Valentine’s Week Day Two: Pamper Yourself!

Hello Again!
Yep. It’s day TWO of our Valentine’s Week and I was quite inspired by Lindy’s (Bubzbeauty) video “BEAUTY DAY with Bubz” from Valentine’s Day last year. I think Valentine’s Day is a great reason to pamper yourself whether you’re staying at home or getting ready for a steamy date! So why don’t we start?
imageI have found myself in a rather difficult predicament: I rarely have time to pamper myself. I always put it off and tell myself I don’t need it, but then I end up wanting one…it’s a struggle. Unfortunately, this year I won’t have time on Valentine’s Day to pamper myself due to KatsuCon, BUT I think a lot of you lovely ladies are excited for a special day dedicated to YOU! So, how can you pamper yourself?
image_1I don’t know about you all, but I have to wake up early most days of the week and it has affected my sleep on days off as well! So, sleeping in is truly a luxury for me! Go ahead and turn off that alarm, put on your favorite pajamas, snuggle up under your warm blanket and relax knowing that you can sleep on without the fear of being late. If you’re having trouble sleeping, put some lavender in your pillow or put on some soft music to help your body ease up from tension and just breathe. Maybe some extra hours of sleep are exactly what you need!
image_2This is another ultimate luxury to me: taking a bubble bath! I tear up at the thought of a nice, hot bubble bath. Just imagine yourself all relaxed in the bath while listening to your favorite music and reading a great book or even just watching TV. It sounds so divine and rare… Also, taking a hot bath can help with muscle tension so if you’re sore from a workout or aching from a tedious job, this is the perfect way to pamper yourself. Put some lovely smelling bath bubbles or a bath bomb in and embrace the bath!
image_3If you all know me, you know I am a sucker for facials…specifically face masks! They are a simple and fast way to pamper yourself if you’re on the go and for the most part, they are cold and feel great on my face. There are other facials though! Clay masks, scrubs, sheet masks, YOU NAME IT. If you got some time, go ahead and try a spa facial (with the cucumbers and all)! Maybe try a DIY all natural mask for a more budget friendly option. If you’re a sheet mask hoarder like me, USE THEM! A glowing face looks great at home, on a date, with friends…basically everywhere!
image_4What better way to pamper yourself than to throw on your favorite outfit and strut your stuff! And don’t be afraid if your outfit is extravagant or simple like sweats and a t-shirt, as long as you’re comfortable then you’re good to go! I can guarantee that wearing your favorite outfit boosts your confidence and gives you a certain glow that everyone will notice. It may not sound like “pampering” but if you look great and most of all feel great, that’s the ultimate pampering!

Well, two days are done and three more to go! I wonder what tomorrow will bring us? (In terms of weather, I have no idea…) Regardless, I hope you all enjoyed this post! Pampering is always so extravagant and foreign to me that I always dream of doing these things when I get a chance! Hence why I am sharing them with you all. If you’re up for a day of pampering, what are some of your plans? Comment below to tell me what you’re pampering yourself with!

As always, thank you all and I hope you stay safe and warm and have a fantastic week ahead! Always remember to send a smile to everyone you see! It may just save a life…
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

None of the Photos used are Mine. They were all found on Google and all Rights belong to their Respective Owners. Thank You for Understanding.


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