Hatsune Miku Expo-tations Part 1

Hey hey ladies and possibly gents?
Sorry for the long wait! I can gladly say that finals week is over and I had a one week summer vacation. It’s been such a demanding couple of months between a full-time work schedule and a full-time student schedule, but I am slowly building back the motivation to keep the posts coming!

Anyways, Anthony and I are super excited for October! In case you can’t read the title or haven’t even looked at any of Simply Taylor Rae’s social media accounts…we are just 2 months away from Miku Expo in NYC!!! We have our trip locked in and ready to go and today we just got news regarding the Art Exhibition. We will be documenting our trip to NYC which includes the traveling, the art exhibition, the concert, and the bank-breaking haul I’m sure to purchase. BUT, like everything I look forward to…I have a few expectations and that is the topic for today!

ALSO! I’m going to have to split this post up into two since they are exceptionally long! So, for today I am talking about my expectations for the Art Exhibit at Wallplay!


Just in case you’re wondering where I’m basing my expectations off of…it’s this mini-documentary for the Miku Expo is Indonesia.


I am super excited for the art exhibition because I am expecting A LOT of goodies to be sold, also possible sneak peaks at the two new NA releases: Project Diva F 2nd & Project Mirai Remixed, and a look at next year’s Nendroid and Figurine releases. Speaking of Nendroid…

miku pic 2

Crypton just announced that there will be a special Halloween Nendroid release specifically for the LA & NY Miku Expos. It will be available for sale at the exhibit locations although a price was not disclosed. The Nendroid will be modeled after the above artwork by Suoh. You can best believe I am getting my hands on one…or I will attempt to do so.

miku pic 3

Aside from that, I am definitely expecting Karent to have music samples and apps for us to try out and possibly download. I am also expecting a sneak peak or even goodies from the recently announced tokidoki x Hatsune Miku collaboration. For those of you who don’t know, tokidoki was my first brand name bag. They hold a special place in my heart and I am very excited to see this collaboration hopefully in person. I am also hoping they will have the Rin and Len POP Funko figures there. I am desperately hoping we get some NA game play sneak peaks for Project Mirai Remixed. Lastly, I am expecting a lot of Miku Expo exclusives and Japan only exclusives to be present and for sale.

(Guess how broke I’m going to be.)

Picture Source

That’s it for today’s post! Be sure to look out for part two which should be posted in the next day or so! I am so happy to be back and posting regularly…kind of. Also, you should be expecting a beauty post soon on my skin care routine for oily skin. I’m using a lot more products than usual…sigh. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! Let me know in the comments below if you are attending Miku Expo in NY or if you have any thoughts on today’s post. If you have any suggestions for future posts, please click the “contact” button above! As always, I hope you have a fantastic week and…

REMEMBER: Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog. (Hatsune Miku x Toyota)

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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