The Foodie: Searching for Soul Food at Woodlands Vegan Bistro

Well good evening everyone!
What a rather exciting week!! So much has happened: I GOT MY WEDDING SHOES! Well…Anthony got them for me and I love them so much! I would post a picture, but I’d rather keep it a secret for our big day. I can say that Anthony and I will be (once again) matching!! So happy. Another is my brother and I finally got to hang out for a day and he introduced me to a vegan restaurant located in the heart of Washington DC! So of course I had to review it…

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid nor asked nor offered any discount to do this review. This review is based solely on my own experience and opinion as a first time visitor and the meal was paid for entirely by me. Thank you for understanding.

imageWell, let me just say that for me personally…this was not the funnest drive. I’m not entirely used to DC driving and roads, so if you’re not either; I warn you now. I will also say that this restaurant does NOT have a parking lot or a parking garage near it. There are plenty of parking meters though…which is not fun because I never carry change. Luckily, my brother did so. Otherwise, this building is brown with quite a nice a logo on the front. It is kind of easy to miss however, so do be cautious while driving.
image_1The interior was nice and a bit modern.  The color scheme was brown with a beige wall and a light green wall. When you walk in, you’re welcomed into a foyer area where white letters spelling out different words and sayings surround you. It’s cool, in my opinion, because it gave it a little industrial look to it. Beware, the door that leads you from the foyer to the physical restaurant SCREAMS. It is loud and my ears/head were not too happy about that. It took me a moment to locate where the kitchen was and my brother had to explain to me that the kitchen is where you pick up your food, kind of like a cafeteria. So, we headed to said kitchen and it didn’t scream style or anything, just a kitchen. The food did look quite delicious, I will say that. The ordering system was kind of confusing seeing as how they went from the first customer to the third and I was all over the place. After ordering, you bring your plate to the checkout counter (once again, like school) and pay for your meal and order your drink there.
image_2For food, my brother and I both got the kale (cooked like collard greens) and the mashed bean curry. He ended up going for the broccoli and I opted for the Asian noodle salad. For drinks, we both ordered the Tropical Paradise. Let me just say that the smoothies are made with fresh fruit and you can watch them make it at the juice bar which is always nice, plus it was freakin’ delicious and refreshing. The kale was cooked perfectly, exactly how I enjoy my collards because I’m pretty picky with my greens! They tasted a tad salty and had tons of flavor! The mashed bean curry was quite refreshing because they didn’t overuse the curry taste which I hate with most curry. It was calm and the veggies weren’t overcooked. It still had a crunch, which I liked. The Asian noodle salad was probably my favorite part of the meal. None of the veggies were cooked, so they were crunchy and all those lovely nutrients were still present! The noodles were cooked perfect, so they were soft but not soggy. The sauce was sweet and tangy and made the veggies taste even better. And it was just too good for words. I was in vegan heaven because I didn’t crave a slice of meat whatsoever during that meal! It was nice to see that they achieved soul food cooking without the typical ingredients. I loved it.

Overall, I should know better not to judge a restaurant by it’s interior or screaming door. The chefs really gave me the soul food taste that I craved and grew up on while making it ultra healthy and I didn’t feel bloated or terrible for eating so much! It was truly a great eating experience, so I would suggest it for those looking for healthy alternatives!

If you would like to learn more about Woodlands Vegan Bistro, visit their website HERE. They also have live performances too!

Well that is it for tonight’s post! I am so happy I got to share this experience with you all and I hope you found this review informative. I am so happy I finally reviewed a restaurant that wasn’t Korean though…I’M BRANCHING OUT YA’LL! Tomorrow I will be attending my first sponsored party hosted by Play. Party. Pin.‘s Britni! So, I will be spilling the details of that party once I get home.

With that said, I hope you all have a fantastic and safe weekend! Stay warm and cozy and remember to enjoy life!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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