Valentine’s Week Day One: The Gift Guide



Yes ladies and gents, I decided to dedicate this week to Valentine’s Day inspired posts!  I was originally going to do it all of last week, but a few things happened and popped up so HERE I AM this week, just in time! So, if you’re like me…I wait until the last minute to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts. I know, it’s frustrating and I will spend weeks prior to find the perfect gifts. (I actually just bought Anthony’s gift today…whoops!) Anyways, here’s a gift guide to help you maybe come up with a gift to tell someone or to purchase for someone special like a friend or loved one! So let’s start!
image(I totally love this image, you guys don’t even know.) SO, today I’m sharing 5 items that I am totally digging as a potential Valentine’s Day gifts and yes, I will provide the links to the items along with a description! I’ll also try to hint at similar ideas that way you have more options just in case! Now that I’ve explained, what is on my gift guide?
image_1This was an item I almost purchased for myself! This is Hot Topic’s Disney Jasmine Diamond Sky Mini Fragrance and it’s only for $4.50! It’s a really inexpensive gift and according to the Hot Topic website; it smells like grapefruit, lime, and vanilla. This is the perfect gift for all of your Disney lovers and even kids! I could totally see myself getting this for Anthony’s nieces and the best part is that Hot Topic does have more than one fragrance! They also have Ariel, Snow White, and Belle! The box is super cute, the bottle is super cute…this gift is just really cute and really cheap as well! So definitely keep this in mind if you’re looking for a budget friendly gift.
image_2I freakin’ love slippers, you guys. And I freakin’ love Doctor Who. And after this weekend, my feet HURT! So you can imagine how appealing these looked to me. Well, these are ThinkGeek’s Doctor Who 11th Doctor Men’s Slippers and they are available for $19.99. Another inexpensive gift for the guys, but hey! If you like them girls, go ahead and get them for you too. These are perfect for the person who enjoys relaxing at home while watching the Doctor on TV. If you’re looking for women’s sizes, ThinkGeek does not carry them unfortunately, but they have loads of goodies in their Doctor Who section including Tardis Box slippers, aprons, and even polos! So definitely think about that as well if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your D.W. nerd!
image_4Here is the cutest and most unique Valentine’s Day shirt I’ve seen yet this season! This is ASOS’s Tunic Top with Mickey and Minnie Valentine Amour Print and they have it listed for $37.04. I am normally not attracted to graffiti like print, but for some reason this shirt gravitated towards me…probably because it has Mickey and Minnie and hearts and…oh lord, maybe my style is slowly changing! Anyways, this is once again perfect for the Disney fan in your life and even perfect for your girlfriend because what better love story than Mickey and Minnie’s? Unfortunately, this is really the only inexpensive Disney item, but ASOS does have a killer Valentine’s section with over 550 items! So, you’re bound to find something for your special someone!
image_3Lastly, this is an item Anthony recently purchased for me! They are called a living locket and what you do is place cute little charms inside the locket! It’s a very personalized gift and very cute too! So, Anthony got mine from a local Hallmark store, but I could not find them online…BUT there is a website called Origami Owl and they have a large collection of living lockets and charms. The price does vary and each charm can add to the price as well, so this isn’t as inexpensive, but it is truly a lovely gift. Each charm represents a little piece of me: T is for Taylor, Aquamarine Heart is for my birth month of March, the Cross and Faith charm are for my faith, the Nikon Camera is for my love of blogging and photography, and the Love charm is the love I have to give. I would definitely suggest this for a special person in your life especially if you share some sweet or awesome memories together!

Well, here is Day One of Valentine’s Week! What did you all think? I hope this was at least a little helpful…I can’t wait for tomorrow! What should I write about? What should I do? THE EXCITEMENT AHHHH! I also got the chance to review another restaurant today, so that will be up next week! I am super stoked you all don’t even know. Anyways, let me know what gifts are on your mind for Valentine’s Day in the comments below!

With all of that said, I need to get some sleep! I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe rest of the week, please stay snuggled and warm, and always remember…every day should be a lot like Valentine’s Day!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

4 out of 5 Pictures used in This Post DO NOT Belong to Me. Photos were found on Google and the Sites to Purchase and all Rights belong to their Respective Owners! The Final Picture does Belong to Me. Please DO NOT Use WITHOUT Permission. Thank You for Understanding.


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