What is Proper Tattoo Care?

Hello all you lovely ladies!!
I feel so lazy today! I ended up taking an unexpected nap today and then a sudden need to watch “Castle in the Sky”… In other news, not much as happened since our last post! I’ve just been working and preparing a few things for the event on Wednesday. I am just going a tad crazy, but in a good way!!

Well, I’ve been inspired to talk to you all about how to properly take care of tattoos! How so? A lot of my friends are getting tattoos recently and I actually have two with a plan to get a third one soon enough! If there was one thing I noticed, every tattoo parlor has a a relatively different list of care tips…so, what is the actual proper tattoo care?
tattoo careSo, for those of you who don’t know; I got my tattoos when I was 17 which was around March 2010. I had been wanting them for a while and my parents offered to pay for them as my birthday present. Funny enough, I was given a list of care tips and they may have not been the best instructions. My tattoos (after healing) ended up much bumpier and since then, I tend to get a bit itchy in the areas where I got my tattoos. My parents, however, went to a different tattoo artist and shop that had an entirely different set of instructions and theirs healed up perfect. Now, there could be many reasons for this but there are a few things that seemed taboo that I was told to follow. SO, I hope to prevent whatever happened to me by explaining a few necessary procedures to help you!

Tip #1Clean the tattoo after removing the bandage!!
I would highly suggest using an unscented and hypoallergenic soap for this as your tattoo is currently an open wound. It’s probably bleeding and there are little holes in your skin. Don’t rub too hard, but graze over with a gentle hand. Rinse off gently with warm water and PAT dry. Try to avoid rubbing as the ink has not fully set in yet.

Tip #2Use a light layer of tattoo approved creams!!
While you’re tattoo is healing, you need to keep it moist or else it will turn into a nasty scab and take a little longer to show and heal. You always need a light layer of a lubriderm lotion 2-3 times a day to keep it lightly moist as you would any other wound. I typically used A+D Cream as did my parents but a lot of people say that H2Ocean is actually a lot better and lighter on the skin as well as Tattoo Goo. You need to use it quite a bit during the healing process which takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks or maybe even a month depending on your skin and the tattoo you got.

Tip #3Light clothing & light sun exposure is BEST!!
One thing you must know is that your wound NEEDS TO BREATHE. Wearing heavy clothing or tight clothing that sticks to your tattoo must be avoided. Sunlight or tanning beds must be avoided for about 2-3 weeks as the UV rays will fade the color and damage the skin which is already an open wound.

Tip #4Don’t take a bath…take a shower instead!!
I remember the day after I got my tattoo…I took a bath. Whoops! The artist didn’t give me much information on the whole bathing thing. SO, let me just say that you should not take a bath in which your tattoo will be submerged and soaked for long periods in water. Showering is actually best (as long as you don’t scrub it and what not) as it allows the tattoo to breathe and it is getting lightly moistened.

Tip #5Do. Not. Itch!!
This was the hardest part of the healing process for me…my tattoo ended up scabbing and peeling terribly for about 5 days which I’ve never heard of before. When your skin begins to peel, it starts to feel like a mix of sunburn and a mosquito bite. You are going to want to itch. DO NOT ITCH IT. Do not poke it, do not pick at it, do not do anything that you feel will satisfy the itching aside from the LIGHT LAYER of lotion. Your skin is (once again) an open wound! You don’t want to elongate the healing process or damage your skin or mess up the piece of art on your body.

Well, that is it! I hope you all found this helpful or you enjoyed it in some way! If you have any tips that were not mentioned, please feel free to comment below! Or if you would like to recommend a future post suggestion, you comment below as well or hit the contact button above in the menu!

I have to take care of my sick hubby now, so I shall depart from here…now. (Cursed awkwardness) I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead of you and remember to be safe, spread love, and to be the best you that you can be. Regardless of how cliché that sounds. 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

P.S. Photo credit goes to the wonderful Wen McNally who took these photos of me in 2010!


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