Love Live! Nishikino Maki “Sunny Day Song” SPM Figure Unboxing


I accidentally took too long in posting again…crap. (╬ ꒪Д꒪)ノ I’m sorry guys; I let time get the best of me again. But I’ll have two posts this week so there’s a plus! Anyways, I couple weeks ago I was able to get my hands on a wonderfully adorable figure of my Love Live! bias and I took pictures of me opening it. TA-DA.


Ah, yes. My main bae; Nishikino Maki. The store I go to for many things Korean and Japanese started carrying LEGIT (I emphasize this because some of the stores in California carried awful fakes…) figures and goods and when I saw her, I just couldn’t walk away without her. The weeb in me was let out in full force as I rushed to the check out counter. (⁎⁍̴̀﹃ ⁍̴́⁎)♡ It was a beautiful moment.


Let’s begin with the box and what not. The box art itself is quite cute although not entirely my aesthetic to be honest. The front of the box features the figure with Maki posed and in position. The side art features of profile view of Maki from the anime. The back of the box had information that wasn’t exactly necessary for pictures. The inside of the box had Maki nicely wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard.


This what she looked like after being removed from said box. If I remember correctly; assembling her took a little bit of work because although it’s literally two pieces…the holes where you insert the tags in her feet weren’t cooperating and I couldn’t get both in at the same time. HOWEVER. I somehow managed to do it and I can’t even remember how. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


After assembling her; I was awestruck at the amount of details. The pleats and folds are what got me the most. She’s a sturdy figure for sure which is good especially if you’re clumsy like myself. (๑•́‧̫•̀๑) I think the item I love most about her is the transparent fabric over her skirt which they did so beautifully.  It really made me love the figure just a tad more.

Overall; it was definitely worth the amount of money I spent which I recall was about $35 but I could be mistaken. If you’d like to purchase the doll, I found it on Amazon for $27! Here is the link! This is a great item for anyone who loves Love Live! or just Nishikino Maki. Definitely a good purchase. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Like I said; another post is on the way this week so please be on the look out. Also, I have a trip to Charleston coming up again so if you’d like to see a blog post or a vlog, please let me know in the comments down below. With that said I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! I’ll see you next time~!!!

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Pretty Guardians – Sailor Moon Fan Club – Make Up Lip Gloss Unboxing + Video

Hello my Lovely Pretty Guardians!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas yesterday! Mine was quite lovely and relaxing, thank goodness. Did you spend time with family or get some really great gifts or have any stories? I’d love to hear from you all in the comments down below! ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

Anyways, the day after coming home from California, I went to pick up a package and was happy to see it was from Tokyo Otaku Mode which meant my Sailor Moon Fan Club package arrived!! So I did an unboxing photo shoot and video for you all. I hope you enjoy!


The package came with a certificate featuring the official fan club card along with a member exclusive lip gloss brooch based off the original manga and Sailor Moon Crystal brooch. Needless to say; I felt even more like a Moon Princess when I opened up the package. (⺣◡⺣)♡*



The box is incredibly gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing. It’s rather small and deceiving in terms of weight; it’s heavier than it appears which isn’t bad at all. The back has detailed information regarding the lip gloss. I’m very pleased with the packaging and have it displayed with the certificate.


Let me tell you; I didn’t have high expectations when it came to this lip gloss. It’s not because I lack faith in the company…but rather I’ve rarely purchased make up over the internet. So when I opened the box and held the brooch, I was happily surprised at the quality. It’s quite heavy in your hands and the “jewels” look very sturdy and won’t fall out any time soon. The back is nice and clean with a tiny sticker displaying minimal information. It brings back a lot of nostalgia and happiness from my childhood of reading the manga and watching the anime.


When opening up the brooch, you’re greeted with a lovely pastel pink colored gloss and a tiny mirror that I’d probably get little to no use out of. The lip gloss doesn’t have much a scent to it which is perfectly okay for me as I tend to have super sensitive skin. There isn’t really any tint to it also which is also fine with me. It does appear to give a very moisturized cover, so this may be appealing to those who prefer a shinier lip cover rather than matte.

Overall, I’m in love with this item. As a long time Sailor Moon fan, being a part of the Fan Club brings me so much joy and to have a chance to own items such as this is incredible and nostalgic to me. I’m thankful for the opportunity TOM brought to overseas fans to be a part of such a wonderful club. ٩(๑∂▿∂๑)۶♡

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I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! I’m hoping to have either a new year’s post or a December favorites post by next week, so please be on the look out for that on the blog. I’m also hoping to have a Christmas Haul unboxing video on the YouTube channel by tomorrow! Have a wonderful last week of 2016 and I will see you next time!

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「ラブライブ!The School Idol Movie -Premium Edition-」Unboxing + Video

Long time, no see!

I can’t believe there’s only 16 days left until our anniversary trip to California. There’s so much I want to do and see and show you guys! I’m still unsure whether to vlog the trip or just take photos and share on the blog…maybe both? I have to find the vlog camera though. σ(´し_`〃)ゞ

Anyways, this weekend was a bit fun! We stopped by Annandale for a card show and a local anime shop for kicks and giggles. Let me tell ya’ll…so much worth omg. I ended up finding this jewel to expand my small and tiny Love Live! collection for only $48. BLESS.


YAAAAAAAS! Ya girl got her hands on the Premium Edition of the “Love Live! The School Idol Movie” Premium Edition Box Set! I had an immediate moment of feels when I saw this in the store. As much as I love Aquors, μ’s will forever live in my heart as the ultimate Love Live! Ahhhhh. Plus, I haven’t even seen the full movie yet so this will definitely be a big help. ꒰⌗´͈ ᵕ ॣ`͈⌗꒱৩


So the box is simply adorable but rather large…I’m hoping it’ll fit into my shelves no problem but I’m hesitant to try. The artwork is gorgeous on both sides and the checkerboard pattern with the scribbles is simply too cute to resist.


Inside of the box lies a DVD that is…not as catchy as the actual box is unfortunately. I guess I expected something a bit more fun and detailed, but meh. I love the “Angelic Angel” costumes however, seeing as how it’s one of my favorite songs. And my apologies, that’s a freakin’ blu-ray disc. AHAHAHAHAHA. Thank goodness for my PS4. ╮( ꒪౪꒪)╭


Finally is the Music Notebook. This is really quite precious and I do love that every character has their own page and the outfit designs. It’s not as thick as it appears though? It’s quite lacking but you’ll also find all of the details for the freakin’ DVD in the freakin’ book which is a bit upsetting, for lack of a better word.

Overall, I’m really happy I found this and got for a relatively cheap price. Looking at the original price…I probably wouldn’t have bought it at all seeing as how it’s only a DVD and a book. But it is adorable and a great addition to my collection none the less!

And that’s about it for this post. I’m sorry the photos came out a bit meh; the lighting today wasn’t that great in my room but I wanted to film and post today so I hope it’s okay? If you have any questions about the Premium Edition or if you already have it and have seen the movie, comment down below! I try to reply as quickly as possible. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and until next time. ❤

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The Geeky: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide


Why hello there everyone!

For the past two years I have done a quick holiday gift guide to help you shop for the geeks in your life! Today I’m following the annual tradition and this year’s guide is geared toward the ladies in your life. From jewelry to home decor, here are five items that make perfect and adorable gifts for your girl friend, female friend, maybe even your mom.

hatsune miku bag

Let’s face it, many ladies love purses and backpacks. Plus they make the perfect gift for the holidays.  If you have a Hello Kitty or Vocaloid fan in your life, this bag is definitely a must!  This is Hot Topic‘s “Hatsune Miku x Hello Kitty Hobo Bag” is reasonably priced and on sale for $14.63~! If you really want to fancy up a bag gift then stuff some fun or delicious things inside! It’ll be a cute surprise for the recipient!

luna p cushion

Who doesn’t like a little something to spruce up their living space?  With all of the Sailor Moon products being released this product is probably one of my favorites (that I have yet to purchase…)!  This product is JList‘s “Luna P Ball 1/1 Beads Cushion” it’s a wee bit expensive at $35 plus shipping, from Japan, BUT if your recipient is a huge Sailor Moon fan then this gift is beyond perfect. Also this product brings a ridiculous wave of nostalgia!

ack-bar tee

You can never go wrong with buying a T-shirt as a gift. It’s simple, cost effective and can make some feel as if though you know them all too well.  This year I have a shirt for ALL of you Star Wars nerds! Say hello to ThinkGeek‘s “Ack – Bar Ladies’ Tee” and it’s priced oh so lovely at $19.99. Who doesn’t love Admiral Ackbar and corny puns? Maybe with some added chocolate on this side this gift will surely be out of this world in a galaxy far, far away.

pikachu mug

This year has been the year of Pokemon, and, I am loving it. If your lady has bought it then she is rocking one of the new Pokemon ORAS games. Why not buy her a cute mug to drink hot chocolate or coffee from while they spend about 10 hours a day trying to collect all 8 gym badges and catch all of the legendaries? This mug is the Pokemon Center‘s “Pikachu Big Face Coffee Mug” and it goes for $14.95! You can place a hot chocolate packet with a candy cane and some popcorn inside side to spruce it up a bit! Tis an easy yet awesome gift, yes?

roam necklace

Ah, yes. Statement jewelry made a wonderful…statement…this year! And here is a clever statement for the Wanderlust laden lady in your life: ModCloth‘s “No Place Like Roam Necklace”! It’s slightly expensive at $29.99, but it’s sure to bring a smile to that wonderful lady’s face as she lets her eyes roam over the map set in the necklace itself! It’s a stunning gift that is sure to catch some glances and make them wander!

Picture Source:

Well that’s all I have for today! I hope this helps you with shopping for your ladies ~. If you liked today’s post and or want to suggest other items perfect for Christmas go ahead and please leave a comment down below! If you would like to suggest topics for future posts please click the “Contact” button above and shoot me an email! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays~! And like always…

REMEMBER: IT’S A SNACK! (I love this pun…)

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「なかよし」Cardcaptor Sakura Clutch Pouch Review

title pic

Hello, Hello!!!!
Happy Finals Week!!! Yes finals have been the cause for my rather long absence. It’s the end of a busy semester, for me, and after this week I am free! (Cue rather cliché angelic choir.) I have missed blogging, recently, so I thought I do a mini review on an adorable product I recently purchased. Let’s take a look shall we?

the product

I’ve recently been getting back into anime in my free time. More specifically Cardcaptor Sakura! I was quite a fan back in the day and I just can’t get enough of it lately. So when I saw that the latest issue of “Nakayoshi” had a Cardcaptor Sakura clutch purse included I ordered it! I went through CDJapan for this order and it arrived, after processing, within a week and a half.


The pouch is double sided; one side is a pink, metallic material and the other is fabric  with a repeating pattern on the material. The metallic side has the Clamp logo stamped at the top near the zipper in grey ink. Unfortunately, in most light, it is difficult to see the logo and it looks cheaply stamped. The other side has a colorful pattern of Kero-chan, the Clamp logo, cherry blossoms and moons. I actually prefer this side since it has more color and you can make out the pattern rather than the dull grey ink.


The inside also has two sides. The side with the fabric has a protective plastic covering that is to protect your belongings from rain I assume. The metallic side has a fabric covering.  As to how much it can hold, I’m just going to say a lot because the typical amount of things I tend to bring with me is low and small. This pouch looks better holding quite a few items and I don’t have enough to fill it quite yet.

Overall the pouch is ridiculously cute, however certain aspects seem a bit cheap. Though it is still a great pick up, especially, for fans of the series. It’s perfect for the magical girl fans out there, or the nostalgic CCS fans such as myself. Would I use this pouch in public? HECK YES!… if I had enough items to fill it. I would definitely recommend this product as it’s incredibly affordable plus you get to read a Japanese manga magazine along with it.

Thanks so much for being so patient during this semester! You all have seriously been so awesome. I am going to try and come up with a quick Christmas guide and beauty recipe post when I get the chance~. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and expect more like it soon! As always, please feel free to comment down below with your thoughts and questions about today’s post and if you’d like to suggest topics for future posts, please click the “Contact” button above!

As always, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! It’s getting cold, so bundle up~. And…

REMEMBER: “Trademark poses and spells are the basic parts of being a magical girl!” – Tomoyo Daidouji (CCS)

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The Geeky: Sailor Moon Crystal is US Bound!?

Why Hello There!
…You guys. I have a serious problem. I AM OBSESSED WITH SAILOR MOON. In the 15 years I’ve been a fan, I feel that me having money and the gracious amount of attention span has encouraged me to bring back ALL of the childhood memories. It’s gotten so bad that I even bought the omnibus versions of Cardcaptor Sakura. SOMEONE STOP ME. Actually, please don’t. I’m having way too much fun.

ANYWAYS, there’s a lot of news in regards to Sailor Moon Crystal that I thought I’d update you on what we have thus far since my last post on the subject! So, why don’t we start?
sailor moon news 2Release News:

  • Sailor Moon Crystal is set to Debut on July 5, 2014 7PM JST (Japan Standard Time). This means it will debut at 6AM US EST.
  • There will be 26 episodes in the season with a new episode aired every other Saturday.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal will be streaming through the following sites: Nico Nico Douga (Japan), Crunchyroll (International), Hulu Plus (International), and Neon Alley (International).
  • Subtitles will be available for international audience.
  • Viz Media has acquired full Sailor Moon rights for the original Sailor Moon anime as well as Sailor Moon Crystal.
  • The original series with original Japanese Dub is currently available to watch on Neon Alley and Hulu Plus. 2 New Episodes will be available Every Monday.

English Dub News:

  • Viz Media has announced that they are going to release a brand new English dub of the original series with an all new cast.
  • The cast will be announced on July 5th at Anime Expo.
  • The English dub cast has been personally chosen by Naoko Takeuchi, creator of Sailor Moon.

DVD/Blu-Ray Release News:

  • Along with a new English cast, Viz Media announced that they will be releasing the original series on DVD/Blu-Ray in the Fall of 2014.
  • This will include the English Dub and original Japanese Dub.
  • No current release date, but more information will be available during the Anime Expo panel.
  • This will include all 200 episodes and all 5 seasons: Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon Super S, and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.
  • The series will be Uncut and Remastered just as they aired in Japan. They are also Uncensored.

That’s pretty much the technical news until July 5th! Since my last post, they have revealed the inner senshi character profiles which included a look at the animation…
sailor moon animationIf you compared this to the Original series, this is incredibly different! I remember saying that I wanted the animation to resemble that of the original series, but I can see why they went this route. If you think about it, these profiles closely resemble that of the manga but also resemble a lot of today’s modern anime. The original series was made in 1992+, so they art style was a lot more rounder and shoujo animes had a certain look to them. Crystal’s art style is a bit more detailed and has a sharper look to it. I was shocked at first, but looking at it now…I actually quite like it! (Especially Usagi’s hair! Holy crap you guys.)

I already expressed my wants from the new series…BUT I have a few more:

Sailor Moon Crystal Expectations:

  • Mamoru with Glasses. PLEASE.
  • Accurate Ages! (Usagi is 14 & Mamoru is 17 in the Manga.)
  • Meaningful Filler Episodes if Necessary.
  • Accurate Depiction of Usagi & Mamoru’s Relationship.
  • Pea Green Jacket & Lavender Pants for Mamoru.

I think my list is rather reasonable…

Picture Credit:

Anyways, that is it for tonight! It’s almost MIDNIGHT, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TIME!? I hope all you Moonies found this helpful! I know there’s a lot of Sailor Moon merchandise being released as well and there is a helpful website for that: SailorMoonCollectibles.Com! Literally, there’s a list of all the Japanese releases and what websites ship the items internationally! That’s how I managed to purchase the Japanese Complete Edition of the SM Manga.

I’m excited to hear what you all have to say! If you have any expectations, opinions, thoughts, or anything dealing with Sailor Moon Crystal, leave a comment down below!! If you’d like to suggest ideas for future posts, please click on the Contact Button above!

With all of that said, have a fantastic rest of the week everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day as I did, stay safe and sound, and as always…

REMEMBER: Though they are lost, they are never forgotten…

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KatsuCon 2014 + My Convention Haul

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day Everybody!
I am so happy that this snow is starting to melt. I need Spring to arrive ASAP! Anyways, how was your Valentine’s Day? Anthony and I decided to kind of celebrate it a tad early just because KatsuCon was going to be filled with filming and basically blog work. We had fun though! I am also learning how to edit videos in a nicer way. But anyways, let’s move on to the KatsuCon 2014 thoughts and coverage!
image_8So, we decided that we would only attend Friday and Saturday because Anthony had work on Sunday. Luckily Kyle went Sunday and said that there was barely anyone there and nothing really going on except the dealer’s hall. Anyways, here is the video of our two days at KatsuCon!

Oh my gosh, we added a new video to the channel! Anyways, so that pretty captures the whole time we were there. I suppose I should discuss more in depth about my overall feelings.
image_9In the video, I say that the convention was pretty much lame. Now, the reason I say this is because I’ve attended Anime Conventions in the past including a past KatsuCon convention. Unfortunately, they did much better in the past. The hotel was gorgeous and was perfect for the amount of people that arrived. They had plenty of rooms and such to accommodate everyone. I understand that there were a lot of cancellations due to inclement weather, but none of them were listed on the guide or the guide book app that you can use instead. When we arrived on Friday to pick up our badges, there was a 3+ hour wait if you pre-registered…and less than 2 hours if you registered at the door. This was the most frustrating thing I have ever heard of. The whole point of pre-registering is to get everything done with ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in line for 3 hours! And when we finally got the end of the line, the volunteer pointing people to the other volunteers who give you your badge was pulling people who were way behind us to go in front of us! 10 minutes later, we finally got our badges.
So, we ended up missing a lot of the panels we were looking forward to. We were able to make it to the Artist’s Alley where I purchased most of my haul and our main goal was to visit the Funimation Industry Panel. NOW HERE IS WHERE MY BIGGEST PROBLEM LIES: If the panel has been changed, PLEASE INFORM PEOPLE. I thought Funimation Industry Staff were going to be present. BUT NO. Instead, we get Funimation Anime Previews from some random lady working with Funimation. THAT IS IT. When I looked at the information, the Funimation Preview Panel was supposed to take place on Saturday. So it was all messed up and I was all sorts of frustrated. We ended up going to the Video Game room and playing free video games until we were ready to go.
image_10I can say, that there were a lot of really great Cosplay and I did end up finding quite a few items without spending all of my cash. Saturday wasn’t much better, Kyle had attended a lot of the panels I had wanted to but told me that they weren’t even worth attending. So, the panels were a bit lame and I was so disappointed. Saturday was basically just us shopping at the Dealer’s Hall for two hours and then going to Elevation Burger down the street. So, you can say that it was NOT worth the $200 for all three of us to enter…ugh.
SO, let’s move on to the haul and end this post in a more positive note.
imageSo, this year I really focused most of my haul towards Artist’s Alley because I was on the search for super cute prints and whatnot! I did end up with like four items from the Dealer’s Hall though.
image_1So this is an item my brother actually got me as a Valentine’s Day gift from the Dealer’s Hall! I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan and when I saw this necklace, I fell in love! When Kyle told me that he was going back to KatsuCon on Sunday to exchange something, I told him to pick me up the Zora Emblem necklace and I’d pay him back. Well, he told me not to pay him back since Anthony and I paid for his dinner on Friday. I absolutely love it and I am so happy with the quality!
image_2This was a reluctant purchase, honestly! I bought this in the Artist’s Alley from a lovely lady and her husband…or boyfriend? I loved how cute and thin the pouch is and my Nintendo 3DS XL actually fits right in. It’s padded as well, so it is well protected. It may have been a tad pricey at $20, but oh well! I still love it.
image_3This was one of my favorite purchases! In Artist’s Alley, there was an art teacher who had brought along one of his students! Well, while Anthony and the teacher were speaking, I went ahead and bought this print from the student and they even signed it! You all know I love me some Sailor Moon! I thought this was cute and I had no problem buying it immediately.
image_4This was one of my favorite purchases! I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely artist behind Cinnashop on Storenvy and I fell in love immediately with her Angry Cat series! I suppose because I’m severely allergic to cats, I use pictures and prints and plushies to fulfill that void. I ended up buying her newly released plushie, the cellphone charm, the pin set, a post card print, and the note pad! All for $40! I think I’m addicted…
image_5Unfortunately, I didn’t find as many art prints as I would have preferred, BUT these two were too adorable to pass up! I can’t remember exactly who I purchased these from but it’s Sailor Moon and Eeveelutions. Who can say no? I am going to have to frame these soon!
image_6These are randomly selected cellphone charms. What I mean is that you have NO clue what you are getting, so you better like them all! These two were the cutest, so I purchased them and ended up getting the ones I wanted! Korilakkuma and Mickey! They were a tad expensive, but it wasn’t too unreasonable.
image_7Well, here is my most expensive item! It’s Hamtaro! I used to watch Hamtaro as a child and this brought back ALL THE MEMORIES. It was quite expensive for $35, but I love the material and it is pretty big so I didn’t have a problem purchasing it. I wish there were more Hamtaro items…

Well, that is it for today’s post! I hope you all enjoyed it. Sorry for my ranting…I just had high expectations for such a large convention I suppose. This was also quite long! I’m sorry! I am hoping to have another post up this week so keep an eye out! My post for TheDCLadies.Com does go LIVE on Thursday!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! Let me know what you thought of today’s post down below or let me know how your Valentine’s Day went! Take care and stay safe and always remember to speak your mind!
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