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Who honestly would’ve thought this would be happening?! This is just too much for me…and I have so much to say and hopefully I am able to convey my feelings properly through just a post. First off, here’s the top 5 accomplishments over the last 5 years!


There are days where I feel like in the last 5 years, I haven’t accomplished as much as maybe other bloggers or writers may have but looking back on it now…I feel as though I should be proud of even the little accomplishments.

ACCOMPLISHMENT #1: 32,000+ Total Views & 23,900+ Total Visitors

I remember at some point within my first 3 years of blogging, I was obsessed with views and subscribers to the point where I became frustrated and unmotivated to continue. I then made a decision to NEVER look at my view count and today, for the first time in what feels like years…I looked and I am so so thankful for each view and each visitor. I never would’ve imagined 32k views and 23.9k visitors. You guys are so amazing, each and every one of you.

ACCOMPLISHMENT #2: 175 Posts (not including this one…)

Today, I was looking through my first couples years of blogging and realizing how uninspired and generic a lot of my posts were. I had tried to fit into what maintain bloggers in the area did so I could get “famous” and popular. Needless to say, that’s changed over the last two years. I’ve found myself posting things that interest me or personal projects and it’s become easier to write.

ACCOMPLISHMENT #3: 123 Subscribers!!

To every single subscriber; thank you. Thank you for continuous support of Simply Taylor Rae whether you’ve been a subscriber for a few years or relatively recently…thank you so so much. You guys are honestly wonderful and there are no words to describe how I feel about your support over the years. Thank you.

ACCOMPLISHMENT #4: Sponsored 4 Times!

I admittedly began blogging for the fame and sponsorships, but I was quick to realize that expecting those things from the get-go was unrealistic and awful of me. This was supposed to be a place for me to share tips and personal things and just have fun. Needless to say, I have had a change in perspective since then…but to those who were kind enough to sponsor me; YesStyle, Fanatics, Kabbage, and Museum Hack, thank you for supporting me and my website. You guys are truly awesome.

ACCOMPLISHMENT #5: Five Years Later

Never in my life did I imagine blogging for five years. I have wanted to stop many times. I wanted to give up. But between my family, my fiancé, and my friends along with those who subscribed and visit…you guys kept me going. You’ve encouraged me to keep writing, keep taking pictures, start a YouTube channel, and keep progressing to bigger and better things through Simply Taylor Rae. Speaking of progressing to bigger things…

special announcement


That’s right!! I have been practicing to become a DJ and I am set to make my debut in 2018! If you have been following my social media accounts; you would probably have known this for about a week or two. I can’t wait to enter this exciting chapter of my life and while I’m no where near a pro yet, I hope one day to make it to the big leagues.

Here are some specific things to address with the DJ announcement;

  • No specific debut date in 2018 yet.
  • I plan on focusing more on Vocaloid EDM, however other genres are not completely out of the question.
  • There will be live streamed mix sets; those will be announced via social media.
  • Mix sets and mixtapes will more than likely be uploaded to SoundCloud and/or YouTube.
  • There will be a page dedicated to DJ Taylor Rae added to the website shortly.

I can’t wait to share my progress and experiences with you all.


To be quite honest…I am still unsure of what the future holds for myself as well as the longevity of Simply Taylor Rae. While I hope it can go on forever, I also want to be realistic. At this point, I can’t guarantee a post every week or even every two weeks at this point let alone videos…but I want to try and continue to provide quality content that both I and you, as readers enjoy. I want to try hard to be the very best blogger and DJ I can be as well as a person in general.

Needless to say, thank you guys. You’ve made this 5 year journey worth while. Here’s to another 5 and more. I love you all so much.

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


4 Years of Simply Being Me

simply being me

Hey everyone!

So, 4 days ago marked Simply Taylor Rae’s 4 year anniversary. I wasn’t sure what to write or say…it’s been a very crazy month for me and to be honest; I’ve worn myself out in a lot of ways and I’ve had so much going on through my mind about my future and the future of Simply Taylor Rae.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to shut down the website. (ノ´ロ`)ノ

But I do want to make it so that I don’t have to cover as many topics and such.

If you haven’t been on any of my social media within the last two months, I announced that when I finally re-vamp the site this year I would be removing Beauty and Food from the line up. Although I still love talking about beauty and health products and food…I haven’t touched on the topics here on the website for maybe a year and/or more. I also see Simply Taylor Rae going into a more focused direction; a geeky lifestyle blog. I’m not too sure what other changes will be made but I promise to keep you in the loop as I make decisions.

I’ve also have been working on the YouTube Channel WHICH has 3 more videos you all should certainly check out! And if you have topics for future videos; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know in the comments down below! I want the channel to be something you enjoy, so you gotta let me know what you enjoy…as long as it’s family friendly. _φ(°-°=)


You know…when I first started blogging, I wasn’t sure what to do or say. Heck I didn’t think anyone would read it. It was something to keep me busy while I had close to a 5 hour break in between college classes. I didn’t think I’d spend 4 years trying to perfect my writing or come up with niche. I just wanted to do something productive and fun and now it’s become such a huge part of me. I love it. I love the awesome feeling of pushing that freakin’ publish button. I love editing pictures and collages for each post. I absolutely adore being a writer, blogger, author…I don’t even know what to call myself still.

Anyways, I want to thank you all for everything. You’ve read about my life these past 4 years and watched me grow…and I’m honestly really emotional about it. I hope I’ve matured and I hope I haven’t disappointed you at any point in time. I want to continue to grow and share my life with you guys and I hope you have the same feelings. (๑•́‧̫•̀๑)

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your comments. Thank you.

The next year will be one of change. And I think it’ll be for the better.

With all of that said; if you have any suggestions for the future please leave a comment down below!

Thank you all again and again.

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With Love,
Taylor Rae ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

So Much News & 2 Years! ~STR 2nd Blogiversary~

so much news

Hello Everyone!
I cannot believe it has been two years since I’ve purchased the domain to Simply Taylor Rae…it’s really emotional for me. When I had begun blogging, I never expected things to happen the way they have. In two years, I have gained thousands of blog views, close to a hundred followers, and so many readers. But that’s not just it.

This blog has taught me so much: website design, photography and photo editing, writing and journalism, business handling, and much more. I also learned so much about myself. Simply Taylor Rae is just as the title states: It’s simply me. Everything I enjoy is here. This is my outlet to the world – to display my love of everything fashionable, beautiful, geeky, and food. It seemed like an odd mix, but it was me and that was the most important factor for myself.

And in two years, I already feel successful. I’ve written over 100 posts. I’ve talked to so many people and bloggers. I’ve had opportunities I never dreamed of prior to starting this journey. I’ve made some close friends and I’ve seen so much support from the friends that were there from the start. My family has shown so much love and support and they have proven to be my biggest fans. And my fiancé, Anthony. He was the one who helped me begin this amazing chapter of my life. He has coached me through the process of making it, editing it, photography, and graphics. He has also encouraged me to do what I feel is best and to always remain myself in the process.

But, the success of a blog always falls on the readers. So to all of you who have followed STR from the very beginning or even as of recently; Thank You. From the bottom of my heart. You all have encouraged me to continue and I am truly grateful.

Sorry to get all emotional and what not, I may have teared up a little bit while writing that! Ahhhh!

I suppose I should tell you all the news, yes?

First Off: If you don’t remember me mentioning last year that I wanted to get back into singing, WELP. I am. I’m currently in the process of putting together songs and then I will be in the process of making my own little mini-album of covers!

Secondly: I will be doing a weekly installment of my adventures in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I’ve been wanting to do this for a year now and I am finally going to do it! So, I hope you all enjoy that when it debuts!

Third: My YouTube channel will definitely be more active with the following videos: “The Geeky: YT Series” “STR Dances” “SimpleMe: Vlogs” “STR Ultimate Lookbook” & “The Initial Reaction: YT Series”

Fourth: More Anime & Gaming Convention Coverage. Yes, I plan to attend as many of the local conventions as financially possible and cover them for you guys! I did this with Katsucon and I hope to do plenty more.

And Finally!: I have been in talks with Geoff & Griffon Ramsey from the wildly popular Gaming Forum/Site: RoosterTeeth.Com and although I don’t want to give out too much information quite yet…I can tell you that awesome plans are being made. So, please look out for that when it becomes available…


SIMPLY TAYLOR RAE HAD THE CHANCE TO INTERVIEW THEM. So, that will be up later this week!!! I PROMISE!!

So, that is it for today! I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope it gets you excited for the next year ahead of us!

From All of Us Behind Simply Taylor Rae:
str birthday 2

REMEMBER: I am beyond thankful for you all & I am sending all my love for two amazing years! :’)

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

SimplyMe: Charleston – Allergies & An Anniversary

Hello darlings! I am finally back from Charleston and it feels good to be home. Honestly, I have missed my precious blog and readers so very much. Now that I am back, I am so excited to start really putting everything I have into SimplyTaylorRae. When I say this, I mean more videos and posts along with extreme marketing and promoting. I have created a brand new YouTube account, SimplyTaylorRae. I am hoping to become a YouTube Partner with this account in hopes that I can bring you all better videos and also gain a tad bit more income so I can do giveaways and what not. So, please subscribe to SimplyTaylorRae on YouTube! My other account, TaylorRae319, will be used as my vlogging account. I am also hoping to have business cards and other supplies soon. EXCITEMENT IS RINGING AT THE DOOR. I don’t know what happened, but on my vacation I went crazy with ideas and this is what happens…ANYWAYS. Let’s talk about Charleston~.
DSC00593Ah, Charleston. It’s a shame…the moment I arrived at my grandmother’s house, my allergies began acting up and my sinuses were just as bad. I should’ve known…it happens every time. But, we got there and my grandma had spaghetti cooking and oh my gosh, it felt good to out of a car. It is a terrible 7.5 hours worth of driving. Well, our first day in South Carolina, we went around looking at prices for the iPad mini since Anthony wanted one for Christmas. We were bummed out when we discovered that Apple was completely out of stock of the 16gb iPad minis. So, we decided to call it day to discuss our options. However, after shopping we made our way to California Dreaming. If you don’t know what California Dreaming is, it is a freakin’ amazing restaurant. It means a lot to me too because that is where my parents had their very first date. So, we found it appropriate to spend our anniversary there.

DSC00545The dinner was amazing and I darn near cried when I had the croissant. T’was beautiful. But, moving along, we pretty much spent most of our time Christmas shopping at North Woods Mall and Rivers Avenue. We also got a chance to go downtown to South Carolina Aquarium and meet up with one of my old friends from high school! It had been about 4 years since I’ve seen her, so it was certainly refreshing and very enjoyable. Along with that, we went to our first South Carolina Stingrays hockey game which was a blast because I “Gangnam Styled” my way onto their big screen like a champ with no shame. And poor Anthony sat there embarrassed. I cannot help it. PSY has done something to my legs where everything I hear his song, I automatically drop everything and start dancing. Curse him. But, in shorter terms, we had a fantastic and relaxing time in Charleston! Unfortunately, right not my vlog will not upload on YouTube, but the minute it does, I will post it up and keep you all updated. UPDATE: The vlog is now up (after waiting 3 hours…)!!!

Anyways, thanks everyone for being patient with me when it came to posting and what not. I am going to be on a roll here soon so watch out! Also, 12 days until Christmas!! Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I FINALLY DID MUAHAHAHA. Oh, if you want to see more photos from my trip, be sure to follow me on Instagram: @TaylorRae319!! Ahh! It is 2:30am…I suppose it is time for bed. Good night everyone, have a fantastic day, take care, and stay blessed.
Thanks for reading~<3
With love,
Taylor Rae

Fashion & Travel Ideas for Our Anniversary Trip…

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a bit more on the personal side simply because it deals with my ideas for mine and Anthony’s trip to Charleston. So, I want to show you my ideas of romantic places to visit/eat at and romantic and cute fashion ideas for fall/winter that I could incorporate into my trip. Me and Anthony are so excited to be getting away from our jobs and the hustle and bustle of Virginia and he is happy that he finally gets to meet the Hispanic side of my family. Plus, he gets to see the town I am from and this will be his first time visiting South Carolina! So I am excited to show him my roots (even though I am a military child who moved alot…) and experience another year with him! So…LET’S GET STARTED!!! Rawr..

Rainbow Row is one of my favorite sites in Charleston. The houses are so incredibly cute with their colors and elegant with their architecture. It’s actually quite romantic because they actually have horse carriages in this area that take you up and down Rainbow Row. Although it is something that is preferred during the day so you can actually see the color of the houses…ha!

Mercato is an Italian restaurant in Historical DownTown Charleston. I actually visited this restaurant 2 years ago while visiting my grandmother for a couple weeks. My mom had actually came down to pick me up (since I lacked a car at the time…) and so she, I, and my grandmother came here for a nice dinner and it is just beautiful. The food was actually magnificent and if you dine on the 1st floor, you actually witness the cooks preparing your food which is quite beautiful to me, but we actually ate on the 2nd floor which overlooks DownTown Charleston and its beauty. I really want to take Anthony here because he likes Italian food and it is the perfect spot for a romantic evening!

My dad actually mentioned this to me when I told him about the trip. The Battery is a wall around the shore of DownTown Charleston and it actually has some really beautiful scenery. There are a couple gazebos that people love to propose in, but I’m mostly in it for the beautiful architecture of the civil war era buildings. Most of the buildings are white and overlooking the sea. So lovely in my opinion. And while I’m at it, I might as well add how much I love DownTown Charleston and how much time I want to spend there!

There are more places, but I am afraid that this post would be a bit lengthy so I am just going to move on to the fashion portion of the post…

Oh yes! You guys should know by know how much I love sweaters, hoodies, pullovers! OH THE GALORE! I plan on wearing plenty of sweaters since the weather in Charleston is about 10 degrees higher than Virginia. So, it won’t be snow weather, but it should still be a bit chilly. Plus, sweaters are cute for dates and can make anything casual and adorable!

Oh yes. Unless you’ve seen or follow me on Instagram, you guys are probably not aware of the fact that I freakin’ love oxfords. They are so comfy and add a vintage flare to any outfit. They are so versatile too! They can go with dresses, slacks, and even cool and casual. I will be bringing my favorite oxfords to Charleston and they will be seeing great action.

Cardigans!!! Who doesn’t love cardigans? They are perfect for all weather types and they are super comfy to me! I love wearing cropped cardigans, long cardigans, oversized cardigans…ahhhh! So you will definitely be burdened with photos of either me in cardigans or me buying cardigans…because I can. Muahahaha. But yes, I am trying to find a cute oversized cardigan to wear on the actual anniversary date because I have been planning a cute outfit for a while. IT MUST HAPPEN. I know Aeropostale had some freakin’ cute knitted cardigans back when I was a freshman in high school…but I don’t think they’ve brought them back for a while. 😦 Well! I have some time to hit the mall/online and look. 🙂

Ah! After 2 days typing this up, I am finally done! I hope you guys enjoy this post although it is a tad bit more on the personal side I suppose? Let me know some ideas for a good anniversary outfit! I have 9 days to dress up cute for…so I need inspiration like crazy! Anyways, I hope you all have a great and safe weekend. Don’t do anything crazy and stay blessed~!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae