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◤Welcome to the #DJTaylorReign◥

Based out of the heart of Washington D.C., DJ Taylor Rae is ready to take the entire world by storm through EDM, Vocaloid, Japanese and Korean Pop.  With support and help from her fiancé, Anthony, Taylor Rae began to develop a love and passion for DJ’ing.  Using her fun, upbeat, and rather geeky personality, English and Japanese live vocals, and props; she creates a one of a kind experience within every set.

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12 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Ah! Honestly, I’m half Mexican and half German! But I did spend time in Japan and spent about 8 years studying and speaking Japanese. As to everything else, AHHHH! The similarities!! 😀 I visited your blog and it is really great and funny! Thanks for stopping by and I really appreciate the lovely comment! Take care!!
      – Taylor Rae

      1. Hello fellow halfie!! 😀 Oh, that is soo cool! Did you go to a school there? I know right!! Why, thank you! Your’e blog is awesome!! Any time, take care too! 🙂
        ~Detective Daschund

      2. That is sooo cool! I went to shool there over the summer when I was a kiddie! I always stayed at my obachan’s house in Chiba! We always went to Tokyo since it was so close by! 😀 Which is you’re fave prefecture so far??

      3. すげえぇ‼
        Honestly, I was pretty content with Ishikawa, but I also enjoyed Kyoto prefecture too! And thank you!!! I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months since he proposed! :O

      4. とても おもしろかった!
        It really was! Yeah, they are such beautiful places eh? AWWW! :’) So lovely!! I’m do happy for you girl! 😀

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