The Geeky: Sailor Moon Crystal Expectations

Hello everyone!
In case you couldn’t tell from Twitter, I have been in a very geeky mood lately. I have been catching up on so much game news and tech news and all sorts of other crap. I am so excited though. I told you all a while back that I was super stoked for the new Sailor Moon anime that will be released in July and I am hoping that some of my expectations will be met…but the question is what am I expect?
sailor moon postLet’s start with everything that we know THUS FAR about the Sailor Moon Crystal anime:
– We have the production staff members.
– This is not to be an addition to the original series, but rather it’s own.
– It will take place in the modern era, so possible changes to outdated technology may be made.
– The anime will follow closely to the manga, unlike the original series.
– Momoiro Clover Z will be providing the opening theme.
This does leave room for our imaginations to run wild, right? With all of this news, I kind of have my own list of expectations as do pretty much all of the Sailor Moon fans out there.
sailor moon logoFirst off, are you loving the logo as much as I am!? Jeez. Anyways, my first expectation would be Mamoru and Usagi’s romance. In the manga, Mamoru wasn’t that big of a…butt hole. His and Usagi’s relationship was actually quite refreshing. In the anime, however, their arguments were incredibly annoying and took a lot away from the plot in the beginning. I hope they will include a lot of the scenes that showed how intimate their relationship really was including the wedding at the end and more flashbacks of their past lives. BUT, I will say this: Bring Back Mamoru’s Pea Green Jacket.

My 2nd expectation; The First & Original Brooch. It doesn’t need a lot of say but it was not present in the original series. It should be though and hopefully it will be.

I believe they should include more in-depth looks at the Sailor Scouts past lives as princesses of their respective planets. Even Pluto…because since the original series ended, Pluto is no longer a planet.

A better look at Setsuna’s and Chibi Usa’s relationship. The manga showed that they had a deep relationship while Usagi reigned the future Crystal Tokyo. I would love to see more of that in the reboot. I’m a sucker for caring feels.

T’would be nice if the opening theme is the same rendition of “Moonlight Densetsu” that was on the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Tribute album.
sailor moon imageI would prefer that they keep the animation as close to the original series as possible, but from what the image above looks like…that’s not happening.

I am expecting that Toonami gets rights to simulcast the English Dub of Sailor Moon Crystal as they did with Space Dandy. They need to announce that soon though…and I have a feeling if they do, it will be done through Funimation. (Psst, SHIN CHAN SEASON 4 PLEASE.)


Picture Credits

Well, that’s it for my expectations. Not much, but very important to me and the plot…in my opinion. I did just get word that there will be a Press Show on Nico Nico Douga the 27th in regards to the Sailor Moon Crystal Anime and the Sailor Myu Musical. So, hopefully an official release date and more information and a trailer will be released!

ALSO, I will be attending this year’s Pokemon World Championships in Washington D.C. in August! I’m thinking about auditioning as a commentator BUT I may just attend as a spectator…or play. I don’t know yet!? But I will definitely be there!

Anyways, that is it for today’s post! I hope you all enjoyed it and maybe got you thinking about what you’re expecting from Sailor Moon Crystal. If you have any, go ahead and leave a comment below on what it is! And if you want to request or suggest topics to write on, go ahead and click on the Contact button above.

Now, it’s time to get some rest and I shall post either tomorrow or Sunday! I hope you all enjoy your weekend and remember to be safe and IN THE NAME OF THE MOON…whoops, sorry. 😉
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

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