「ぴこぷり」Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Tote Review


Merry Christmas


Why yes, it is indeed Christmas and I actually have time to write a blog post. I suppose a little update on how things are going would be a relatively good way to start!

I’m not too sure if many of you know but I recently got a new job! I’m currently in the process of transitioning into it, but I’ve been really busy with my current job and Christmas shopping. But I am finally able to relax and get some good rest and work on pictures for future posts! In terms of Christmas, it was quite wonderful and quiet but a bit lonely since Anthony is visiting family this year. He’ll be home soon enough though!

Anyways, I recently ordered the latest issue of 「ぴこぷり」or Pico Puri and it came with the cutest Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival themed tote! So I’m going to review it~. ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ»

title pic.jpg

What is Pico Puri? Pico Puri is a gaming magazine in Japan geared towards young female gamers. The magazine has comics featuring popular game characters, QR codes for Animal Crossing, and more. It’s honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever read however a tad bit expensive at $12.99. But this month it came with Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Themed Tote….and I could not say no to anything with Lottie and Isabelle’s face. Let’s be honest. ʸ(➜◡ु⚈᷉)♡⃛


Let’s start off with the packaging! Everything came wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap which I certainly appreciate because I try to keep my magazines in the best condition possible. The actual tote was also kept in a brown box with a plastic wrap with Animal Crossing characters scattered on it. The box was a tad difficult to open, but nothing a knife couldn’t fix!


I’ve never been so aesthetically pleased by a little tote in my life. Let’s be real, the whole reason I purchased the magazine (aside from the QR codes) was for the adorable tote that features my three favorite characters; Lottie, Isabelle, and Reese! Plus, the tote itself is a light pink with polka dots. So freakin’ adorable, omg. (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾ The material is a soft plastic that is waterproof and quite comfortable. In terms of size, it’s rather small, so I will probably use this as like a lunch bag or something~.


There isn’t much going on with the inside. The tote isn’t lined with anything in particular, but it’s still waterproof which is the main thing for me. It doesn’t open to much further at the bottom, but like I said; it’s a small tote for small uses, so that isn’t much of a concern. ╮( ꒪౪꒪)╭


Overall, I absolutely adore the tote for aesthetic reasons, however it’s going to see close to no use due to it’s small size. _:(´□`」 ∠):_ But hey! It’s cute, right? With that said, I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! I also hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas and Holiday season. I have a few posts to put up hopefully before New Year’s Eve if all goes well! Anyways, you guys are so incredible and I love you all loads!!!

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
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Taylor Rae ヾ(๑ㆁᗜㆁ๑)ノ”


AC:HDD – Tay Tay’s Favorite Designs –

Hay Guys!

I can’t believe I haven’t really done an Animal Crossing post before on the blog, but HAY…Why not today? Lately, as I said in the previous post, I have been playing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer so much and I thought I would share some of my favorite designs thus far! I don’t quite use the Happy Home Network yet, but when I do I’ll post the codes for them!

Favorite Designs

Please feel free to use these designs as inspiration for your own Animal Crossing characters and such!


This design was inspired by my love for cafes and lattes. A Very bright and organic appearance with coffee beans and supplies for the caffeine enthusiast along with a small cafe for taste testings and coffee-loving customers! Very adorable and comforting to me.


Annalise asked for a home with lots of Stained Glass and tea…MY KIND OF STYLE. I love the antique and colors of stained glass and thankfully you can customize the large stained glass panels so it can be a mix of patterns. I also love the use of dark colors to contrast the bright glass panels. It’s so luxurious and screams “Grandma fashioned” at the same time and I love it. Plus…tea. (灬♥ω♥灬)



OH GOD I LOVE AURORA. She wanted a Flower Shop so I immediately went to town! Lots of bright colors, brick, and wood. I absolutely love the look of the white crate display tables, they look so beautiful in 95% of anything. I featured a lot of bright flowers, flower seeds, fertilizer, and even a watering can because reasons. Put some soothing music to give the shop a quaint feel and bOOM. Aurora loved it and I am so pleased with it as well.



Claudia asked for a fancy, high class cafe…she won me over when I saw “cafe.” I didn’t want to go for too high class because I want something that’s a bit more welcoming. So while using the Gorgeous Counter, I added some Zen Wooden Tables and stools to add a more homey feel. I absolutely love the look of her home! I’d visit any day. (人*´∀`)


I was a bit worried with Gayle’s home. She asked to be surrounded by hearts and of course I immediately thought of using the Lovely Furniture series…but I was worried because THERE ARE SO MANY FREAKIN’ HEARTS. It ended up coming out really cute though. I fell in love with the Illuminated Heart in the very back and used it for the landscape outside as well. I think her house is indeed perfect for her and her heart-shaped bookmark. (◍•ᴗ•◍)



I was a bit skeptical with this design at first. I thought it’s too pale, but after I continued to look at it…I found it so perfect for Lyman! Loads of Veggies and a Kitchen, I loved the use of greens and light browns. Even Lyman was thrilled with the home! P.S. Retro Fridge is WINNING.



Finally, we have Olivia’s beautiful school of piano! She asked for a home where she could teach piano lessons and I was a bit worried that the home layout I set for her wasn’t going to work BUT with the awesome use of the Ivy Screens, I was able to set up a waiting area and teaching area. I used Classic Furniture for the waiting area since it had that dark wood finish that looks so bae with the light wood floors. For the teaching area, I used Regal Furniture to match the White and Gold Piano. Olivia ended up loving the home as much as I did! Yay~.

That is it! I’m working on more designs and I’ll be doing some redesigns soon. Tomorrow I will be streaming some Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer on my Twitch Channel! I should be starting streaming around 9AM EST! I hope I can see some of you there. If you’d like more Animal Crossing posts on the blog, drop a like or a comment down below. With that said, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!

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Current Faves +October 2015+

Hey Everybody!

I’m sorry it’s (yet again) been a while since my last post. To say this month has been stressful is an understatement. I am trying to find better ways to cope with it, but all will work out in some way, shape, or form. Anyways, I thought I’d do a fun post where I’ll share some things that I am thoroughly enjoying. I’m not 100% sure if this will be a monthly series, but for now I’ll keep the title as “Current Faves!” (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)

current faves title

I honestly had trouble picking specific items and themes…so I decided to include them all! A bit of music, books, games, and fashion~. (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ ) If there is anything you’d like to know specifically that isn’t mentioned in this month’s post, please let me know in the comments below!



I’ve always enjoyed jazz music but lately I’ve found myself listening to different jazz circles more and more. I’ve been especially fond of Baguettes Ensemble and Comiket 81! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

Baguettes Ensemble covers a lot of Vocaloid and Touhou songs which is actually how I discovered their music in the first place. Their songs may be covers, but they always add their own touch of incredible instrumental or vocal talents that really keeps me on my toes and gets me excited! One of my favorite songs at the moment is “Double Lariat” and I can’t help but spin around to it.

Comiket 81 focuses a bit more on Touhou background music and instrumentals. Their covers range from traditional jazz to cafe and lounge music. I prefer to listen to the Cafe de Touhou albums when I’m playing video games or at a local Starbucks while I catch up on some reading.



For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to order the “Cardcaptor Sakura” Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary edition books and I finally got the chance as of recently…and I have no regrets. (≖ᴗ≖๑) First off, let me just say how stunning and gorgeous the artwork and details are on the cover. It was so pretty, I had trouble removing the plastic. ( ・ั﹏・ั)  Overall, the quality of the book entirely is just amazing. The pages are a lovely glossy paper that will not rip easily and I freakin’ adore CLAMP’s artwork throughout the entire series. This was an such an awesome purchase and I can’t stop fangirling!

I have had questions about how I read Japanese manga. I will admit, I have the entire CCS series in English and read it already. But for other series, I have a pretty good grip when it comes to reading Japanese, however there are certain kanji or phrases that I do get confused with. At that point, I just type it into my translation app and 95% it helps!



You guys…I have an addiction. AN ANIMAL CROSSING ADDICTION. ( ⁺⌓ॢ⁺;)՞ Actually, when I first heard news about Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, I thought it was the dumbest idea ever. All you do is design houses…and schools…and a hospital. However, when the Japanese version was released and let’s plays began appearing on YouTube, I took a gander and fell in love. Within moments, I was at my local GameStop pre-ordering the NFC-reader bundle. It was magical. Now that I have the game; I CAN’T STOP PLAYING. I must design EVERY HOUSE AS PASTEL AS POSSIBLE. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و I’ll do a blog post soon on my favorite designs thus far!



This shirt is an original design by the always so lovely artist; kinok0girl! The sale is already over but the shirt design was called “Bear With Me”! The shirt is a dark navy blue with an illustrated pocket featuring a cute little Mochi Bear poking out. (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ Prior to this purchase, I had never ordered anything from TeeSpring before, but their t-shirt quality is actually very nice and comfortable. It doesn’t shrink and it washes and dries really well. I enjoy wearing this shirt so freakin’ much especially with my green military jacket! I can’t wait for kinok0girl to create more designs~.

THAT’S IT. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) I hope you guys enjoyed this post and as I said before; if there is anything specifically you’d like to know about any of the products listed or if you’re wondering what’s my favorite of a different category (keep it family friendly please), go ahead and comment down below! You guys are awesome, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Oh…HAPPY HALLOWEEN ꐑ(*ꐌ◡ꐌꐐ*)࿐࿔࿓

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
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Taylor Rae (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾

STRcrew Official Twitch Launch!

Hello Everyone!

I am so ridiculously excited to announce the date of our Official Twitch Launch Date…


Twitch Flyer

That’s right! We will be having a 12 hour launch special to celebrate and we will be announcing the winner of the Hatsune Miku Expo VIP Package Giveaway at 6PM!

I know what’s really going through all of your minds though…WHAT GAMES ARE WE GOING TO PLAY?

Welp, I am currently planning to play:

Pokemon X/Y & ORAS
Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call
Super Smash Bros. 3DS
Mario Party Island Tour

I hope you all are able to make it! I would also like to ask you all to help spread the word by putting this flyer on your social media accounts or just telling your friends and family! I believe in you guys so freakin’ hard. Also, don’t forget to enter the Hatsune Miku Expo VIP Package Giveaway while you’re at it! I’m hoping for enough participants so we can do an awesome giveaway in the near future!

See you all on June 5th!
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Taylor Rae

REMEMBER: Be There…or Be Square.

Hatsune Miku Project Mirai: DX News & Thoughts

What is Happening, My Homies?

I have to give it to 2014 for being such an incredible year for gaming! So many fantastic releases and announcements are here and expected. 2015 looks most promising!

One announcement from late last year, the Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX, has finally shown development at both the Tokyo Game Show and with the most recent Nintendo Direct for Japan. So for today, I thought it’d be cool to discuss the international release of Project Mirai DX.


In mid 2013 and early 2014, we saw the international release of the first installment of the Project Diva F series for the PlayStation3 and Vita systems respectively. We Nintendo loving Miku fans were happy and surprised to hear news of a 3DS counterpart. Project Mirai was reported to be making its way to the U.S. and other parts of the world under the name, which has changed, Project Mirai: Remixed. As you can imagine, I was super excited.

However, aside from the initial announcement, there hasn’t been any additional news regarding the international release for some  months. Because of the time lapse, I feared the idea may had been scrapped. Then came the glorious Tokyo Game Show where we saw the name had changed to Project Mirai Deluxe, or DX for short, along with some sweet gameplay footage.

gameplay footage 1

After TGS the news once again slowed down. Not until the first Nintendo Direct release of 2015, that aired January 14th, did we hear anything new. From the stream we were given some details, and a glimpse of what the gameplay will be. All delivered brilliantly in a trailer that doubled as an awesome music video.

Here is What We Know:
Release Date: May 26th (U.S.) May 28th (JPN) May 29th (EU)
Theme Song: 「はじめまして地球人さん』by ピノキオピー (“Nice to Meet You, Earthling” by PinocchioP)
All songs are from Project Mirai 2 and will have full 3DPVs and costume modules to accompany them.
Snow Miku 2014 and 2015 as well as Halloween Miku have been added to the costume module list.
Four New Gameplay Items and Options including Sudden Death and Recovery.
New Playback Features have been added as well.

gameplay footage 2

So what are my thoughts on this international release? I AM SO FLIPPIN’ EXCITED I HAVE ALREADY PRE-ORDERED THE GAME!!! I was hoping that the Project Mirai series would come over to the West after the Project Diva F series did. And as much as I like the Project Diva F series, I prefer rhythm games on the 3DS. PS3 and Vita just don’t feel as natural to me as the 3DS. Also, I really wished that Sega would’ve used songs from both Project Mirai 1 and 2 for the Deluxe edition. I know both games weren’t released internationally, but Project Mirai 2 does have some awesome songs. So I know this title will make for a  great, worth while purchase.

I also hope that the DLC for Project Mirai DX is not as expensive as it was for Project Diva F 2nd, though I have a feeling that it may be. There tends to be a lot of modules and accessories in Hatsune Miku games. As for the 3DPVs, I am really super excited. Don’t get me wrong I like the original artwork PVs, but I much prefer 3DPVs. I think they add a moving aspect making the game appear like it will be a bit more challenging. I am also excited to see all of the costume modules that will be included for the 3DPVs. Speaking of costume modules, I hope that the Americana module will be included. Just like they did in Project Diva F 2nd! (Please Sega, Please.)

Pictures & Source Credits

Overall, I am super excited for this awesome release. And the closer we get to the release date I will have a super awesome surprise for you all! The surprise will include this game, Pokemon ORAS and Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask so stay tuned! With that being said, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and a safe one as well. Be careful everyone! There is supposed to be even more snow in Virginia. Take care everyone and you already know…

REMEMBER: What is Air!?

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5 Essentials for Productivity

Howdy & Hello!

Welp, school is back in session! Spring semesters are beginning and it’s time for us students to become productive again! I know it sounds ridiculously difficult after a long Winter vacation but trust me, I’m feeling it too. So today I want to share with you my five essentials for productivity. These can be helpful for students or anyone in need of a boost in productivity!


If one of your resolutions, or goals this year, is to boost productivity or start a new small business. Then I would like to highly suggest checking out Kabbage. Kabbage provides a means of increasing productivity by offering small business loans. Applying for a loan, on Kabbage.Com, is simple, fast and there are no burdensome obligations involved. So, all in all, it’s truly helpful. perfect playlist Tip One: The Perfect Playlist.
One of my most effective tools for productivity is an epic playlist of sorts! I personally have two separate lists dedicated to how I am feeling at that particular moment. One is full of calming instrumentals for busy, overwhelming days. The other is brimming with upbeat tunes for slow days when I need motivation. I, myself, wouldn’t suggest too many songs that you typically sing along to as that may decrease productivity rather than the opposite. decorate Tip Two: Decorate Your Space/Tools.
Honestly staying motivated, and productive, is already a difficult enough task. And having a boring and dull environment does not help. So why not spruce up your working space? Maybe place some obnoxious internet meme of Tina Belcher on your wall or decorate your cubicle with all of your Sailor Moon merchandise. Essentially something that will pep you up when you see it. However, if you are unable to decorate, then customize your supplies by buying a Vocaloid notebook or a Pikachu pen!  Super simple and quite effective from my personal experience.

Tip Three: Prioritize Your Time.
I know procrastinating is an incredibly easy thing to do; even I am guilty of the practice. Well fear not because I have found, recently, that prioritizing my time is super beneficial and helps me remain productive throughout the week. If you have trouble with organizing and prioritizing; try buying a weekly planner or download a planner app on your phone. I am currently using a weekly planner to squeeze in my blog posts between school and work. And the amount of work I’m doing now is incredible compared to before.

distractions Tip Four: Minimize Distractions.
I have found that I possess an incredible tendency to get distracted very easily.  Whether it’s because my room is too messy or my rather obvious addiction to my 3DS and Pokemon. If you are aware of what items and situations distract you; try removing them from your situation beforehand. For instance, if I get distracted by my messy room, I would clean it up another day or a few hours in advance. If I feel a need to play my 3DS, I like to place it in an extremely inconvenient spot. So I won’t be tempted to break my concentration and pick it up until I am finished with my work.

Tip Five: Don’t Be Productive 24/7.
Don’t neglect to take some “me” time so you can relax and unwind. It’s great to be productive, but to be constantly  working can become stressful and overwhelming. So pick a day or some time where you can pamper yourself with a bath or an awesome movie. Maybe even spoil yourself with Chinese food and an evening of shiny hunting on Pokemon… or is that just me? Please tell me I’m not alone. thanks 3 Anyways, I hope this post helps you all become more productive at school or work! This post actually quite a fun one to make. If you have any tips or would like to comment on today’s post, please do so down below. If you’d like to suggest topics for future posts, please click the “Contact” button above! As always, thanks for stopping by and…

REMEMBER: “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” – Elbert Hubbard

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