Happy New Year +2016+

happy new year

(∗❛ัᴗ❛ั∗) HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 明けましておめでとうございます!(∗❛ัᴗ❛ั∗)

I honestly was not expecting 2016 to sneak up on me like this, but it is here and I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. My family and I didn’t do much for New Year’s Eve; we went out for Indian food at a local restaurant and stuffed ourselves silly. Afterwards, we came right home and took a food coma nap before ringing in 2016.

Today, we kind of slept in before heading to run a 5k right around the corner. Let me just say, I’m exceptionally sore and sleepy after that run. That pretty much sums up the last two days. ୧( ˵ ° ~ ° ˵ )୨ How was your New Year’s?

year review

This last year has had a lot of incredible things happen, but there were a few heartbreaking moments as well. I won’t go into detail what’s happened, but things happen for a reason. Good things are to come. However, despite that, I did want to share a few exciting things that happened in 2015!

Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions Concert
Vacation in Luray, Virginia
Hello Kitty Macarons from Sweet Fix DC
Chopping My Hair Off
A New Job
Our Very First Twitch Stream in June
Reached 100+ Followers on the Blog!

You all have been so supportive and loving, I cannot thank you enough for how wonderful 2015 was.

2016 new years resolution

I’m not 100% sure of what to expect of 2016. It’s a bit scary in terms of all of the unknowns, but I know that I will have to move forward regardless and remember to keep my chin up. But I will share my resolutions with you all! Hopefully some of you can relate…because it was incredibly difficult coming up with this list…

#1.) Focus on me a bit more...
I tend to focus on others a lot more than myself and it effects me in both positive and negative ways such as stress. So I want to do a few things for myself and hopefully create a balance so that there is less stress and frustration.

#2.) Speak & write Japanese more…
I want to keep improving my speaking and writing in Japanese even outside of college, so if you have any book or app suggestions, please let me know!

#3.) Run a 10k…
Since I’ve ran a few 5k races, I finally want to train and run a 10k this year!

#4.) Learn different photography tricks…
I want to improve my photography for the blog as well as other aspects. I want to learn how to properly light and focus!

#5.) Be more active on the blog…
It’s been a bit frustrating this year trying to keep up with constant posts this year and that is entirely my fault. A part of me feels busy with work and other things, and another part me has either hit a writer’s block or just lack of inspiration. I want to make Simply Taylor Rae bigger than anything I imagined, but in order for that to happen…I need to put in the effort.

I may come up with more resolutions within the next week or so, but this is all I have for now. へ(´д`へ) I hope you all have the most amazing 2016 ever. May it be prosperous and filled with love and laughter. Don’t ever give up no matter the situation, keep pressing on, and you will find your way. You guys are honestly so wonderful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

(๑❛ꆚ❛๑) THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL 2015 (๑❛ꆚ❛๑)

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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