Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial with Highlife Makeup

Hello Hello!
I am so excited for tomorrow! My parents are finally coming back from their trip and I have missed them so so much. Not to mention, the dogs are going crazy without them! But I am cooking a bit more since I was on my own for a little while. I’m not the best cook, but my food is decent! Anyways, today I had my wedding hair and makeup trial with Tawny of Highlife Makeup! I’ve known Tawny for about 4 years now and I was so happy to have her help me with my wedding makeup and hair trial. She gave me lots of tips and advice when it came to my wedding since she got married a year ago, so I hope when she reads this she knows how much I appreciate her and how much I enjoyed today!
makeup trialSo, we met up earlier today with one thing in mind: Keep It Simple. Because I don’t wear makeup, I wanted to keep my wedding day makeup as minimal yet noticeable as possible. With my hair…well, I already did a post on that. So, we ended up with two ideas for my eyes and practiced one on each eye. The first try was nice, but too dark and dramatic for what I was going for. The second try was right on the money: It popped my eye color, it stood out without overpowering me. It was perfect. I had to take a moment to really look at myself because this was entirely new to me! I wanted to cry (but resisted so we wouldn’t ruin the amazing work).

Overall, my makeup was spot on and my face was glowing in radiance! OH! And she fixed my eyebrows which I think added a whole world of difference! (Insert Hallelujah Here)
makeupIt’s really a day and night difference, right? I was and still am ecstatic with the results!

With my hair, I listened to Tawny and didn’t wash my hair for over 24 hours. I get really observant of my hair when I don’t wash it, but thankfully I had some dry shampoo in my room and tossed it in my bag just in case the oil became too much.

We spent a good hour curling my hair because of how thin my hair was and how much I had. I think that’s when we both began to feel a wee bit tired, haha! But, after curling we tried about 4 to 5 different styles to kind of see where my preference lies. Well, I found one that I will actually wear to my wedding, BUT I don’t want to specify which one…can you guess?
hair 2I can’t wait for my wedding day now, because I just wanted to put on my dress and get married then and there! I wonder if you’ll all guess correctly? We’ll find out when I get married, yeah!?

3 hours later, we were finally ready to call it quits after being pleased with the results! I came home and sent the pictures to my parents and Maid of Honor and so far, all of the reactions have been so positive! I want to wear all of it every day…if possible.
thanksI would love to give a special thanks (again) to Tawny! You listened and looked at my ideas and executed them greatly! The advice, tips, love, and amazing talent were all well received and I can’t wait to see Anthony cry when I walk down that aisle! Muahaha!

If you’d like to learn more about Highlife Makeup & Photography, please hit the contact button above or comment down below!

That’s it for today everyone! This was a blast and I loved every minute of it, but now it’s time for me to chill out and get some rest. I’m thinking some reading, Bob’s Burgers, and my bed are necessary for ultimate relaxation. BUT, I would love to hear what you all thought of today’s post so let me know in the comments below and click the contact button for suggestions on future posts! I hope you all have a fantastic week filled with lots of sun and fun because it’s supposed to rain tomorrow here. And as always…

REMEMBER: May the Fourth Be With You!Β πŸ˜‰

Thanks for Reading~! ❀
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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