The Foodie: Our First Time at Thai House Restaurant

Long Time No See!
I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to post! I have been quite busy lately with full days at work, internship, and planning for KatsuCon. But I always try to do at least one post a week, so HERE I AM! I did miss blogging and today I did a lot of it since we had a bit of a snow storm. I did finish my next post for TheDCLadies.Com which will be LIVE next week! I also had to readjust KatsuCon plans because of the cursed snow…ugh. ANYWAYS, tomorrow Anthony and I do have a little surprise for you featuring a lovely website called Be Minked and that should be up by 12am tonight, if not it will be up for sure later on tomorrow.

WITH THAT UPDATE FOR YOU ALL, today’s post is another foodie review of a local restaurant Anthony and I decided to try on a whim! So…let’s begin!

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid nor asked nor offered any discount for this review. This review is based solely on my own experience and opinion as a first time visitor and the meal was paid for entirely by my party. Thank you for understanding.
So, let me first explain how we came across this restaurant. We originally had the intent of going to a pho restaurant literally right next to this restaurant, but they were temporarily closed. So, we looked at Thai House Restaurant and decided “why not?” And we ended up trying Thai food for the very first time.
image_1Thai House Restaurant is located in Stafford in a little business strip with not a whole lot of parking unless you park at Goodwill. It does resemble kind of a hole in the wall, but the interior was decorated simply and I actually quite liked it. The waterfall on the bar was relaxing and it was nice and quiet…in other words, perfect for Anthony and I. We both experience anxiety when we are in too loud of an environment. Everything was nice and clean, so that was excellent.
image_2Now, you all know me…I love me some green tea! (Especially in latte form.) Honestly, there’s not much you can do to mess up green tea so this wasn’t a problem! I actually quite liked it!
image_3Because it has been incredibly and ridiculously cold here in Virginia, I had a terrible craving for soup and noodles. Well, there’s no noodles in this soup but it worked! I ordered ต้มยำ or Tom Yum soup with veggies. I try not to eat too much meat lately because of my skin, so I was beyond excited that they offered a veggie option. So, Tom Yum is a primarily lemongrass soup with a pungent taste to it. I actually like sour tastes, so this was quite delicious. There were a few vegetables that were either too hard for me to eat or their taste was too much with the lemongrass broth. Overall, it was actually quite a good dish, but a bit too expensive for the amount I was given.
image_4Anthony actually had พะแนง or Panang curry with beef. Anthony didn’t read the menu and he actually did not realize that this curry is made with peanuts which is most of the flavor typically. He did say that the peanut flavor was quite mild in his order, which was nice since he typically doesn’t like peanuts. He did mention that his meat was a tad overcooked and like the Tom Yum, it was a bit expensive for the amount.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal while Anthony was kind of on the fence. I wasn’t too fond of the prices only because we could have gotten so much more elsewhere, but it wasn’t breaking the bank. Our waiter was actually nice and informative so we were happy about that and he did check up on us a couple times which is always nice and appreciated. I think we did decide that we weren’t number one fans of Thai food, but for a first experience it wasn’t too bad!
image_5If you’d like to visit Thai House Restaurant, feel free to visit their website HERE for their menu, operating hours, and more.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! I should be back posting about KatsuCon seeing as how they FINALLY PLOWED OUR ROAD! So, I am surely looking forward to this weekend! Well, let me know what you thought about today’s post in the comments below or even suggest a restaurant if you live in the DMV! I’m always looking for a place to review as a first timer!

As always, remember to stay safe and warm especially if you’ve been affected by the snow storm! Have a wonderful weekend and remember to relax and live life!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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