The Geeky: An Interview with Kara & Lindsay of Rooster Teeth

Oh my gosh, for some reason, I have been feeling slightly lazy and I’m not too sure why. It’s been a pretty productive week though, I must say! Anyways, I hinted to you all in the last post that I had more Rooster Teeth features coming up and GUESS WHAT. I do. This time, I interviewed two amazing and lovely ladies of the RT & AH crew; Kara and Lindsay!
kara and lindsayHere is some background on Kara and Lindsay:

Kara Eberle is the voice actress for Weiss in “RWBY”, as well as the Office Manager, podcast set designer, and receptionist at Rooster Teeth.

Lindsay Jones is the voice actress for Ruby in “RWBY”. She is an employee at Rooster Teeth. She is known for appearing in the RT Recap, Rooster Teeth Podcast and the Internet Box Podcast.


Taylor Rae: When did you begin working for RT & AH and why?

Kara & Lindsay: Well honestly, we don’t remember. God, it’s been so long that we’ve worked here. But, we tell you what, it’s been a blast working with such goofy characters, but awesome people.

Taylor Rae: What is the most entertaining aspect of working for RT & AH that keeps you motivated?

Lindsay: Well, as you know; Me and Michael “Rage Quit” Jones are married! Just [being] able to work with my man and having a good time with my co-workers and family keeps me going.

Kara: What she said, except the getting married part, haha. But just being able to work with great people and get this far. We also love our fans [and] reading their reactions of the things we do. It keeps me motivated to know what we do, people love it!

Taylor Rae: As female gamers; is there anything in the gaming industry or gaming community that you wish to change or maybe even encourage?

Kara: A video game with more female character leads! Now that could be a change. I know there are some female character roles that every knows of such as Lara Croft, Samus, and others…but it seems not many! What the hell.

Lindsay: Ditto to Kara.

Taylor Rae: There’s a lot happening over at Rooster Teeth it seems. Can you give us a few events that you are looking forward to and want to share with the readers? Also, what can you tell us about the upcoming Rooster Teeth film, “Lazer Team?”

Lindsay: There is so much going on at RT & AH. God, where to begin. We are so busy here…but honestly check out our upcoming movie “Lazer Team.” But really, I can’t tell you jack squat! Haha, sorry. It’s under hush hush.

ruby and weiss

Taylor Rae: With Volume 2 of “RWBY” coming up at RTX, what is it like voice acting and working on an animated feature?

Geoff (He answered this as well): Well, me bring Grif is fun as hell. Then [watching] on screen is awesome to see the character I play. I’m glad I really don’t get my ass kicked like that in real life.

Kara & Lindsay: Well, we both agree with Geoff. So much fun and awesome. To voice characters and then feel like we are those characters! Pure badasses! It sounds weird when we do recording, but when we see what we sound like in a character, oh my god. We sound awesome. It works so well and matches the characters just as well.

Taylor Rae: What is it about yourselves that you would like readers and fans to know about you that they probably don’t?

Kara: God, I mean [there’s] basically not much to say due to [the fact] everyone basically knowing who we are anyways. I mean, I hate being scared! F*cking sucks, I’m a receptionist. Well and Gus’s little sister (according to him), hehe. I’m the voice of Weiss in “RWBY.” I guess, yeah!

Lindsay: I mean, if no one knew: I’m the main editor of AH videos [and the] voice of Ruby Rose in our show “RWBY”. I don’t know what else to say I mean. Like [Kara] said, a lot of people basically know us well…creepy.

Taylor Rae: Are there any games you are excited to be released this year? If so, why?

Kara: God, so many choices. Though I like playing games…I just have no clue! Well, there is the Shadows of Mordor game and the new Halo!

Lindsay: So many! I say mostly any game that looks amazing honestly. We are all gamers here, as long as [the game] provides a challenge.

From Lindsay & Kara to Our Readers: Well, this is the girls from RT & AH. Much love to our fans and friends and family! Check out our site and our shows on YouTube. And we do have a shout out to Chris for being an awesome dork! And to Taylor Rae! Since she has a great site, everyone needs to keep checking out her stuff and she’s awesome!! Hope to see you guys soon.

thanks kara and lindsay

Well, here’s the second installment to the RoosterTeeth Interview series! As always, a huge thanks goes to Geoff and Griffon, Chris, Lindsay and Kara, and the entire RT & AH team! We have a lot planned for all of you so be sure to subscribe and follow us on the Twitter and Instagram and all them social media sites you see on the side. Also, the second volume of Lindsay and Kara’s animated show, “RWBY,” will be premiering in July! Be sure to watch the entire first season on the RT YouTube channel and buy the DVD or Blu-Ray at the RT Store!

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To Learn More about Kara, Lindsay, “RWBY”, RoosterTeeth, & Achievement Hunter
RT Website | RT YouTube | RT Facebook | RT Twitter
AH Website | AH YouTube | AH Facebook | AH Twitter

Thanks everyone for reading and as I said before, I definitely suggest you all watch the first season of “RWBY” on RT’s YouTube. I could not stop watching and even had to watch a couple episodes at work on my break. Be sure to stop by the RT & AH website and while you’re at it, go ahead and join their forum! Anyways, go ahead and let me know what you thought of today’s interview in the comments down below! If you’d like to suggest future post ideas or suggestions, click the contact button above! As for me, it’s time for bed and so I leave you with this…

REMEMBER: “Boop.” – Nora Valkyrie from the animated series, “RWBY” 🙂

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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