La Farfa & Body Image

Hey hey hey!
What a crazy week it has been! But, I can say that this week has been quite eye opening for me. I am finding so much about myself and my resolution to keep a daily journal is actually helping me with my anxiety and expressing myself. It’s been rough, but awesome. I am super excited about tonight’s post simply because it is on a topic that has affected me for most of my life and it is all about positive body image and how a Japanese magazine is really breaking boundaries by throwing the first plus-size fashion show and being the first plus size magazine as well!

imageLet me explain to you what La Farfa is: La Farfa is a relatively new Japanese magazine that features most plus size models for their fashion features. The magazine also put together Japan’s very first plus-sized fashion show which was beyond cute and beautiful after watching the following video:

Honestly, La Farfa gave me a reason to really give a big smile. I remember being in Japan and feeling so awkward because I wasn’t really thin although I was short, so my weight really stood out  and made me feel quite self-conscious especially when I tried to shop for clothes. I wish I had been in Japan for this event, but even seeing it from the US, I am still so happy with what La Farfa is doing.
image_1Why is La Farfa revolutionary? Simple: Positive Body Image. We seem to have adopted this stereotype that women need to be skinny or they need to fit a certain image or body type to be considered attractive. This isn’t just for American women but all women.  You see photoshopped women everywhere and a lot of us (even myself) compare our bodies to those images. Now, let me just say: ALL BODY TYPES ARE GORGEOUS. Point blank. Period. This magazine really hit me because it shows women being confident with their size and giving other women pointers on how to dress comfortable yet exceptionally stylish and gorgeous despite their size. I wish this magazine was out when I was in Japan, because it would have made me  feel so much better about shopping!
image_2Overall, this is an exciting leap forward and I really do hope that other countries and magazines take note of this! I am loving all the models and their view towards people who look down on their size. This is truly building confidence for them and other girls. Heck, it’s helping me already just by looking at the pictures! (I am currently looking at magazine subscriptions now…) So, thank you La Farfa for making girls feel pretty and gorgeous despite their size and for showing us that you can be a model regardless of your body type: they’re all beautiful.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I did find La Farfa available on for about $6.00 so not a bad price for a pretty thick Mook (magazine book). The models are also on Twitter if you type in keyword: “La Farfa” and all the models have @ la farfa next to their name. JUST A HEADS UP: They do tweet in Japanese…BUT it’s always awesome to support an awesome group of ladies!  That’s it for this post, and once again I hope you all enjoyed it!

Have a fantastic rest of the week! And never forget that YOU ARE GORGEOUS DARLING!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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