A YesStyle Review!

Well hello ladies and gents!
I am so happy to finally be home and relaxing. I am currently in my room with a candle lit, the TV on low, and waiting for the future hubz to get off work and give me a call. But recently, I had my YesStyle order arrive! So, I thought I’d do a little review for you all!

DISCLAIMER: I was not asked nor paid to do this review. All the items featured were purchased by me entirely with no persuasion by YesStyle. This review is based solely on my personal opinion of each item. I thank you for your understanding.
imageJust a little mentioning: this was a pretty small order…literally two items! I was originally only going to get the iPad mini case, but then something caught me eye and next thing I know I bought two items…this happens more often then I think.
image_1So my first item is this rather adorable giraffe sweater! This is the Giraffe-Print Pullover from 59 Seconds in Navy Blue. I found this in the ready to ship section and it only comes in one size, so if you’re thinking about ordering this, please know your measurements well. Price wise, it was pretty reasonable at $15.52 looking at the overall make of the product. The sweater is actually thicker than I initially thought, which is good because Virginia has gotten severely cold lately and this sweater is ridiculously warm. The outside of the sweater is cotton while the inside is lined with fleece which is so comfy and nice. The Giraffe print was actually weird to me. The front of the sweater has an embroidered giraffe’s head blushing and the words “I’m Happy” right underneath. Since, the front was embroidered, you’d think the back would be as well. Unfortunately it is not and the body is almost an entirely different shade orange different. This threw me off a bit but I didn’t make me hate the item either, so it’s not a deal breaker. I do love how the back of the neck inside the sweater has a cute polka dot print, but people can’t see it so I don’t know why I am so excited about that. Overall, the sweater was a good buy and despite the awkward giraffe color change, I would totally suggest it. Matching it with cute sneakers would give this top an ultra comfy feel.
image_2Now, we move on to the main reason I ordered on YesStyle: The Patterned Flip iPad Mini Case by Zoyu! I was so upset when my Hello Kitty iPad case was starting to come apart. I knew I had to start hunting for a reliable case…unfortunately my taste is rather cute for most iPad case makers. Luckily, YesStyle had a few that matched my tastes! I found this one for a steal: $8.73! It is brown polyurethane with embossed cartoon patterns and even features the auto on/sleep feature that typical smart covers come with. I was surprised to see that it came with the view angle bumps on the inside of the case. Honestly, for the price I paid, I am incredibly surprised at how good quality this case is. I love the pattern, the simply brown color, it makes me feel super cute which is what I wanted in a case. I would totally suggest this to you ladies (or gentlemen?) if you’re looking for a cute and simple case! Just a reminder: This is for the original iPad mini, so the iPad Mini Air will not fit in this case.

OVERALL I really did enjoy both items and they will both be used as often as possible. I am so happy that I purchased these items and paid for express shipping because I was literally too excited to open up that package!

Well, thank you all for reading! I am currently working on my little recipe booklet! I am hoping to add a few things to the food category rather than relying simply on reviews of restaurants…plus I want to share with you my journey through learning how to cook without a microwave. The struggle. I also want to do more Fashion posts featuring Lookbooks and OOTDs! If you have anything you’d like to hear more about, please let me know in the comments below!

I hope you all have an amazing week! Stay safe, warm, and smile always.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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