Getting Tattoo’d at Time-Honored Tattoo

Hello Everybody!
Happy Summer Semester. Yep, I’m back in classes and I am far from excited though I only have a semester after this until I graduate. Finally. I must admit however that I am enjoy feeling and looking productive. In other news, it’s been one crazy week! I am finally over this coughing that I’ve had since last week. Lots of NyQuil and DayQuil and sleep was necessary. I also managed to beat Pokemon Y in 28 hours which is all time record for me when it comes to Pokemon games. I feel like the very best that no one ever was…

Moving on, if you couldn’t tell by the title already: I GOT MY THIRD TATTOO!

Actually, if you were on any of my social media accounts you probably already knew that. Anyways, remember how I did that post on Proper Tattoo Care? Well, I went ahead and got that third tattoo I talked about! And I’m going to share my experience with you…but this post will probably be mostly pictures just in case!
getting tattoodLast Monday I decided to finally set up an appointment for my third tattoo. I knew exactly what I wanted and where I wanted it. It was Sailor Moon on my shoulder. If you haven’t already noticed; Sailor Moon is something I love and hold dearly to my heart. I’ve been a fan since I was little (15 years!) and I wanted to have a lifetime reminder of the show and manga that changed my life and still makes an incredible impression on me. I mean, my wedding dress was chosen because my brother said it looks like a Sailor Moon dress! So, I decided upon Princess Serenity sitting with Luna in front of a crescent moon.
outside tattooThe original plan was to only set up an appointment. I never did a walk in before when it came to my first tattoos, so I thought that I would have to wait like a week or two to get it. I went to Time-Honored Tattoo in Stafford, Virginia and I was immediately greeted by one of the tattoo artists. He took a look at the picture I wanted done and he asked one of the traveling artists, Scott Sketo, if he would like to do the tattoo…THAT DAY. Like within an hour. He said he was up to it and after we decided on the size and how to place the moon, we were ready to get started.
beginningIf there was one thing I did not realize (but definitely appreciated), I had chosen a piece where the lines would like better thinner. I had a good idea of how much pain I would be feeling, but did not anticipate how painful a back piece could be especially with such fine lines. However, Scott did an amazing job. The lines were beyond clean and straight and it added to the piece. This process took a little longer than my previous tattoo, but it was totally worth the time and effort that Scott put into it.
tattoodA lot of people have asked me if the pain was unbearable. Honestly, I think it wasn’t too bad considering the placement. Certain spots where a tad tear-inducing but I am pretty sure it was because I anticipated it. I did find that focusing on something else such as my phone was super helpful and allowed me to hold still during certain spots.
tattood2After he finished the outline, Scott went onto shading and that wasn’t too painful. Anthony had asked what it felt like: It feels like I’m being pinched over and over again and it starts to feel annoying. After the shading was done, we took a quick break to stretch out and take a look thus far. I was so ecstatic! It looked perfect, the shading was spot on and clean, the lines were clean, it was perfection! I didn’t have an OCD moment which is fantastic considering how this is a lifetime commitment I just made.
tattood3After our break, we came back and he went to town on coloring the piece. This was a wee bit painful…the break allowed my skin to rest and was no longer numb so I was really starting to feel that annoying pain again. But, I kept myself busy by keeping my head down to think about anything or I was on my phone. After about 2 or so hours, we were finally finished! I took a look in the mirror and I wanted to cry! This tattoo took me 2 years of contemplating and courage building to get it and it’s finally there and done! The colors were soft and perfect and it just looked too beautiful for words. I am now thinking about getting Prince Endymion on the other side…
thanksHere is the timeline picture! Gosh, too gorgeous!!!! Well, I believe a special thanks is due to Scott Sketo for 1.) taking me as a walk-in, 2.) doing a freakin’ amazingly fantastical job, and 3.) allowing Anthony to take pictures for this post! You were totally great, precise, and your philosophical rants were great to listen to! I had a blast and the pain was totally worth it.

If you’d like to learn more about Scott Sketo and Time-Honored Tattoo..

Scott SketoWebsite|Instagram|Twitter|Tumblr
Time-Honored Tattoo – Facebook|Instagram

That is it for today’s post! This was honestly the best tattoo experience I’ve had and I can’t wait for my next one. I am dying to hear what you all think about today’s post! Go ahead and comment below with your thoughts or the best tattoo experience you had! If you have suggestions for future posts, hit the contact button above!! I am hoping to have another post up before the weekend so stay on the lookout!

Time to get ready for work! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and OH!! Expect a YouTube video to be up soon as well…HINT HINT. Take care everyone and as always…

REMEMBER: In the name of the moon…I will punish you! 😉

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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