Recent Purchase: Thrifting & Great Deals!

Hello everyone!
HAPPY SNOW DAY! Yes, it is snowing and in case you haven’t noticed, snow is my ultimate enemy. Luckily for me, my boss called me this morning telling me that I will not have to come to work today due to inclement weather. So awesome. So, I’ve just been taking today’s pictures, relaxing, cleaning, and doing everything I should have done weeks ago. I also managed to get a really awesome workout in which was painful but totally worth it. But, luckily I had the chance to do some retail therapy prior to this obnoxious weather and I’ll show you all what I bought.
imageI was really proud of myself for these purchases because for the most part, I found some killer deals and I love when I spend less than $100 on clothes and things in general. I think then entire bundle today costs less than $50! Also, a quick shout out to Raven from Blog Of Ciaraa for inspiring me to do some thrifting finally! So, what did I purchase this weekend?
image_1Starting off with a Goodwill find: Here is a Brown and Black Faux Two Piece! It sounds childish but I always prefer faux two pieces like this because I have such difficulty finding the perfect cardigan or tank and so on and this saves the hassle and makes shopping much easier. I do enjoy the ruffles on the tank top portion, it gives it a more feminine touch. I think this will be perfect for business casual occasions or even my internship! It gives off a slight professional feel. This little beauty was less than $5 at my local Goodwill! So awesome.
image_2My second Goodwill find is a cute 1/4 Sleeved Merona Polka Dot sweater! I believe this was once a part of the Merona for Target collection, but I am not 100% sure. I saw this top and immediately showed Anthony who just went “Oh Lord” which means it suits me! I love the look of the sweater and the way it fits, though it does require an undershirt for…obvious reasons. I think this would go pretty adorable for a date with the hubby to be or even a girl’s day out! I love it’s simplicity and how easy it will be to coordinate. This lovely gem was also less than $5 at Goodwill and beyond worth the price.
image_3Moving on to my Kohl’s finds! This features two items: A Mint Hi-Low Light Button Up and Dark Blue Low Rise Jeggings. First, let me tell you about the shirt. It’s quite funny, my friend and I decided to do some shopping after work and we ended up at Kohl’s in search of reasonably priced boots. Well, we didn’t find the boots BUT we did find a great deal of the Hi-Low Button Up! Apparently, Kohl’s has an $8 deal on items every week and this week just so happened to be their Comfy Hi-Low Tops! They had them in 2 colors: Mint & Grey so my friend picked the Grey top and I picked the Mint. The top also has a cute pleated back as well! For $8, I was so excited and felt no buyer’s remorse. I also managed to find a pair of Jeggings for less than $20, but I hope they last longer than the SimplyVera Jeggings my mother got me once! I get nervous now when buying Jeggings. But, I think this outfit is perfect for a more formal date with Anthony or even for a blogger event! It does not look as casual as it certainly feels, I will say that.
image_4I also had to make a stop by Walmart for a few items, and I ended up picking up a few…extra things like the black under-tank shown above! I must admit, for $6, I was originally put off because I’ve purchased cheaper under-tanks before from Forever21 and Papaya. However, given the material of the tank top, it is SO MUCH BETTER than F21’s and Papaya’s. It is a tad heavier material, but it hasn’t ripped yet so I feel good about spending the extra dollars for that. I also couldn’t pass up these adorable Mickey & Minnie Valentine’s Day socks. You all know I have a severe Disney addiction and I always think mine and Anthony’s relationship is like Mickey and Minnie’s, so these were perfect and plus…they were less than $3 for 2 pairs!
image_5Lastly, while buying plumbing fluid for my cleaning spree, I remembered that I need to find a new notebook for my internship. So right next door to the grocery store is a cute store called “Tuesday Morning” and it’s like a lovely little paradise for half the price. It took me a little while, but I finally found the notebooks and honestly there were only three prints to choose from, so I picked this notebook for only $4. It’s got a black and pink floral design with grey paisley print. The inside just features the typical lined print, which is fine since I’m just going to be writing in it anyways. I am excited to use it though for my internship!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I am going to have Anthony help me with a Valentine’s Day Look Book and do a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! Maybe I’ll do a Valentine’s Week next week…THE IDEAS KEEP POPPING UP, YA’LL! But I am going to have to bid you all farewell for tonight! The snow just will not stop coming down and the more it comes, the more sleepy I get. If you found any great deals lately though, let me know in the comments below!

With everything said, have a fantastic rest of the week! Be safe (especially if you got snow in your area), stay warm, and don’t let anyone keep you from doing what you love.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

All Photos Used Belong to Me, Taylor Rae & SimplyTaylorRae.Com. Please DO NOT Use WITHOUT Permission. Thank You for Understanding.


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