SimplyMe: 50 Fact about Me ~Blog Edition~

Well hello everyone!
Today has been ridiculous in a good way!! So, for those of you who aren’t on my Instagram, Anthony and I decided to sell our original wedding shoes and use the money to put into savings for a future car or house! So now I have to go back to hunting for the perfect and comfy wedding shoes. Because of that, I decided to take a look at my Wedding Dress to get a good idea of what colors and detailing would be best! And…I ended up crying because it really just hit me that I am actually getting married. Anyways, on top of that the 18th actually marks Anthony and I being engaged for 8 months. AND THEN…Lindy from Bubzbeauty announced she’s pregnant and I can’t emotionally function right now. BUT, Congrats Lindy! I am so excited for you, Tim, Chubby, and Domo! Your little family is growing!! AHH.

Moving on, I haven’t done a SimplyMe post in a while because my life has been so busy with the convention, internship, work, snow, and I am trying to get back into the swing of life. So, today I think a 50 Facts about Me post is nice and relaxing!
imageAlright, here’s to a long list of…facts? Lord help us now…
#1 – My name is Taylor Rae, but feel free to call me Taylor. I was actually named after a soap opera character and my father.
#2 – I cannot stand the taste or the smell of Chicken, but I can eat Chicken broth…
#3 – I speak Japanese fairly well and I speak conversational German thanks to high school.
#4 – I do not prefer American music, I much prefer Korean or Japanese. Check my iTunes.
#5 – I am addicted to Green Tea Lattes and so far, the best comes from Breeze Bakery in Annandale.
#6 – I am an unapologetic foodie. I love to eat and I will never be embarrassed about it. Food and me are quite the lovely pair.
#7 – I have a Fiancé named Anthony whom I have been with for 4 years this year and I have been engaged to since June of 2013! No wedding date yet, but we will let you know!
#8 – My favorite food is Korean. Especially tteokbokki and bibim-myon! I don’t know why but it is truly magical to eat!
#9 – I have recently been in love with reading recently, especially manga. I would highly suggest “Taiyou no Ie” just so you know.
#10 – My favorite Pokemon is Piplup. I love how it looks and I loved using it in the games. It’s freakin’ adorable.
image_1#11 – I am actually severely allergic to cats. I can’t touch them without having to wash my hands immediately after and I can’t have them around my face without breaking out and having my throat swell up.
#12 – I am extremely awkward in random situations.
#13 – I’ve moved about 12 times throughout my entire life, but I have lived in Virginia for most of it.
#14 – I love going to the Zoo and Aquarium! I love looking at animals…especially pandas and giraffes.
#15 – I am a Disney fanatic; I have so much Disney merchandise it’s obnoxious. And most of it features Mickey or Minnie. Or both.
#16 – I actually have clubbed thumbs. This is actually a genetic trait from my father’s side and I used to be super paranoid about people seeing them. Now, I kind of don’t care…kind of.
#17 – I LOVE anything Super Mario and I absolutely LOVE Nintendo above all other gaming console companies.
#18 – I have 4 dogs; 2 chihuahuas named Cricket & Domino, a pitbull/lab mix named Taz, and a yorkie-poo named DeeDee!
#19 – I collect decorative socks…like the cute little characters or designs on them. I enjoy them probably way too much.
#20 – I can bake pretty darn well, but cooking is not my best skill. However this year I am going to try and learn.
image_2#21 – I have crazy anxiety. I had little triggers than can send me into anxiety or into a panic attack such as someone repeating a phrase, shaky hands, or certain words.
#22 – I prefer Japanese fashion over American only because it is so much more free-spirited.
#23 – I have an older brother named Kyle (3.5 years older) and a younger sister named Logan (2 years younger).
#24 – I’ve had terrible eyesight since 4th grade when I got my first pair of glasses. Now, I cannot do anything without them. My eyesight is therefore TERRIBLE.
#25 – The one person who majorly inspired me to blog was Lindy from Bubzbeauty.
#26. I have been traveled overseas twice and those trips were to Japan and Israel.
#27 – I prefer to listen to Final Fantasy piano collections when I have high anxiety.
#28 – I am instrumentally challenged in music, but give me a mic and I will totally sing my heart out.
#29 – I used to dye my hair on a regular basis and I even permed it once, but I ended up having to chop half of my hair off because of all the damaged caused hence why I’m currently growing my hair out.
#30 – My favorite desserts are macaroons!
image_3#31 – My favorite video games depend on the system: Nintendo – Mario Party & Animal Crossing, Playstation – Final Fantasy & Tekken, Xbox – None. (Biased much?)
#32 – I currently intern for Shelley of TheDCLadies.Com #BestInternshipEver!
#33 – I cannot wear regular makeup. Regardless if it is hypoallergenic or not, I end up breaking out in hives. So, I only stick to eye makeup and lip tints.
#34 – I have a strange love for shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, My Strange Addiction, or Mystery Diners.
#35 – I have an extremely weird sense of humor. You can see it all over my Instagram and even in some of my YouTube videos. It’s just strange…
#36 – I have an addiction to learning about video game glitches, easter eggs, and theories. I love knowing those random facts other people don’t typically care about.
#37 – My favorite movies are “Napoleon Dynamite”, “Frozen”, anything Disney or Studio Ghibli basically.
#38 – I do work in retail and I will gladly say that it has taught me to thicken my skin and find creative ways to overcome certain anxiety causing triggers.
#39 – I am not a huge fan of shopping in person, I actually prefer shopping online and always have. I can stay in the comfort of my own bed and still buy things I like. Whoop.
#40 – I don’t really enjoy soda and I always have to limit the amount of tea I drink, so when I eat out or if I am able to at home, I prefer drinking hot water with lemon. It tastes so delicious to me.
image_4#41 – I constantly mess with my hair. I’ve been doing it since I was little and I either push my bangs pack or run my hand through my hair or I am looking for a way to put it up.
#42 – I am originally from South Carolina! I love visiting and I think Anthony and I are kind of suggesting it when we decide to move from Virginia.
#43 – I am limited in the creative department. My DIY skills are little to none and the only DIY craft I am good at is making origami stars…
#44 – I absolutely love the smell and taste of lavender. I’m pretty sure most of you have smelled lavender before, but the taste is so floral and light especially in a lemonade or cookie. It’s to die for.
#45 – I have a horrible tendency to not wash my car. It’s been a LONG time since the last wash. Sorry Toaster.
#46 – Anthony hates this next one: I cannot sleep with a TV or movie on. It does not happen and Anthony absolutely loves sleeping with everything off. We make it work though! I don’t know how, but we do.
#47 – I am constantly cold. I could be inside for hours, but I will still be shivering and trying to warm up and it will take millions of layers just to get me warm.
#48 – I am currently 20 years old, almost 21 and I am currently in college to study Journalism.
#49 – I have been blogging for over 2 years, almost 3! I celebrate Simply Taylor Rae’s second blogiversary in June or July and I am excited!!
#50 – FINALLY. I saved this for last because it is a huge part of my life: I am absolutely in love and infatuated with photography. I love taking the pictures and I love looking at other people’s pictures. They can make or break your website and they have the ability to draw people in without words.

WELL. That is it for today’s post! I actually have to get ready for work now, but I am hoping to do a really deep post next week so I hope you all look out for that! Just so you know, my post for The DC Ladies is up now so you can view it HERE. If you have any requests for posts, go ahead and comment below or send me an e-mail through the contact form above.

As always, thank you all again and have a fantastic weekend! And always remember to be super awesome because you are!!!!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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