Hatsune Miku Expo-tations Part 2

Hey guys, look!
Yes, I am back with the second portion of my Miku Expo-tations! (Sorry for the pun…) Today, I am sharing my expectations for the Hatsune Miku concert…but before that, I guess I’ll catch you up with life! Today is the first day of fall semester and I already dislike it! The frustration that comes with a community college filled with jerks and obnoxious people is too much to handle. Aside from that, I’ve just been working and playing a lot of Pokemon. Now that we are caught up, let’s start.

expotations 2


When it comes to Vocaloid concerts I have high expectations. I recently watched the Magical Mirai 2013 concert. It was ridiculously phenomenal and so real, and yet still carried the cartoonish look that people go to see. I am expecting some awesome stuff you guys don’t even know.

song list

Oh yes. I am not too sure what to expect with the song list. In the documentary, they tried to create a song list that will tailor to Indonesian fans specifically. For an American audience, we may not get the same song list and that is perfectly fine with me because I know songs that I would really like to hear that have appeared in only one or two concerts. While others have appeared in close to every concert.
“Senbonzakura (千本桜)” Miku
This song is ridiculously fun to dance to and I feel like it would really get the crowd pumped. If Miku uses the fans this time it would be even more fun by adding audience participation to it.
“shake it!” Miku, Len, & Rin
Len break dances and the song is awesome. Need I say more?
“Pane Dhiria” KAITO
KAITO’s kick flip. Once again, self-explanatory.
“Leia” Luka
I think this song is so great for Luka but isn’t the typical concert song for her. The song also adds a soft rock feel that I was loving during Magical Mirai. They should definitely bring it back.
“Tell Your World (English)” Miku
I have a gut feeling that this will be included in the song list primarily because in Indonesia, they added “Venus di Ujung Jari” into the song list. Also, livetune plays a huge part in the Miku concerts so I am expecting this to play. If it doesn’t I’ll be surprised.
“1/6 -out of the gravity-” Miku
No reason. I just like it a lot.
“Himitsu Keisatsu (秘密警察)” Miku
Once again, it adds a lot of audience participation and I’m pretty sure the North American audience are familiar with this gem of a song. Also, it’s quite catchy…
“Hello, Planet. (ハロー、プラネット。)” Miku
This song is ridiculously adorable and adds more audience participation. Plus, I know the dance that goes with it and I want to show Anthony that learning it was not a vain effort.
“Piano x Forte x Scandal” MEIKO
Aside from the fact that I love this song it seems to be the only way/song they can include MEIKO in.
“Sweet Magic (スイートマジック)” Rin
This is actually a song that has not made its way into the concerts yet, so I feel that it would be super awesome and new for Rin, but still give the feeling that “Melancholic” did since it’s also made by Junky.


For costumes, I’m expecting the traditional outfit, of course, but it’s hard to tell if certain songs will display the costume changes with it. So, here are the costumes I’d like to see for the songs I’m hoping:

costumes 1

costumes 2

costumes 3

As for available merchandise; I’m thinking concert tees, merchandise, CDs, DVDs, and other things typical for Miku concerts. There will probably be some items that you can buy either at the concert or the exhibit, but it’s hard to tell since the exhibit and concert are being held in two different places.

JUST A REMINDER: Anthony and I will be attending Day Two of Miku Expo in NY. If you see us, be sure to stop and say hi! We’d love to meet our readers!!

Picture Source

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post because this was a lot of work to think up…haha! But as I said, we are super excited to attend Miku Expo and document our journey with you all! If you have thoughts, expectations, or are even attend Miku Expo in NY, please comment below. I love to hear what you all have to say! If you’d like to suggest ideas and topics for future posts, please click the “contact” button above. I hope you all enjoy your week, take care, and…

REMEMBER: Ferguson, MO. We stand with you!

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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