change…I had originally received the Minnie figurine from a very kind coworker and I adored it. So much to the point where I bought the Marie one because I just felt the need to buy another one. They are so cute and the small ones aren’t too expensive from the Hallmark store. I’m hoping once I get another shelf from IKEA, I can go and get a bigger figurine or two.


And finally, we come to the staple of my favorites. My bed. This seems so freakin’ depressing but I have literally felt a need to stay in bed a lot more lately. I know it’s probably part of my anxiety turning into a mild depression, but it has become kind of like a safe zone for me. I want to edit in my bed, I want to watch movies…IN MY BED. I want to play my video games from the comfort of my warm bed. And my dog only wants to love me and stay for cuddles on my bed. But yes…it’s sad, but my bed is possibly the number one thing on this list. *le sigh*

And that is it for today’s post! If you have anything you’ve enjoyed during December or have any suggestions on how to celebrate 5 years with Simply Taylor Rae; please let me know in the comments down below. I hope you guys had a wonderful and safe new years and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. ❤

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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SimplyMe: back home in California

Hey everyone!

Oh wow; it’s December already. WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO!?


So yes, your girl traveled back to California for a week-long vacation and boy was it packed with loads of fun. It was weird being back after 9 years…even though it wasn’t the area I lived in. Honestly, I’ve never been to Los Angeles…or anywhere near it. It was honestly a culture shock much like New York was. But it was honestly so wonderful meeting Anthony’s family and reuniting with my cousin after so long. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


The day we left; we woke up at 3:30am…such an awful and horrible idea but we had to get ready so we could leave for the airport. We got through check-in and security rather quickly, much to my surprise so I felt the need to awaken myself with a Starbucks drink. Let me tell you; the line for Starbucks was 15 minutes longer than actually arriving and checking in and passing through security combined. But ya girl made it and got her green tea latte with Anthony claiming I experienced “First World Problems” and “Basic White Girl Syndrome.” Our flight arrived and hour and a half later and it was packed. 6 hours of awfully cramped aisles on a tiny plane, but we made it through. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ We arrived in LAX and were picked up by Anthony’s aunt and uncle and they immediately took us to the motherland…In-N-Out Burger. The Lord has never been so good until I tasted a Double Double for the first time since I left.


We spent our first day saying hi to Anthony’s family and grabbing food like authentic Mexican tamales and within the first 12 hours of arriving I managed to gain 10lbs. #WORTH Our 2nd day was his aunt’s birthday so we took her out and celebrated with her and did a little shopping. The 3rd day we decided to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Now, let me just say…after having gone to the Monterey Bay Aquarium…this aquarium is fairly small but it was quite cute. I absolutely adored the Jellyfish exhibits and petting Stingrays. Across the street from the Aquarium was a Bubba Gump restaurant which we ate at and it was quite delicious and I got to share my love of knowing useless trivia which included “Forrest Gump.” We then went a did a little more shopping and made our way back home. ƪ(΄◞ิ۝◟ิ‵)ʃ


The 4th day was probably the most culturally shocking and anxiety driven day for me…we visited Santee Alley. I understand that most people probably wouldn’t be too worried about this and are considering me childish for being afraid…but when that tiny alley gets packed with people you don’t know and you’re not familiar with the area. BOY OH BOY. The anxiety goes up high. I was grabbing on to Anthony every chance I got and breathing was rather difficult. Thankfully, near the end of our experience, we stopped for a breather and grabbed some food; bacon wrapped hot dogs with pico de gallo on top and a side of chili mangoes. I don’t know how we made it out or how we got back home, but we did. With little time to rest…because Anthony’s family threw a get together since he was back in town. It was a great time with great food, but I had severe anxiety from the day and the best feeling was just sitting down and petting the family dog, Rocky.


On the 5th day of Christma- I mean California; Anthony’s cousin took us to Little Tokyo to meet up with my cousin and her fiancé. There was anime goods galore, delicious food everywhere you turned, and just so much to take in. I couldn’t contain myself. I stopped by a cute café called HoneyMee and grabbed a green tea to warm up. My cousin’s fiancé got us 銅鑼焼き (dorayaki) and we did some shopping. And by some..I mean A LOT. For lunch, we drove to the Grand Market where there are so many different food vendors and little restaurants and it was everything dreams were made of. Since I was craving ramen, I went and ordered from Ramenhood which was all vegan if I remember correctly. It was incredible and the noodles were the perfect consistency. Sooo good. ( ᵕ̤ ‧̫̮ ᵕ̤ ) Finally, we made our way to The Last Bookstore which was so enchanting and full of wonder. If you enjoy bookstores and just sitting in the silence and reading a good book or three; this is the perfect place. We spent a lot of time here just exploring the labyrinth and art gallery. It was the end to a perfect day and I am so happy to have spent it with my cousin.


FINALLY. Ya girl went to Disneyland and loved it. Let me explain though; I will never understand why people take their kids out of school to go to an amusement park on a Monday when we all know full and well that school is not out for Winter vacation yet. Needless to say; lines were long for just about anything. We did manage to ride on It’s A Small World and one rollercoaster…for children. But we walked around and took in the beautiful view of Disneyland during the Christmas time.


We were able to get pictures with one character though and I am upset that I forgot to include the picture of us but it’s on social media regardless; Darth Vader. It was a short wait and so worth me embarrassing myself by asking for a selfie. After walking around Tomorrowland, we made our way to Main Street for the Christmas Parade and it was incredible and full of “AWWWWWWWWWWW.” Mickey and Minnie hit me right in the feels and the Disney Princesses…were lacking Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas, and what not which was a tad upsetting. But they did have Tiana which was lovely. When the parade was over, we went through all of the shops and bought a few souvenirs which was incredibly difficult because Disneyland is expensive and suitcase space was running out. We then left the Happiest Place on Earth and made our way to an Italian Restaurant for Pizza and Salad, then home to rest.

Our last day was just dedicated to resting and relaxing. We did go to a local mall and had an amazing dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, but it wasn’t as rushed or busy. We just wanted to gather ourselves and prep for the day of traveling to come.

All in all; our trip was amazing and full of fun and I am so thankful to Anthony’s family for inviting us and taking us in for the week. They were so incredible with their hospitality and took wonderful care of us. I am also thankful to my cousin and her fiancé for taking us around LA to the good spots and finding time in their schedule to meet up. ໒( •́ ∧ •̀ )७ I wish we didn’t have to leave so soon, but I know we’ll be back.

Anyways, that’s it for today’s post guys! I hope you all enjoyed this post and I promise, I got some more to come this month!!! IT’S FREAKIN’ CHRISTMAS AHHHHHHHH. I hope you all enjoy the week ahead and I will see you next time.

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae 


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Room Tour (๑́•∀•๑̀)ฅ

Hello Hello~!

I came to a realization after being on YouTube for hours one day…I’ve never done a room tour for you guys. I suppose a big part of it was that I didn’t feel my room was that great to share with people, but I’ve been reorganizing and putting in new furniture lately so I feel that I’m comfortable sharing my space with you guys. Finally. (๑•́ω•̀๑)

Room Tour Title

Just for grins and giggles; 95% of my room furniture is from IKEA. Other stuff varies from Target to Small Shops here and there. I don’t quite have a specific theme for my room, but I hope you all like it still!

Room Tour Bed

Let’s start with where the magic happens. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And by magic I mean ridiculous amounts of sleep and staying away from the sun. Also…don’t let the large amount of pillows fool you; I only use two. In terms of specifics, I know I got the bed spread from Target. I’ve been on a really big white phase when it comes to decorating. I feel that white helps brighten an otherwise quite dark room like mine and it helps produce better pictures because it’s bright.

Room Tour TV stand

My TV stand is actually a bit awkward. I got with the mind set that it will be useful when I move out at the end of the year. Don’t get me wrong; it definitely will but I didn’t take the size of my SMOL TV into consideration so it looks a bit too big and awkward…so I only took pictures of the spots I liked. | ू*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)。oO

Room Tour Shelves

My favorite part of my room; my shelves. ❤ They hold my manga collection, my Vocaloid collection, Sailor Moon collection, and my slowly growing Card Captor Sakura collection. They are so bright and colorful and I adore them. Both of the shelves are from IKEA and were quite cheap! They hold so freakin’ much and you can adjust the height of each shelf and it’s magnificent. Absolutely adore them and I plan on getting a few more.

Sadly, the other pictures I took came out a tad weird because the settings on my camera are literally EVERYWHERE and I was heavily disappointed with how they came out. However, I did want to share some pictures I took while we were downtown last weekend! Hopefully that makes up for the rather short post. _:(´□`」 ∠):_ Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I’ll see you next time. ❤ ❤ ❤




Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae ( ◞・౪・)

Valentine’s Week Day Four: 3 Valentine’s Day Outfits

Hello Everyone!
Now, in case you didn’t read on Twitter or Facebook, yesterday’s post was cancel due to technical difficulties with filming and what not. So frustrating since I spent all morning working on the video…ugh! Anyways, today the same thing happened but I was sure to have Anthony take pictures~. With that said, we’ve made it to the final day of Valentine’s Week! And I am going to share 3 outfits perfect for you vintages ladies, retro gals, and modern fashionistas! Let’s Start…
imageSo these outfits are more geared towards comfort! I’ve always been more of a jeans type of girl, but I did try to include one skirt!! Please work with me…Anyways, let’s begin with Vintage!
image_1So, this outfit is for all you vintage lovers! I really wanted to create a girly yet warm look seeing as how February is still Winter. The colors do remind me a bit of Fall, but the red from the knitted sweater does give a subtle Valentine feel. This outfit does not show your curves, but it is incredibly comfortable and I am actually thinking about wearing this on Valentine’s Day!
Polka Dot Button – Up: Dalia Collection
Knitted Sweater: Old Navy
Patterned Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Work
Western Boots: Payless
Hair Accessory: Japan (ありがとうまりこ!)
image_2This outfit gives a more retro feel! There’s something I absolutely adore about horizontal stripes and random patches of color that the shirt gives…it was too adorable that I had my dad pick it up on his way home one day! Pairing this outfit with a cute animal eared bowler hat and an adorable panda necklace makes this outfit much more fun! This is a great outfit for a day out with the ladies or a brunch date with your significant other! (And I am loving my Living Locket!)
Striped Pink 3/4 Sleeve Shirt: 1776
Boyfriend Jeans: Jennifer Lopez
Suede Wedges: Payless
Bowler Hat: ModCloth
Living Locket: Gift (Hallmark)
Panda Necklace: Gift (Juicy Couture)
image_3Last, but not least is a more up to date outfit! You all know how much I love Disney so you also knew I had to incorporate something Minnie in today’s post! This outfit is perfect for a chilly day and having some fun in the city! You could even pair it up with a cute blazer or cardigan for a more mature look, but I like to keep everything casual…can you tell? The sneaker wedges give the outfit a slight edgy look without being too much and gives little ol’ me some height! I also paired it off with a Minnie motif necklace to go with my Disney theme.
Minnie Sweater: Gift (Burlington)
Jeggings: Kohl’s
Sneaker Wedges: Target
Muse Necklace: Forever21 x Minnie Mouse x Muse


That is it for today! Thank you for a wonderful Valentine’s Week!! This was truly a big deal for me seeing as how I typically blog once or twice a week, but it surely helped me with time management! Let me know what your favorite post was AND/OR what your favorite outfit from today’s post is in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you all!

It is quite late though and I have a lot to do tomorrow…like hopefully getting new tires and a full day of work! AHHH SAVE ME. Anyways, thank you all for stopping by this week and hopefully there will be more to come! I hope you all enjoy your weekend, please stay safe and warm and snuggled up, and remember to take care of your body inside and out! It’s the only one you got, yo!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

Valentine’s Week Day One: The Gift Guide



Yes ladies and gents, I decided to dedicate this week to Valentine’s Day inspired posts!  I was originally going to do it all of last week, but a few things happened and popped up so HERE I AM this week, just in time! So, if you’re like me…I wait until the last minute to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts. I know, it’s frustrating and I will spend weeks prior to find the perfect gifts. (I actually just bought Anthony’s gift today…whoops!) Anyways, here’s a gift guide to help you maybe come up with a gift to tell someone or to purchase for someone special like a friend or loved one! So let’s start!
image(I totally love this image, you guys don’t even know.) SO, today I’m sharing 5 items that I am totally digging as a potential Valentine’s Day gifts and yes, I will provide the links to the items along with a description! I’ll also try to hint at similar ideas that way you have more options just in case! Now that I’ve explained, what is on my gift guide?
image_1This was an item I almost purchased for myself! This is Hot Topic’s Disney Jasmine Diamond Sky Mini Fragrance and it’s only for $4.50! It’s a really inexpensive gift and according to the Hot Topic website; it smells like grapefruit, lime, and vanilla. This is the perfect gift for all of your Disney lovers and even kids! I could totally see myself getting this for Anthony’s nieces and the best part is that Hot Topic does have more than one fragrance! They also have Ariel, Snow White, and Belle! The box is super cute, the bottle is super cute…this gift is just really cute and really cheap as well! So definitely keep this in mind if you’re looking for a budget friendly gift.
image_2I freakin’ love slippers, you guys. And I freakin’ love Doctor Who. And after this weekend, my feet HURT! So you can imagine how appealing these looked to me. Well, these are ThinkGeek’s Doctor Who 11th Doctor Men’s Slippers and they are available for $19.99. Another inexpensive gift for the guys, but hey! If you like them girls, go ahead and get them for you too. These are perfect for the person who enjoys relaxing at home while watching the Doctor on TV. If you’re looking for women’s sizes, ThinkGeek does not carry them unfortunately, but they have loads of goodies in their Doctor Who section including Tardis Box slippers, aprons, and even polos! So definitely think about that as well if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your D.W. nerd!
image_4Here is the cutest and most unique Valentine’s Day shirt I’ve seen yet this season! This is ASOS’s Tunic Top with Mickey and Minnie Valentine Amour Print and they have it listed for $37.04. I am normally not attracted to graffiti like print, but for some reason this shirt gravitated towards me…probably because it has Mickey and Minnie and hearts and…oh lord, maybe my style is slowly changing! Anyways, this is once again perfect for the Disney fan in your life and even perfect for your girlfriend because what better love story than Mickey and Minnie’s? Unfortunately, this is really the only inexpensive Disney item, but ASOS does have a killer Valentine’s section with over 550 items! So, you’re bound to find something for your special someone!
image_3Lastly, this is an item Anthony recently purchased for me! They are called a living locket and what you do is place cute little charms inside the locket! It’s a very personalized gift and very cute too! So, Anthony got mine from a local Hallmark store, but I could not find them online…BUT there is a website called Origami Owl and they have a large collection of living lockets and charms. The price does vary and each charm can add to the price as well, so this isn’t as inexpensive, but it is truly a lovely gift. Each charm represents a little piece of me: T is for Taylor, Aquamarine Heart is for my birth month of March, the Cross and Faith charm are for my faith, the Nikon Camera is for my love of blogging and photography, and the Love charm is the love I have to give. I would definitely suggest this for a special person in your life especially if you share some sweet or awesome memories together!

Well, here is Day One of Valentine’s Week! What did you all think? I hope this was at least a little helpful…I can’t wait for tomorrow! What should I write about? What should I do? THE EXCITEMENT AHHHH! I also got the chance to review another restaurant today, so that will be up next week! I am super stoked you all don’t even know. Anyways, let me know what gifts are on your mind for Valentine’s Day in the comments below!

With all of that said, I need to get some sleep! I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe rest of the week, please stay snuggled and warm, and always remember…every day should be a lot like Valentine’s Day!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

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