What is Proper Tattoo Care?

Hello all you lovely ladies!!
I feel so lazy today! I ended up taking an unexpected nap today and then a sudden need to watch “Castle in the Sky”… In other news, not much as happened since our last post! I’ve just been working and preparing a few things for the event on Wednesday. I am just going a tad crazy, but in a good way!!

Well, I’ve been inspired to talk to you all about how to properly take care of tattoos! How so? A lot of my friends are getting tattoos recently and I actually have two with a plan to get a third one soon enough! If there was one thing I noticed, every tattoo parlor has a a relatively different list of care tips…so, what is the actual proper tattoo care?
tattoo careSo, for those of you who don’t know; I got my tattoos when I was 17 which was around March 2010. I had been wanting them for a while and my parents offered to pay for them as my birthday present. Funny enough, I was given a list of care tips and they may have not been the best instructions. My tattoos (after healing) ended up much bumpier and since then, I tend to get a bit itchy in the areas where I got my tattoos. My parents, however, went to a different tattoo artist and shop that had an entirely different set of instructions and theirs healed up perfect. Now, there could be many reasons for this but there are a few things that seemed taboo that I was told to follow. SO, I hope to prevent whatever happened to me by explaining a few necessary procedures to help you!

Tip #1Clean the tattoo after removing the bandage!!
I would highly suggest using an unscented and hypoallergenic soap for this as your tattoo is currently an open wound. It’s probably bleeding and there are little holes in your skin. Don’t rub too hard, but graze over with a gentle hand. Rinse off gently with warm water and PAT dry. Try to avoid rubbing as the ink has not fully set in yet.

Tip #2Use a light layer of tattoo approved creams!!
While you’re tattoo is healing, you need to keep it moist or else it will turn into a nasty scab and take a little longer to show and heal. You always need a light layer of a lubriderm lotion 2-3 times a day to keep it lightly moist as you would any other wound. I typically used A+D Cream as did my parents but a lot of people say that H2Ocean is actually a lot better and lighter on the skin as well as Tattoo Goo. You need to use it quite a bit during the healing process which takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks or maybe even a month depending on your skin and the tattoo you got.

Tip #3Light clothing & light sun exposure is BEST!!
One thing you must know is that your wound NEEDS TO BREATHE. Wearing heavy clothing or tight clothing that sticks to your tattoo must be avoided. Sunlight or tanning beds must be avoided for about 2-3 weeks as the UV rays will fade the color and damage the skin which is already an open wound.

Tip #4Don’t take a bath…take a shower instead!!
I remember the day after I got my tattoo…I took a bath. Whoops! The artist didn’t give me much information on the whole bathing thing. SO, let me just say that you should not take a bath in which your tattoo will be submerged and soaked for long periods in water. Showering is actually best (as long as you don’t scrub it and what not) as it allows the tattoo to breathe and it is getting lightly moistened.

Tip #5Do. Not. Itch!!
This was the hardest part of the healing process for me…my tattoo ended up scabbing and peeling terribly for about 5 days which I’ve never heard of before. When your skin begins to peel, it starts to feel like a mix of sunburn and a mosquito bite. You are going to want to itch. DO NOT ITCH IT. Do not poke it, do not pick at it, do not do anything that you feel will satisfy the itching aside from the LIGHT LAYER of lotion. Your skin is (once again) an open wound! You don’t want to elongate the healing process or damage your skin or mess up the piece of art on your body.

Well, that is it! I hope you all found this helpful or you enjoyed it in some way! If you have any tips that were not mentioned, please feel free to comment below! Or if you would like to recommend a future post suggestion, you comment below as well or hit the contact button above in the menu!

I have to take care of my sick hubby now, so I shall depart from here…now. (Cursed awkwardness) I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead of you and remember to be safe, spread love, and to be the best you that you can be. Regardless of how cliché that sounds. 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

P.S. Photo credit goes to the wonderful Wen McNally who took these photos of me in 2010!


Operation: Long Hair – UPDATE!

Hello everyone!
I am so sorry this post is over a week late!! I am trying so desperately to get back on a regular posting schedule…and a regular workout schedule while I am at it. ウソ。Well, I do have exciting news! I actually, well finally, bought my first DSLR camera!! I did post it on Instagram, but incase you guys are aren’t following…
image_1After a year of doing research and waiting: I finally have the Canon Rebel SL1/EOS 100D! I AM EXCITED. Actually, the product pictures were taken with the camera, so let me know what you think in the comments below!! The camera isn’t the only thing new though…my picture editing site is new as well! So please work with me as I try to adjust everything to fit the site!!

Anyways, today I want to share with you all how far along we are in Operation: Long Hair!! So, I officially started the operation in August with THIS post and I haven’t really done an official update since, so why not today!! LET’S SEE THE PROGRESSION!
imageMy hair has certainly lightened up! Since 2013, I have not colored my hair so my natural color has definitely grown in. I have not used a heated tool since our engagement photos which was in September, so it’s been a while. I also have not physically brushed my hair since December. My hair is really starting to fall on its own and it’s pretty straight then, so no reason to use a straightener or blow dry it.

I will say, however, that the winter really did some damage to my hair. It was just way too cold and dry and so my ends became dry and so damaged that we had to cut them off yesterday. I was horrified about getting the trim, but I had to face the facts…my hair needed it and my bangs were obnoxiously long. 悲しいよ。I had a mini heart attack when the hair stylist started cutting. Ugh.

So, what products am I currently using?
hair care productsThese three products are pretty much all I have been using since January…well, minus the L’Oreal shampoo. I do shampoo my hair every day, but from what I am hearing…I really shouldn’t. Argh, I can’t win!! Moving on…
essential hair maskThis is a product I have sworn by and I love it. I purchased the Essential Rich Premier Hair Mask from SaSa.Com in November and trust me, this little container will LAST YOU A LONG TIME. It really do work if you use it correctly which means; a two finger scoop, place on ends, and leave in for 10-15 minutes. It is the Ultra Honey edition, so if you’re looking for something else…they do have a shea butter and honey edition as well. This is super inexpensive though!!
tresemme shampooI absolutely love this shampoo. I always have some sort of Tresemmé product in my room or bathroom. Since I no longer use heated tools on my hair, I now use the Tresemmé Luxurious Moisture Shampoo and it is lovely. I don’t always condition my hair, so when I decide not to, my hair doesn’t feel stringy and dry after shampooing. It still feels soft and looks shiny. I don’t really have any thoughts on the scent or anything, but it works and that’s all that matters to me!
loreal shampooThis is actually a product I just received yesterday at the salon. It was quite expensive, but the salon owner suggested it and since I had a gift certificate…WHY NOT? This is the L’Oreal Absolut Repair Shampoo and I am not too sure how this will work on my hair, but if it will keep my ends is good shape, I’m excited to try it. Once I start using it regularly, I will let you know!

When it comes to styling my hair, like I said: no heated tools, excessive products, no brushing, and so on. I let my hair air dry and then throw it up into a bun or ponytail. That’s it…complicated, right?

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post!! I PROMISE there will be a new post on Sunday and posting twice a week will resume. BUT next week is a huge event and I will surely be blogging about it! I am so excited because I’ve actually been working with The DC Ladies (as an intern) on this event and I want to share all the details but I can’t even though I want to. It’s cruel, so cruel!

Anyways, let me know if you have any tips on photography or growing out your hair in the comments below! If you have any recommendations or suggestions for future posts, go ahead and comment below as well or hit the contact button above. I hope you have an amazing weekend, stay safe, and always remember that you are capable of anything and everything! 🙂
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Taylor Rae

SimplyMe: An Unforgettable 21st Birthday…

Hello to all of you lovely ladies!
I’m sorry that I am posting this late in the week! Anthony and I decided to take Wednesday off from all work (including blogging) since it was my birthday. So, I’m back today to cover my…birthday, haha!

SO, in case you didn’t see on any of my social media accounts, Wednesday was my 21st Birthday! I didn’t really party as much as just hang out with the hubz and my family. I’ve been quite tired as you’ve probably already knew and are tired of hearing about…whoops. I really just wanted to rest up and relax and eat my butt off! But, I did vlog for you guys and Anthony actually took most of these pictures!!

birthdayLooking at my birthday, it truly was unforgettable. We didn’t party or do something too terribly exciting but just being able to spend time with everyone was truly amazing and memorable to me. So, what did Anthony and I do? Well, let us start when I woke up…

Surprisingly enough, I did sleep in on my birthday! I was so thankful to get the day off since Anthony took the day off from work as well. I ended up sleeping an extra 4 hours! That is relatively rare in my opinion. I woke up around 8:30-8:45am and got ready and what not. I actually wanted to dress super comfy since it was supposed to be a relaxing day.
image_1Anthony actually got us matching outfits for the day! It included Diamond Supply Co. t-shirts and the Nike SB Tiffany Hi-Tops. I was so happy and comfortable. We looked adorable and It really did make me feel super special. It was a tad chilly, so I did wear a black cardigan and jeggings!

Anyways, we decided to take a trip up to Annandale! I have been craving Korean food and I needed to do some shopping…plus, Anthony had never been up until Wednesday, so I was excited to show him the one place I frequent!
image_2We ended up going by Shilla’s Bakery and Lil’ Thingamajigs for pastries and stationary goodies! I would have posted them as a mini-haul, but because Anthony actually purchased them, they are now regarded as gifts! So, no birthday haul this time. (But Thank You Hubby!) After Lil’ Thingamajigs, I looked over at the rest of the shopping center and realized that THERE’S A FREAKIN’ THE FACE SHOP IN ANNANDALE. Now, if you don’t know what The Face Shop is…it’s a Korean cosmetic store and I knew that had some in California, but I never expected to see one in Virginia. Apparently, they are relatively new! So, I went in and bought a few face masks and skin care products. I was in heaven…oh lord.

Afterwards, we headed over to Yechon for lunch and then Breeze Bakery to pick up my ADORABLE birthday cake. I had decided on their Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Cream! It looked light and fluffy and delicious…plus I hate buttercream and fondant. Turns out, the cake was the best decision of the day! It was everything I dreamed off and more.
image_3After Annandale, we headed back to the house to take a quick nap before meeting my parents in Fredericksburg for dinner. That nap was entirely necessary! We were pooped and full of food already…whoops. We then headed over to Fujiya House in F’burg for dinner and my sister had balloons over my chair and my parents had the staff take the cake in the back to be chilled and brought out when ready. The dinner was great and the staff was AWESOME. Our chef actually gave me a Kpop CD because I knew a lot of the songs playing in the restaurant and turns out the CD has a few “Frozen” songs on it too! (I was meant to have the CD, I swear.) The staff was also surprised that the cake came from a Korean bakery up north. They were super kind and lovely people!

Moving on, my parents and sister ended up getting me a really adorable picture frame with pictures inside of all of us! I may have teared up a little… Actually, I just want to thank my family and Anthony for making my birthday so special and amazing and unforgettable. Thank you to everyone who sent their birthday wishes via social media and texts, phone calls, face time, and all those other crazy ways!! I truly feel so blessed and loved! You all are AWESOME!!
image_4So, that pretty much sums up my 21st birthday! No drinks over here. But lots of eating and lots of fun!! Thank you all so much again for all of your love and support through the second birthday I’ve shared with you all here on Simply Taylor Rae! I can’t wait to share my 22nd birthday and all the other ones after with you all. Let me know what you thought of the video or if you have any future post suggestions in the comments below! I’d love to read what you all think!

With that said, that is it for today’s post! I may do another post tonight since  I did take a couple days off. I do have to get ready for work unfortunately, but it gives me time to come up with a post idea! Anyways, have a great weekend everyone! Remember to stay safe and have a blast and also to be thankful and grateful for another day and another year!
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With Love,
Taylor Rae

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Blossom into Spring Fashion

Good Evening Lovely Ladies!!
I am so happy to get another post in this week! I’m feeling productive. I’ve actually been preparing for my 21st birthday! I’m not having a party or anything, but I still had to decide the family dinner and the things I need to pick up either the day before or the day of…like FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 REMAKE THAT I PRE-ORDERED FOREVER AGO. And “Frozen.” Speaking of “Frozen,” I actually made “For the First Time in Forever” my ringtone. Sorry, not sorry. But I have been looking forward to next week, so I’m definitely stoked!

Anyways, today’s topic is FASHION. Spring fashion to be exact. I am currently in the process of going through my closet and shifting my wardrobe from Winter to Spring and I thought I would share a few ideas to enhance your Spring wardrobe. So, let’s blossom into Spring Fashion everyone!
imageAlthough Fall is my favorite season, Spring is always a comfortable season here in Virginia. It’s not too hot and the Spring Breeze is always welcomed. Here, it is still perfectly fine to add layers and prints, but keeping them light in both color and cloth is definitely key during the season.
image_1You know, I’ve always had weird issues with blazers. They either don’t fit right or they fit up until the point of buttoning and I kind of give up from there. BUT, I still managed to keep one black blazer and two pastel blazers in my wardrobe. Now, blazers are a great way to add light layers to your outfit and add a huge POP of color. Because it’s Spring, you don’t want the colors to be too loud, you want subtle. Hence why pastel blazers are definitely a Spring Fashion Must.
image_2I had seen knuckle rings here and there throughout 2013, but it seems they are really becoming every girl’s best friend this year and season. Now, rings are always a lovely accessory to have in your…closet? But knuckle rings can give a really dainty feel to your hands and outfit and I would definitely suggest you keep them small during the Spring fashion season. You don’t want to overpower your hands and you don’t want to take away the attention to your coordinate. Plus, these are really easy to DIY. Just find jewelry wire and BOOM. You’re set. Start bending. I personally prefer the thin bows like the top picture.
image_3In case you haven’t noticed, I have been IN LOVE with mint this season! I can’t stop buying mint colored accessories and it’s even sinking into my shoe purchases. Mint is such a lovely shade though and super easy to coordinate. Pink, Yellow, Lavender, Black, Brown, Gold, and so on! I actually contemplated on having a mint-themed wedding, but my wedding dress is kind of complicated so we had to rethink that idea. ANYWAYS, I would totally suggest you have a mint shoe in your collection. I have crystal mint Nikes that I love and I am trying to see if I can get the mint Nikes in the picture above. The color just screams Spring and is immediate eye candy.
image_4Ah, yes. A classic print! I have been noticing a trend of polka dots this season especially with bags and DRESSES! Polka dots are a great print and perfect for every body type. They add a slight retro accent to any coordinate and can also make an outfit a tad dainty depending on the size of the dots. If you know me, I LOVE polka dots. If I could have everything polka dot, I probably would. Polka dots are actually great for any season though, so the color combo is what makes it perfect Spring. Pastels and Bright colors are going to make your coordinate blossom this season, so keep that in mind!

Well, that is all I have for tonight! I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful in reworking your wardrobe for the season. I am so excited for warmer weather but it looks like we are getting one last snow before Spring officially arrives, so excuse me while I cry. With that said, I do have to get some sleep so I shall bid my goodbye here and say good night!

Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend. Please stay safe and enjoy this warmer weather as it makes its way throughout the month! And remember SAILOR MOON REMAKE IS COMING OUT THIS JULY!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

The Geeky: My Thoughts on Nintendo’s Dilemma

Hello My Awesome Readers!
I am so happy to find time to blog. I have been going crazy lately with work, running around, and being sick. But, now I am feeling so much better. I guess let me get you all up to date with me personally and then we will head on to the actual post!

I have actually been working extra hours at work due to an inventory inspection and I was so worn out! I’ve also had weird sick days where I was too exhausted to even put together a thought. I have been doing a lot with my internship and I will actually post those pictures on The DC Ladies site next month! As for today, Anthony actually washed my car today and in the midst of cleaning it, we found a HUGE nail in my tire. So we had to make an emergency run to get it replaced. Luckily, when my dad took my car to get new tires…he got the one year warranty! So, we were able to get my tire changed for free…well $0.47 for state tax. Also, I’ve been preparing for my 21st birthday which is coming up next week!

So, that’s my life as of now! Therefore, it’s time to hear about my thoughts on Nintendo’s Current Dilemma…
imageIncase you are not familiar with what is happening with the Nintendo Franchise, earlier this year they announced that they were in a financial crisis that was a threat to going under. Unfortunately, the Wii U did not sell as well as expected with only 5.8 million sold within 13 months. The 3DS was not necessarily a flop, but with many claiming that the 3D feature caused some to become ill, it did affect sales regardless. This really was a frightening moment for many gamers because after the release of the Wii U and 3DS, Nintendo went absent during the console wars. Aside from games, there was nothing presented.

So, why did this affect gamers like me? Well, Nintendo just so happens to be my actual preferred console of choice. The concept, controllers, and games were much easier for me to use and play. I also grew up on the Pokemon, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Super Smash Bros series. So, to hear the producer of said games and consoles is having financial trouble…it’s a scary thought to me and many other gamers.
image_1Now, what has Nintendo done since the announcement? Well, the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, actually cut his own salary by 50% to keep the company financially afloat. They also announced recently that the Nintendo wifi networks will be shut off for early Nintendo DS and DSi consoles along with Wii consoles in May of this year. I was a little confused at first in regards to this announcement, so I can’t say if your personal wifi will be ineffective with this update. This is essentially a cost effective plan for them and it will help them stay focused on the more to date consoles and future ones as well.

Now, my thoughts. Honestly, I’m not surprised that the Wii U was a flop. It wasn’t a well thought out sequel to the original Wii and it wasn’t even promoted. I am sad to say, I did not know that the Wii U even existed until almost 6 months after its release. I am surprised with the slight negative response to the 3DS, but I can say that I was not impressed with the 2DS release. It looks like a piece of brick for your kid. You’d also think that they would learn after the flop of the Virtual Boy like two decades ago. But…

With that said, I do have high hopes for Nintendo. I am glad to see Iwata taking responsibility and even cutting his own salary to make sure the company remains intact. It shows to me that they really do care about their costumers and long time fans. I think Super Smash Bros 4 will definitely help boost sales for their 3DS/Wii U consoles because of the high prestige the previous installments received. I think Nintendo should either come up with a whole new marketing campaign in regards to the Wii U or create a more suitable sequel to the home console. The 3DS is still selling, so I think they just need to keep quality games coming for both consoles. I also think they need to STUN and IMPRESS at the game shows this year including E3, because last year, Playstation kicked butt. But, I think Nintendo is starting to get back on the right path but it may take some time due to the amount of financial loss they ultimately suffered.

Well, that is it for today’s post! I hope you all enjoyed…if you’re following gamer news? My next post is probably going to be either a Nike fashion inspiration post or a Spring fashion favorites post. Maybe both? Hmmm, I’m tempted. But, I do need to start heading to bed since I have an early wake up time and internship tomorrow! So, be sure to let me know how you took the news of Nintendo’s Financial Crisis or what you think may help them out in the comments below. For future post recommendations, go ahead and send me your ideas by clicking the contact button up top!

I love you all and until next time, remember to always look for the best in every situation, good or bad! Stay safe everyone and take care.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

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My 2014 Oscar Fashion Faves

Hello Ladies!
Well, we ended up with another snow day! Hopefully the last bad snow fall for the rest of the season. I was going to be super productive today, but what ended up happening was me getting lots of rest since I’m still recovering from a terrible cold. When I wasn’t napping, I was watching TV like “Brain Games” and what not! What were you all doing on this snow day? Did it even snow where you lived?

ANYWAYS, last night I was live-tweeting the Oscars for the very first time! Did you catch any of it? Unfortunately, I missed the red carpet so I had to do my research for today’s post and MY LORD, whoever chose Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence for best dressed was not looking clearly. Yes, they were dressed in gorgeous gowns, but there were definitely better options in my opinion! So, I’m going to go ahead and share three of my favorite gowns from the night!
imageSo, this year was quite disappointing fashion wise…and winner wise (I was rooting for Leo, you all should know). But, I managed to pick three of my ultimate favorite looks! Can you guess who these lovely ladies are?
image_1So, if you watched the Oscars, you may have noticed Idina Menzel (or Adele Dazeem according to John Travolta) arrived in a gorgeous green gown, but her Reem Acra gown she performed in took my breath away! The oatmeal/cream color is dreamy and the heavy embroidery made it delicate and airy, perfect to perform “Let It Go.” This would even be perfect for a wedding dress! I was definitely blown away by the loveliness of her gown and of her voice!
image_2If you don’t know who Chrissy Teigen is, she is the gorgeous wife of singer John Legend and also models! I was absolutely loving her Monique Lhullier printed gown. You can’t tell in this picture, but the gown was hi-low and black with pink floral print. I thought this was the perfect gown for the night because of the hi-low design, it’s formal but not too formal if you catch my drift. Anyways, it was truly gorgeous and fit her figure and personality to a tee!
image_3This lovely lady is Tara Lipinski! She is a retired US figure skater and my goodness, did she rock this gown or what? Tara was in a nude Rani Zakhem gown with silver details and it made my mouth drop! I love the fit on her and how the dress doesn’t fall so baggy on her frame. This gown is totally perfect for the Oscars, but even a wedding! I could totally see myself getting married in this dress…just saying!

Well, those were my fashion faves from the Oscars! Did you have a favorite? If so, let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I can’t believe I actually did one of these posts! I kind of got a bit excited after live-tweeting. Anyways, let me know what kind of posts you are looking for and if you have any requests feel free to contact me via the contact button above! With that said, I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week; always remember to be safe, smile, and enjoy the simple things in life!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
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Taylor Rae

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