Food to Skin: Clear Up Your Acne Internally!

Good evening everybody!
I have been on a pretty big hunt for piano music to listen to on the long way home from my internship and I always manage to purchase Final Fantasy piano albums. (Insert long sigh here) I did find some other music as well since I had more gift card money on my iTunes account. But today I thought about how I have done a beauty related post in a little while, so HERE I AM.
imageI’ve always had extremely sensitive skin and I have recently noticed that certain foods I ate caused my skin to break out or puff up such as steak, too much salt, and even the slightest taste of fast food. So, I decided to do some research and find certain foods that benefit skin especially when it comes to acne. I’ve already started eating/drinking some of these and I noticed a difference the next day, so I would highly recommend these foods if you’re looking for a diet change to clear your skin.
image_1First up is my favorite beverage on a cold day, green tea. I’ve always been a green tea enthusiast  especially when it came to working out and losing weight, but this time around I am trying to keep my skin as clear as possible! Green tea has a lot of amazing antioxidants that help protect your skin from harmful rays and inflammation that can come from acne and break outs (if applied topically) and if you drink it on a regular basis, your skin will brighten up and it will help prevent wrinkles. Do NOT put sugar or milk in your tea to receive these benefits! Use honey because it is nature’s natural sweetener.
image_2I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of nuts (unless it’s in a cookie or smothered in chocolate), but eating nuts could help your skin in a huge way! If you suffer from acne or even eczema such as myself, nuts provide an essential fatty acid that help reduce swelling and inflammation. Some nuts such as walnuts have essential B vitamins which are awesome for skin and can help with wrinkles and aging as well. Nuts also have tons of fiber in them which helps remove most of the toxins and garbage that cause acne and break outs. Unfortunately, the best way to receive these benefits is by eating them raw and unsalted, but if you’re dedicated to clear skin…it is WORTH IT.
image_3If there is one fruit…or vegetable (?) that I absolutely love; it is the tomato. They are super refreshing, slightly crunchy, and perfect in any salad. But most of all, THEY’RE FREAKIN’ AWESOME FOR SKIN. Tomatoes have a little something called lypocene which is used in many skin care products, so if you don’t want to purchase those products…go ahead and make a tomato facial mask. They also have vitamins A and C which, with the help of beta-carotene, helps fight free radicals which damages skin, ages skin, and it’s not a fun time. The only way to get all of the essential goodies of tomatoes is to eat them RAW. Salads are your friends, everyone.
image_4I will tell you all that I am HOOKED on brown rice. I love brown rice with sushi, on the side, in Mexican food and so on. It’s just too delicious and nutritious and super for your skin. Brown rice is wonderfully full of vitamin B which helps boost circulation in your skin and can help prevent puffiness and it also helps maintain a balanced metabolism which can also regulate your skin. Brown rice also has antioxidants that fight against free radicals much like the foods above. I will gladly say that you should definitely cook this rice and eat it alongside healthy food in order to receive the benefits and gain others with the healthy food!

Ah, I really enjoyed doing this post! I really am trying to better myself including my diet and I would love to here how you all stick to them or if you have any other information on food that helps clear your skin or keeps it healthy. I would love to hear from you all!

I am hoping to do a fashion post next week, but I may do a geeky post on Sunday! I am trying to keep up with at least 2 posts a week, so bare with my everyone. Well, I am going to head to bed since I have work in the morning! I hope you all have an awesome weekend and be safe. As always remember to love yourself and live for today.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

None of the pictures above are owned by me. All the images were found on Google Image Search or Tumblr. Rights belong to Respective Owners, Thank You for Understanding.


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