SimplyMe: Internships & Epiphanies

imageWell hello again ladies! Let me just say that today has been quite fulfilling. I began my internship with The DC Ladies and it was so insightful and inspiring. I also came to a couple conclusions or epiphanies while writing in my reflection/daily journal. I am so excited to share everything with you all!
image_1Today was the day I began my very first internship with TheDCLadies.Com! I had a tad bit of trouble trying to sleep last night because I was so nervous and excited that I ended up waking 30 minutes before my alarm…which was 4:30am. I ended up just picking up things around the home and preparing my bag and shower. I ended up leaving around 5:45 to make up for possible traffic since there was dense fog and I ended up arriving in the town about 1.5 hours early. So what does Taylor do when she has time to kill? STARBUCKS. To be specific, unsweetened green tea latte with mallorca sweet bread. It made the morning pretty much perfect and worth the early wake up.  Afterwards, I headed over to Shelley’s (the co-founder of The DC Ladies) gorgeous home along with 3 other lovely ladies! We did and overview for the first day and even got a chance to interview Tobie from Little Acre Flowers! Afterwards we ended up with an appetite and went to a local French bakery for lunch. Honestly, after the first day, I can already see this internship paying off. Which leads me to the next photo…
image_2So, after I got home from Shelley’s, I ended up with yet another migraine that left me unable to even finish my dinner. I went upstairs to my room to lay down and hopefully sleep it off, but nope. My brain was not having it. Instead, my mind began to move at a hundred miles per minute about some of the stuff that was said today, mostly about doing what you’re passionate about and doing it with 100% effort. AND THEN I REALIZED SOMETHING: I am unorganized. Not with items, or numbers, or dates and such…but with my time. I do not have a set balance between blog and work and now internship. I don’t know what happened…I was working out and eating right and everything seemed to fall into balance, but now it seems to be quite the opposite.
But literally, right as I am typing this, Anthony has given me words of wisdom. The moment you feel uncomfortable is when you know you’re in the right place because it’s going to challenge you. Right now, I am uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable with how unbalanced my life seems. I am uncomfortable with these migraines. I am uncomfortable with how tired I am. I am uncomfortable with how lazy I feel with my own blog.
I guess this is when the official epiphany hits, right? I want to be a more active blogger and in ways I can see myself taking some really bold and awesome steps (hence why I’m interning for a blog), but when it comes to me posting…I feel it should be 3-5 times a week rather than 1-2. So, my goal until June is to maintain 3 posts a week. I want to make more videos as well which I’ve said tons of times. I want to be healthy again. I just want everything to fall back into place like before, but better. So, for the next few months…please understand that I am trying to create a fixed schedule for everything and make sure that I can put 100% into Simply Taylor Rae.

It is quite late and there are still so many things on my mind, but I do want you all to know my heart is for this blog. I’m going to head to bed and hopefully by the next SimplyMe post, things will have looked up for me. But, I do want to say thank you to Shelley because you truly inspired me to take another look at how I am running my blog and everything surrounding it. You are truly making a positive impression in my life. And it’s only been one day. So thank you again.

Remember: Be you. Be passionate and give 100%. Determine what success means to you.

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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