Summer Fashion Favorites of 2014

Hello Everyone!
Sorry for the lack of posts this week! I seem to have hit a bit of a writer’s block and I am trying desperately to get out of it, I promise. I thought this week would be a good week to kind of show you all what my current fashion favorites are and hopefully inspire you to dress how you wanna and what not. So, let’s begin? Yeah.

summer fashions faves 2

This summer is mostly about comfort, honestly. I’m starting to find my own personal style and the items featured in today’s post are all that I’d consider a close fit for my own wardrobe! As always, there will be links to all of the items listed and I hope they bring you much inspiration.

modcloth top

Since it’s Summer, I’m always looking for cute lightweight tops. This rad top is from ModCloth and it’s mother freakin’ adorable. This top is specifically called “A Bot to Love Top” and it’s only $35, so not too bad. Ultimately, this is the style I look for when it comes to Summer tops: flowing, adorable print, and definitely fit for a geeky girl!

hot topic pants

Next up is a bit more on the comfortable side. If you don’t know, Pokémon is one of my favorite all-time games and these Pokemon Trainer Pants from Hot Topic are pretty fantastic to me. For only $16, these are pretty appealing and I would wear them ALL THE TIME. Especially while playing Pokémon games. This may not scream Summer, but I’m digging them so I’ll probably buy them soon.

modcloth bag

I am beginning to notice I have a slight purse addiction lately. Crap. Oh well, because this bag is ridiculous in a good way. Say hello to ModCloth’s Sweet Sentiments Bag. I love brown bags and I feel that they are great for every season and every reason. I love the look of this bag and for $35, not a bad deal either.

kitsch island earrings

For accessories, I try to keep them toned down now that I have long hair. These are a perfect fit as they are delicate, small, and gorgeous. These are kitsch island Shooting Star Earrings available on YesStyle and are actually quite reasonably priced at $11! I can actually see myself wearing these for my Bridal Shower and what not. Also…I love stars.

tuk creepers

Last, but not least: Hello Kitty Creepers by t.u.k. from Journeys. Need I say more? Yeah, maybe I should. I have featured creepers in past posts and although I feel that they are great for Autumn…I’m loving them for Summer. Especially with the pastels and Hello Kitty print, where could one go wrong? Well, depending on how much you’re willing to spend…these go for a pretty $90. Whoops.

Well that is it for today! I hope you all enjoyed today’s post…I just realized that this is my first fashion post in a while. YAY!! Anyways, if you thought today’s post was great, go ahead and like it or comment down below with what you thought or if you have any Summer Fashion Favorites. If you have any suggestions or ideas for future posts, please hit the contact button above! I love to hear from you all!!! Have a great weekend everyone, be safe, and…

REMEMBER: Be Excellent to Each Other.

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

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Thanks again everyone and take care!


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