The Foodie: Downtown Eating with Sammy T’s!

Hello everyone!

It has truly been one crazy week! Who would’ve thought that the 2nd year would be the most productive and successful!? Jeez, I am so overwhelmed with all of the love and support from you lovely readers, my friends and family, the entire team at Rooster Teeth, and so many more people! I am cloud nine! You just don’t even know! BUT I have realized a lot of things are a bit behind such as my beloved series, The Foodie! So, here we are with a new review of Sammy T’s!

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid, asked, nor offered any discount for this review. This review is based solely on my own experience and opinion as a customer and the meal was paid for entirely by my party. Thank you for understanding.

sammy t

For those who don’t know; I love small downtown areas. I love how many of the shops and restaurants are not corporatized which makes for a much more welcoming atmosphere than that of a major city establishment. It also makes for beautiful pictures. My mother and I both had a day off and we wanted to get together for lunch. Well, what better place than somewhere downtown! Unfortunately, most restaurants are closed on Monday BUT there was Sammy T’s and I was far from sad about that.


Sammy T’s is located in Downtown Fredericksburg on Caroline Street which is a nice walk from the closest parking lot, unless you can find street parking. The exterior has a few small tables and chairs for those wanting to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather, but those of us who are partial to heat…such as myself, there’s always plenty of room inside.

The inside features most booth seating with a few tables closer to the front as well as a bar. When you walk in, you are immediately greeted by a chalkboard with all of the day’s specials as well as a cute little chalkboard down below asking you to wait to be seated.


After being seated and ordering our drinks, my mother and I found ourselves immediately attracted to the Mediterranean platter. Unfortunately, I did not read thoroughly as the platter does come with feta cheese and I am allergic to dairy. This was entirely my fault and not that of the restaurant’s, but we made it work! Luckily, the feta did not stick to the cucumbers, olives, and the pita bread so I was still able to enjoy the best part of the platter! It was definitely light and refreshing since the day was rather hot and humid.

vegetable delight

For the main course, I originally chose the cheese tortellini and I found myself remembering that not all of the cheese is vegan friendly, so I had to change my order a bit last minute. Thankfully, the waitress was incredibly kind and wonderful! I switched my order to the Vegetable Delight, a homemade vegetable soup. According to the menu, it was supposed to be topped with parmesan cheese, but I asked my waitress if they could exclude it from the meal due to my allergy and she was incredibly kind about it and did so.

Less than 15 minutes later and we were given our meals and the amazing waitress brings mine out and tells me that she excluded the butter as well since it contained dairy and was not vegan friendly. I could not have thanked her enough for that! She took a customer’s allergy seriously and I applaud her for her thoughtfulness. I know it can be frustrating when it comes to changing orders or excluding things, but she was super nice about it and I thank her.

Now back to the soup; it was so very delicious. The soup had a wonderful, hearty consistency and the vegetables looked gorgeous. It came with a sort of garlic bread that I was unable to figure out the name for, but it looked good as well and tasted even better when dipped into the soup! It was heaven and actually quite nostalgic! I ended up demolishing the soup, the bread, and the extra crackers they give you on the side. It was the perfect portion size, it looked delicious, and tasted amazing.

Overall, my mother and I had a fantastic and comfortable dining experience at Sammy T’s and they have a wonderful and conscientious wait staff! I wish I had gotten the young lady’s name who served us, because she was very accommodating to our needs and my allergy. I would surely recommend Sammy T’s to those wishing to dine in Downtown F’burg or to those who are looking for a local Vegan or Vegetarian restaurant!


If you would like to visit Sammy T’s, visit their website HERE for their menu, operating hours, and more.

HOORAY! I missed talking about food and taking pictures of food and just…FOOD. I hope you all enjoyed this post, by the way! I’m trying to bring back posts and ideas and trust me, they are coming! Speaking of which, I’m dying to hear what you all think! Feel free to comment down below on what you think of today’s post or if you ever at Sammy T’s! Also, if you would like to request or suggest future post ideas, please click on the contact button above and fill out the lovely form!

As always: Have a fantastic rest of the week, stay safe, and you all know what’s next…

REMEMBER: Food Brings A Family Together. 🙂

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae



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