Nivea Raspberry Rosé Kiss Lip Butter Review

It’s been way too long since my last beauty review and I feel terrible because this past season has had me testing anything to help my eczema from spreading from my face! But I’ve also had a terrible problem with chapped lips…so I’ve tried out so many different lip products, it’s obnoxious! Luckily, during Christmas, my job had a special holiday Nivea tin that carried the Nivea Lip Butter and Lip Shimmer for a relatively cheap price compared to CVS and Walmart, so I bought it and decided to try it out! And now, after a month, I am ready to review it for you all…SO LET’S START!

DISCLAIMER: I was not asked nor paid to do this review. The product featured was purchased by me with no discount offered by any companies. The opinion shared is my own, honest, and personal opinion of the product. Thank you for understanding.
image(That awkward moment when you realize you chose the wrong accent mark…) Anyways, like I said, I purchased the holiday tin for about $2.69 at my job which I found to be a steal. The holiday tin was featured on my Instagram if you would like to see the full purchase.
image_1Let me tell you all about this packaging. I am a sucker for matte packaging and I was surprised to see that it was in a little tin case and the tin was a pretty light pink matte color. It makes it much more appealing to me. It’s pretty thin and small, so it fits in all purses and pockets no problem. I love the details of the raspberries and the butter like background that makes me hungry. Overall, I love it! I am not going to lie about such cute packaging.
image_2So, opening up the top reveals that there is quite a lot of lip butter inside. I was surprised because when I’ve come across other lip products in tin containers, there was not much inside. The lip butter is quite a pale pink in bright light, but darkens up in low light. I like the color and I am comforted by the fact that I know this little tin will last a while given how much there is.
image_3I always feel weird describing texture…BUT the texture feels like that of a smooth butter, which makes sense given the product. When I use the product, it appears like a sheer shimmer on my finger like in the above picture. It glides on pretty well, but application to my lips isn’t quite as fast. It takes a couple coats to get the moisture my lips need for the winter season. That’s not to say it doesn’t work, but it’s too thin for one coat…at least during this season. I’m hoping in the summer, I can work with one coat! But like I said earlier, I don’t think I have to worry in regards of running out until then.
image_4(Please don’t mind my skin, I forgot to put on moisturizer…) So, this is the before and after picture to give you all a glance at how it appears on actual lips! In the before picture, you can see that my lips are a bit dry and chapped and little pigment. Au natural err’body! After applying the lip butter, you can see in the after picture that my lips look much smoother with a hint of pink. You can also see that they are indeed moisturized, which is the ultimate reason for purchasing the product.

OVERALL, I would definitely suggest this lip butter to people but preferably for the spring and summer season due to the multiple application during the winter season. I like how it adds a natural and subtle pink tint to my lips and it does moisturize my lips for a couple hours which works well for me because I eat and drink things in those couple hours so it’s not bother to put on another coat. It has helped my lips in the long run, but I’ll probably switch to a more winter appealing lip product until the weather warms up. It was a cheap and great buy though!

That’s it for today, I was hoping to post more this week, but a lot of things came up and I had to postpone Valentine’s Day week to next week! I am going to be working overtime!!! AHHH, wish me luck! Also, KATSUCON IS IN 16 DAYS AND ANTHONY AND I HAVE A SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT ON FEBRUARY 14TH AS WELL! We are so excited, but we’re waiting to tell you all! So much is going on this month…I can’t keep up! Also, my next post for TheDCLadies.Com will be LIVE tomorrow! SO STOP BY AND SAY HEY! Lots of yelling today, I’m sorry…

With all of that said, I hope you enjoyed this post and I can’t wait until next time! As always; have a great rest of the week, be safe, stay warm, and live to love.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


The Foodie: High Tea at Pinkadilly

Good evening to you all!
Today was the first time since the snowfall that the roads were clear enough for me to drive, so I decided to take my mom and I out to lunch. I’ve been wanting to try something new and it’s been almost 5 years since we’ve been to a tea house! Therefore, I found one right around the corner and  we were on our way. As you can tell by the title…we went to Pinkadilly Tea!

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid nor asked nor offered any discount for this review. This review is based solely on my own experience and opinion as a first time visitor and the meal was entirely paid for by my party.  Thank you for understanding.
Pinkadilly Tea is located in Downtown Fredericksburg on Carolina Street. There is no parking lot by the restaurant, BUT there is a parking lot a block away so parking is relatively easy and you get to walk through the wonderful antique shops which I find nice…though it was cold. The building is a pastel yellow with the cutest pink door and signs. I thought it was quite nice and I loved the color scheme, it was attractive to me.
image_1The interior was just as lovely as the outside, if not more. There were gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Tea plates were also hung all around the restaurant which was nice and expected of a tea house. All the tables were decorated with pink linen topped with a floral lace table cover with a glass top. Each chair is white with a floral pattern seat cushion which was darling, I was loving it to pieces. The tables were equipped with sugar cubes, salt, pepper, and sugar packets. Each person had a cute doily along with a pastel pink napkin and their own individual tea cup and saucer. The only thing that kind of threw me off was there was a purple stain on our table that you can see in the first picture on the right. There was also some stains on the the sugar cube tea pot in the second picture on the right. Otherwise, it was pretty clean and so pink. I was loving it.
image_3The first thing we ordered was tea, because we weren’t familiar with their menu. We decided upon the Strawberry Shortcake black tea. It didn’t take quite long for them to bring it out in a cute pink pot with a dark beige and floral tea cozy. The description of the tea claims that you should taste strawberries and fresh cream…I’ll admit, I did taste the strawberries very well. The fresh cream taste comes out more when you drop a sugar cube into the tea. It wasn’t bad though, far from it. I did enjoy it while my mom and I finished the entire pot before leaving.
image_2My mom and I originally wanted their Princess Anne platter deal but you unfortunately need a 24 hour reservation for that. So, we decided our next best deal is to order the Lady Caroline which includes a quiche, a teacup of soup of the day, scones with devonshire cream and lemon curd, and the pot of tea. For the quiche, I ordered the Tomato Caprese. I don’t think I thought it through entirely because I am highly lactose intolerant and didn’t think about how much cheese would be present. The egg portion was cooked perfect and the pie crust was totally delicious, the cheese did have a slippery texture which caught me off guard, but I will admit…I’m no expert on quiches. My mom however said that the cheese is the only reason for said texture and she enjoyed her quiche very much. I do wish there were more tomatoes in my quiche, but I did enjoy it and found it tasty for my first quiche. For the soup of the day, I chose the Tomato Dill Bisque. Now, this soup was exceptionally tasty and I had no problem eating it. I did expect a subtle dill flavor, but there was none present. And instead there was a more parmesan taste to it. This was not a blast for the lactose intolerance, BUT it was still delicious and hey…YOLO! And to top it off, there was fruit on the side which was nice and great to end this portion of our meal. I will say that the portion sizes were perfect; we were able to finish everything without feeling heavy or bloated. I did appreciate that.
image_4Now, the main reason we came to Pinkadilly Tea (aside from the tea) was the scones, and we weren’t disappointed. We were presented with two scones each; one was cinnamon raisin and the other was…a lightly spiced cinnamon scone? The waitress said “cinnamon raisin scones” but only one had raisins, so we were slightly confused. They also came with a devonshire cream and lemon curd, which I’ll admit I’m not a fan of either but my mom did enjoy the devonshire cream more than the lemon curd. The scones were nice and warm when they arrived with powdered sugar which makes my tummy happy. The insides of the scones were cooked but still soft enough to cut through. I did enjoy the lightly spiced scone a tad bit more than the raisin, but they were both heavenly and hit the spot!

When it comes to the overall service, it could have been a tad better. The wait staff only stopped by to take the order, drop off the food, pick the plates up, and drop off the check. Other than that, no one really checked up on us. Now, if this was the case with the other customers, it wouldn’t be that significant to me, but because I saw other people and groups being checked up on…it did bother me and made me feel like my mother and I were a burden on the wait staff though we didn’t fuss over anything. There was also a moment where one of the customers left the door open and the cold, frigid air was busting in and none of the wait staff took care of it…so my mom took it upon herself to close the door instead. They also said “Thank you for coming!” to other customers but not my mom and I though they were present at the counter.

Overall, the food was great and the wait staff was not that present and we felt a tad isolated. The good thing is (aside from the food) is I got some ideas for my bridal shower tea party, so there is that.
image_5If you would like to visit Pinkadilly Tea, feel free to visit their website HERE for operating hours, reservations, and full menu.

Well, thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post or at least found it informative? Hopefully the pictures are getting better! I am compiling videos from January to make a monthly vlog as well as Anthony and I creating a YouTube channel dedicated to videos featuring the both of us. So, look forward to that! I am also going to do a review on two Nivea products I’ve had the chance to test out recently. AND Next week will be Valentine’s Day Week where I give beauty ideas, fashion inspiration, geeky gift ideas, and awesome restaurants to visit for that special day! Last but not least, my next post for TheDCLadies.Com will go LIVE on the 30th, so be sure to stop by and let me know what you think!

With all of that said, have a wonderful weekend! Please be safe, stay warm, and remember to live, laugh, and eat the food you love.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

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Recent Purchase: Thrifting & Great Deals!

Hello everyone!
HAPPY SNOW DAY! Yes, it is snowing and in case you haven’t noticed, snow is my ultimate enemy. Luckily for me, my boss called me this morning telling me that I will not have to come to work today due to inclement weather. So awesome. So, I’ve just been taking today’s pictures, relaxing, cleaning, and doing everything I should have done weeks ago. I also managed to get a really awesome workout in which was painful but totally worth it. But, luckily I had the chance to do some retail therapy prior to this obnoxious weather and I’ll show you all what I bought.
imageI was really proud of myself for these purchases because for the most part, I found some killer deals and I love when I spend less than $100 on clothes and things in general. I think then entire bundle today costs less than $50! Also, a quick shout out to Raven from Blog Of Ciaraa for inspiring me to do some thrifting finally! So, what did I purchase this weekend?
image_1Starting off with a Goodwill find: Here is a Brown and Black Faux Two Piece! It sounds childish but I always prefer faux two pieces like this because I have such difficulty finding the perfect cardigan or tank and so on and this saves the hassle and makes shopping much easier. I do enjoy the ruffles on the tank top portion, it gives it a more feminine touch. I think this will be perfect for business casual occasions or even my internship! It gives off a slight professional feel. This little beauty was less than $5 at my local Goodwill! So awesome.
image_2My second Goodwill find is a cute 1/4 Sleeved Merona Polka Dot sweater! I believe this was once a part of the Merona for Target collection, but I am not 100% sure. I saw this top and immediately showed Anthony who just went “Oh Lord” which means it suits me! I love the look of the sweater and the way it fits, though it does require an undershirt for…obvious reasons. I think this would go pretty adorable for a date with the hubby to be or even a girl’s day out! I love it’s simplicity and how easy it will be to coordinate. This lovely gem was also less than $5 at Goodwill and beyond worth the price.
image_3Moving on to my Kohl’s finds! This features two items: A Mint Hi-Low Light Button Up and Dark Blue Low Rise Jeggings. First, let me tell you about the shirt. It’s quite funny, my friend and I decided to do some shopping after work and we ended up at Kohl’s in search of reasonably priced boots. Well, we didn’t find the boots BUT we did find a great deal of the Hi-Low Button Up! Apparently, Kohl’s has an $8 deal on items every week and this week just so happened to be their Comfy Hi-Low Tops! They had them in 2 colors: Mint & Grey so my friend picked the Grey top and I picked the Mint. The top also has a cute pleated back as well! For $8, I was so excited and felt no buyer’s remorse. I also managed to find a pair of Jeggings for less than $20, but I hope they last longer than the SimplyVera Jeggings my mother got me once! I get nervous now when buying Jeggings. But, I think this outfit is perfect for a more formal date with Anthony or even for a blogger event! It does not look as casual as it certainly feels, I will say that.
image_4I also had to make a stop by Walmart for a few items, and I ended up picking up a few…extra things like the black under-tank shown above! I must admit, for $6, I was originally put off because I’ve purchased cheaper under-tanks before from Forever21 and Papaya. However, given the material of the tank top, it is SO MUCH BETTER than F21’s and Papaya’s. It is a tad heavier material, but it hasn’t ripped yet so I feel good about spending the extra dollars for that. I also couldn’t pass up these adorable Mickey & Minnie Valentine’s Day socks. You all know I have a severe Disney addiction and I always think mine and Anthony’s relationship is like Mickey and Minnie’s, so these were perfect and plus…they were less than $3 for 2 pairs!
image_5Lastly, while buying plumbing fluid for my cleaning spree, I remembered that I need to find a new notebook for my internship. So right next door to the grocery store is a cute store called “Tuesday Morning” and it’s like a lovely little paradise for half the price. It took me a little while, but I finally found the notebooks and honestly there were only three prints to choose from, so I picked this notebook for only $4. It’s got a black and pink floral design with grey paisley print. The inside just features the typical lined print, which is fine since I’m just going to be writing in it anyways. I am excited to use it though for my internship!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I am going to have Anthony help me with a Valentine’s Day Look Book and do a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! Maybe I’ll do a Valentine’s Week next week…THE IDEAS KEEP POPPING UP, YA’LL! But I am going to have to bid you all farewell for tonight! The snow just will not stop coming down and the more it comes, the more sleepy I get. If you found any great deals lately though, let me know in the comments below!

With everything said, have a fantastic rest of the week! Be safe (especially if you got snow in your area), stay warm, and don’t let anyone keep you from doing what you love.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

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The Geeky: My Top 3 Shoujo Manga

Hello Hello Hello!
It has been such a painful weekend for my poor feet! I have to go back to wearing Danskin shoes to help my feet and back. 8.5 hours of standing is not ideal, I can say that. As for now, I am lying comfortably in bed and writing in my daily journal. I thought today that I would just have an easy day by telling you all about my top three shoujo manga!
imageI have been reading manga for a while now and these three manga are the ones I would constantly tell people about and recommend reading. So if you’re looking for some pretty awesome shoujo manga to get your hands on or start reading, here are three of my personal faves.
image_1First off is probably the most classic and influential manga to be released yet: Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon takes place in 20th century Japan where an average and clumsy 14-year-old Usagi Tsukino learns that she is “Sailor Moon” by a talking cat named Luna! She fights evil and finds friends/sailor scouts along the way and OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT. I personally grew up with the original anime, but within the last year or so, the manga was released in the United States and I got the chance to read it all and I will admit that the manga is relatively different to the anime. I personally think it was better and progressed a lot faster! The art is gorgeous and the story is adorable, deep, and thoughtful.
image_2Next up is a relatively new manga entitled “Taiyou no Ie” or “House of the Sun.” The story follows  Mao, a high schooler whose parents are divorced and has no place to stay, while she finds a home with her best friend’s older brother. Day by day, she grows fonder of her home while also trying to find her place in her father’s new family. One thing I love about this manga is that it is very mild and what I mean by that is that it is refreshing to read, the plot is thoughtful and there isn’t too much angst for the reader. The artwork is different to what I’ve normally seen, but I think that is what drew me to read it in the first place. Unfortunately, this manga is not available in the United States YET, but you can read it on certain manga reading websites.
image_3The final manga is actually one created by songstress, Courtney Love. “Princess Ai” follows a half-angel young woman who falls into Tokyo mysteriously and meets a young college student named Kent who helps her find her way through Tokyo, stardom, and her own personal background. I remember hearing about this manga when it first released and I thought it wouldn’t be that great because it is only 3 volumes long. WELL, I was wrong. It actually has a splendid story and well written lyrics that many have actually turned into actual songs. The art is quite nice and the costumes definitely made sense with Courtney Love being the creator. I would suggest this manga for those looking for a quick read and if you’re a Courtney Love/Nirvana fan!

Well, I apologize for such a short post! Hopefully you all enjoyed it! I will be saying goodnight seeing as how it is close to 12am…so, I hope you all have a fantastic week, be safe, and always remember to be thankful for each and every day.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

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Food to Skin: Clear Up Your Acne Internally!

Good evening everybody!
I have been on a pretty big hunt for piano music to listen to on the long way home from my internship and I always manage to purchase Final Fantasy piano albums. (Insert long sigh here) I did find some other music as well since I had more gift card money on my iTunes account. But today I thought about how I have done a beauty related post in a little while, so HERE I AM.
imageI’ve always had extremely sensitive skin and I have recently noticed that certain foods I ate caused my skin to break out or puff up such as steak, too much salt, and even the slightest taste of fast food. So, I decided to do some research and find certain foods that benefit skin especially when it comes to acne. I’ve already started eating/drinking some of these and I noticed a difference the next day, so I would highly recommend these foods if you’re looking for a diet change to clear your skin.
image_1First up is my favorite beverage on a cold day, green tea. I’ve always been a green tea enthusiast  especially when it came to working out and losing weight, but this time around I am trying to keep my skin as clear as possible! Green tea has a lot of amazing antioxidants that help protect your skin from harmful rays and inflammation that can come from acne and break outs (if applied topically) and if you drink it on a regular basis, your skin will brighten up and it will help prevent wrinkles. Do NOT put sugar or milk in your tea to receive these benefits! Use honey because it is nature’s natural sweetener.
image_2I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of nuts (unless it’s in a cookie or smothered in chocolate), but eating nuts could help your skin in a huge way! If you suffer from acne or even eczema such as myself, nuts provide an essential fatty acid that help reduce swelling and inflammation. Some nuts such as walnuts have essential B vitamins which are awesome for skin and can help with wrinkles and aging as well. Nuts also have tons of fiber in them which helps remove most of the toxins and garbage that cause acne and break outs. Unfortunately, the best way to receive these benefits is by eating them raw and unsalted, but if you’re dedicated to clear skin…it is WORTH IT.
image_3If there is one fruit…or vegetable (?) that I absolutely love; it is the tomato. They are super refreshing, slightly crunchy, and perfect in any salad. But most of all, THEY’RE FREAKIN’ AWESOME FOR SKIN. Tomatoes have a little something called lypocene which is used in many skin care products, so if you don’t want to purchase those products…go ahead and make a tomato facial mask. They also have vitamins A and C which, with the help of beta-carotene, helps fight free radicals which damages skin, ages skin, and it’s not a fun time. The only way to get all of the essential goodies of tomatoes is to eat them RAW. Salads are your friends, everyone.
image_4I will tell you all that I am HOOKED on brown rice. I love brown rice with sushi, on the side, in Mexican food and so on. It’s just too delicious and nutritious and super for your skin. Brown rice is wonderfully full of vitamin B which helps boost circulation in your skin and can help prevent puffiness and it also helps maintain a balanced metabolism which can also regulate your skin. Brown rice also has antioxidants that fight against free radicals much like the foods above. I will gladly say that you should definitely cook this rice and eat it alongside healthy food in order to receive the benefits and gain others with the healthy food!

Ah, I really enjoyed doing this post! I really am trying to better myself including my diet and I would love to here how you all stick to them or if you have any other information on food that helps clear your skin or keeps it healthy. I would love to hear from you all!

I am hoping to do a fashion post next week, but I may do a geeky post on Sunday! I am trying to keep up with at least 2 posts a week, so bare with my everyone. Well, I am going to head to bed since I have work in the morning! I hope you all have an awesome weekend and be safe. As always remember to love yourself and live for today.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

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SimplyMe: Internships & Epiphanies

imageWell hello again ladies! Let me just say that today has been quite fulfilling. I began my internship with The DC Ladies and it was so insightful and inspiring. I also came to a couple conclusions or epiphanies while writing in my reflection/daily journal. I am so excited to share everything with you all!
image_1Today was the day I began my very first internship with TheDCLadies.Com! I had a tad bit of trouble trying to sleep last night because I was so nervous and excited that I ended up waking 30 minutes before my alarm…which was 4:30am. I ended up just picking up things around the home and preparing my bag and shower. I ended up leaving around 5:45 to make up for possible traffic since there was dense fog and I ended up arriving in the town about 1.5 hours early. So what does Taylor do when she has time to kill? STARBUCKS. To be specific, unsweetened green tea latte with mallorca sweet bread. It made the morning pretty much perfect and worth the early wake up.  Afterwards, I headed over to Shelley’s (the co-founder of The DC Ladies) gorgeous home along with 3 other lovely ladies! We did and overview for the first day and even got a chance to interview Tobie from Little Acre Flowers! Afterwards we ended up with an appetite and went to a local French bakery for lunch. Honestly, after the first day, I can already see this internship paying off. Which leads me to the next photo…
image_2So, after I got home from Shelley’s, I ended up with yet another migraine that left me unable to even finish my dinner. I went upstairs to my room to lay down and hopefully sleep it off, but nope. My brain was not having it. Instead, my mind began to move at a hundred miles per minute about some of the stuff that was said today, mostly about doing what you’re passionate about and doing it with 100% effort. AND THEN I REALIZED SOMETHING: I am unorganized. Not with items, or numbers, or dates and such…but with my time. I do not have a set balance between blog and work and now internship. I don’t know what happened…I was working out and eating right and everything seemed to fall into balance, but now it seems to be quite the opposite.
But literally, right as I am typing this, Anthony has given me words of wisdom. The moment you feel uncomfortable is when you know you’re in the right place because it’s going to challenge you. Right now, I am uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable with how unbalanced my life seems. I am uncomfortable with these migraines. I am uncomfortable with how tired I am. I am uncomfortable with how lazy I feel with my own blog.
I guess this is when the official epiphany hits, right? I want to be a more active blogger and in ways I can see myself taking some really bold and awesome steps (hence why I’m interning for a blog), but when it comes to me posting…I feel it should be 3-5 times a week rather than 1-2. So, my goal until June is to maintain 3 posts a week. I want to make more videos as well which I’ve said tons of times. I want to be healthy again. I just want everything to fall back into place like before, but better. So, for the next few months…please understand that I am trying to create a fixed schedule for everything and make sure that I can put 100% into Simply Taylor Rae.

It is quite late and there are still so many things on my mind, but I do want you all to know my heart is for this blog. I’m going to head to bed and hopefully by the next SimplyMe post, things will have looked up for me. But, I do want to say thank you to Shelley because you truly inspired me to take another look at how I am running my blog and everything surrounding it. You are truly making a positive impression in my life. And it’s only been one day. So thank you again.

Remember: Be you. Be passionate and give 100%. Determine what success means to you.

Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

Bunch of Beats Party Hosted by Play. Party. Pin.!

Welp, howdy folks!
I am so glad today is over! Work was far from exciting and further from fun. I just wanted to come home and rest my feet which is EXACTLY what I did when I got here. But, I am excited to share some pictures from yesterday’s Honey Bunches of Oats sponsored party hosted by Britni from Play. Party. Pin.!
imageSo, like I said earlier, this party was sponsored by the cereal brand Honey Bunches of Oats in light of their Smile While You Shake It campaign! This event was awesomely hosted by Britni and let me tell you all she did a fabulous job!
image_1The theme was Gold, Yellow, Red, White, and Orange! I was loving it; it made everything so cheerful and bright for such gloomy weather we were experiencing. Everything was labeled and set up so nicely, I’ve honestly never seen such a lovely set up! It gave me neat ideas for mine and Anthony’s wedding…
image_2The treats were too delicious to resist! I had a very small amount of vanilla yogurt (since I’m lactose intolerant…lol) with some Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds and various fruit! It was really yummy and it was perfect for breakfast. The cupcakes had a lemon taste to it which I LOVED. They were decorated perfectly as well! The cake pops were also quite delicious, and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t try all the flavors! But the mint chocolate pop was on point and I give major kudos to Alexandria Cake Pop Company for such a yummy creation.

So, let me talk a bit more about what we actually did at the party! So, after everyone arrives, we all introduce ourselves and our blog. We had ladies from all over the blogger spectrum! Everyone did something that fun and unique to them and it was so great seeing their personalities because they fit their blogs to a tee. Well, after all the mingling and first rounds of food, we played a fun game of guessing the cereal which was actually harder than we initially imagined! (Well, for some of us that is.) Afterwards, we all participated in a solo “Smile While You Shake It” 15 second dance video…and for some reason the video won’t appear on my computer. (I had a mustache…) It was so much fun and everyone had a great time it seemed! With that, we entered into more mingling and second rounds of food and then we played our final game which was a cereal slogan trivia game where you can only ask for answers on social media. I did not win and I am ashamed with my cereal trivia, but it was still so fun watching everyone scramble on their phones for answers! Afterwards, we took a group photo and we all slowly proceeded to head home. It was a very calm, relaxing, and fun environment. I loved meeting all the lovely lady local bloggers:
image_3The lovely ladies pictured: Lisa from The Domestic Lifestylist, Toni from Sugar Tart Crafts, Alexe from Keys to the Cucina, Britni from Play. Party. Pin., Heather from Super ‘N’ Spice Life, and Dana from Something Good! There were other ladies that I wish I had a chance to “selfie” with, but meeting them was just as pleasurable! A full list of the ladies that attended:
Britni (Hostess)Play. Party. Pin.
Yolanda (Event Photographer)Aaron and Yolanda
JessicaSavory Experiments
KarynPint Sized Baker
ToniSugar Tart Crafts
AlexeKeys to the Cucina
LisaThe Domestic Lifestylist
NicoleDC Thrifty Mom
DanaSomething Good
HeatherSugar ‘N’ Spice Life
Please check out all of their blogs and please know that they are all super sweet and dedicated to what they do. It was such an honor meeting everyone!

Well, that is it for this post ladies and gents. I am thinking about doing a geeky post tomorrow! Maybe a review on Mario Party Island Tour since I haven’t seen too many done yet. Sounds pretty fantastic in my opinion. What do you all think? But it is currently late and I am going to get some necessary rest tonight!

Have a fantabulous week! Stay safe, blessed, hungry, and what ever else pops into your head! And always live for today for we never know what tomorrow brings!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae