SimplyMe: A Well Needed Vacation (Part Two)

Welcome back guys!

This recent week has been a rather stressful one with my full-time schedule officially starting back up! I’m still trying to get back into the habit of blogging, but I think I’m doing pretty well after such a long hiatus! And without further ado here’s the second, and last, part to our vacation in Luray, Virginia!


First off we went through the beautiful Luray caverns. We were informed, afterward, that our tickets also permitted us to enter all of the other museums within the premises. This included the Luray Valley Museum!

museum hopping


In all honesty I think this was Anthony’s favorite spot in the valley. At the Luray Valley Museum, typically, visitors learn about the Luray area prior to the 1920’s…but, in Anthony and my case, we did more “gem mining” than any actual…learning.

Gem mining in the Luray valley is when you buy bags for rocks, gems and sand that you can mine for yourself.  You can also wash your wares yourself outside at a watering station. Anthony and I decided to go hard with two JUMBO BAGS!!! We ended up making it out with a lot of amethyst and pyrite!

outdoor breakfast

The next morning we did a lovely breakfast outside of the hotel. It was so nice since the weather was rather beautiful!


horse feeding

After breakfast Anthony and I made our way to the White Oak Lavender Farm for some relaxation! Also, so I could shop for a few things to help me relax my anxiety and stress. However…as soon as we arrived Anthony started having a pretty bad allergic reaction to the lavender ask around us. So, we made our trip a quick one. We played GIANT checkers and saw some lovely farm animals! Anthony said I could go ahead and pick some lavender and buy a few things. But, for his sake, I chose a lavender and strawberry ice cream as well as lavender dark chocolate…yum! Both treats were amazingly delicious and well worth the price you pay!

And there you have it! That was our valley vacation. It wasn’t too  busy because our main goal was purely to relax and enjoy being away from work and home! We are so happy to share these photos with you and we hope you enjoy them. An anniversary post is on the way soon, too, guys. I promise. And like I always say…take care and have a wonderful week and weekend! I shall see you all next time.

REMEMBER: Cherish Each & Every Day!

Thanks for Reading! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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