Miku Expo 2014 & New York Haul

‘Ello ‘Ello!

I hope you all enjoyed the photo journal of our time in New York at Miku Expo! If you couldn’t tell, we had a freakin’ blast!! Although our time in New York was relatively short we still managed to pick up a few items that I thought we’d share with you all! All of the items were purchased by us with no discount offered or given.


I had and intended to purchase more items, however many things were sold out. Things like the Halloween Miku Nendroid and a lot of the concert merchandise. The items listed were the few remaining concert merchandise, exclusives of the VIP package, or purchased from f.y.e.


This was one of the two items Anthony had purchased for me when we first entered the venue. This shirt was a Miku Expo exclusive with a chibi anime design. Anthony was able to get it in a size medium since the small was already sold out. It’s actually quite a quality screen print and is comfortable to wear with jeans and sneakers/boots. It wasn’t too outrageously priced either at $25.

Miku Keychain

Here is the other item Anthony was able to purchase. It has the same chibi design as the t-shirt, only this time it is fully colored. I love the gold metal. It gives the keychain an overall classier look than a silver chain. Along with the picture of Miku, there is a metal “M” beside the picture that has a tiny rhinestone at the bottom. This was also reasonably priced at $10 I believe.


This was an item that came exclusively with the VIP package for the concert.  It is a functional record with the Miku Expo theme song “Sharing the World”.  Along with both the chibi anime art design on theback and, onthefront, the Miku Expo theme design. Since I don’t have a record player, I will more than likely frame this and hang it or put it on display.

VIP Badge

Another VIP exclusive that was given to us at the end of the show. Nothing much to say except it will be hung up on display.


The final item included in the VIP package was a Miku Expo Fan. It is made with fabric rather than flimsy paper making it a bit more longer lasting. The artwork featured is different than that used for other merchandise, but it is still incredible to look at. I will also be placing this on display.

Rin and Len

These are actually a funny story. Anthony predicted that a lot of the items, if not all, would be sold out by the end of the concert and holy crap he was right. All they had left were Rin & Len plushes which I bought three: 2 Rin & 1 Len. The second Rin is for a friend who couldn’t go to the concert and the other two are currently being displayed on my lovely desk. They were quite expensive at $20 a plush, but hey…you only get Miku Expo exclusives once in a lifetime right? Maybe? Yes?


This was actually a post-concert pick up in DC. We had about 45 minutes before we were picked up from the train station, so we made our way back to f.y.e.. I decided to purchase a Miku lanyard to make up for the lack of items I bought in New York. It’s quite cute with a chibi Miku design along with the logo. I am currently hanging it from my car/house keys. I believe it was $8, so not too terrible I suppose.

SM Keychain

Despite the Miku Madness I was facing I managed to purchase something Sailor Moon! This is the Moon Stick rubber keychain and I found it ridiculously adorable…so I bought it for about $6. It is currently hanging on my new backpack. I always loved the Moon Stick in the anime and so I think this will work quite well.

Welp, that’s everything I bought in the 24 hours that I was traveling! I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and I am dying to hear what you all thought of yesterday’s and today’s posts! If you went to Miku Expo in LA or NY feel free to leave a comment in either post down below! Let me know what you thought and if you weren’t able to attend I am willing to answer any questions you all may have. If you would like to suggest topics for future posts, please hit the “contact” button above and fill out the form! As always, have a great week/weekend and like always…

REMEMBER: Settle It In Smash.

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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