SimplyMe: A Year in Review & New Year Resolutions



Anthony and I are currently at home relaxing! We decided to chill out for New Year’s and just do dinner and sparkling ciders! Dinner was good (though the aftermath would disagree) and I had green tea ice cream for the first time in so long! I also worked today, though it was short. Each New Year’s Eve though, I find myself reminiscing about the past 364 days and I am sure you all do just about the same. It’s crazy how much has happened in 2013!
image_1This year has been too amazing for words even with the obstacles. I don’t know how to describe it! I took so many pictures too this year that I couldn’t put them all into this post and into a video like initially planned. But…I can honestly say that this year has changed me in so many ways. Here is a look back at some memorable moments in 2013:
image_2MY FATHER’S RETIREMENT: This was memorable because the smile on my dad’s face was remarkable. After 20 years in the Marine Corp, he finally retired and we threw a little party to celebrate! It was full of laughs, older folks acting like teenagers (in a good way), and lots of yummy food and cake.
My 20th BIRTHDAY: This birthday may not seem like much of a milestone, but I suppose in Japan it would be! This year was my Coming of Age year in Japan! Unfortunately, I had no one to celebrate with in January…so I waited until March. BUT, it marked a milestone for Simply Taylor Rae! We finally got our HD video camera! AND I LOVE IT.
BELLA’S FIRST COMMUNION: This was a special time for our family! I’ve become so close to Anthony’s nieces that these milestones melt my heart! Seeing her all dressed up and excited for this big step in her church, I felt like a proud aunty the entire day! She’s growing up too fast now and acting like a young lady.
ALANNA’S BAPTISM: Alanna has been growing way too fast also! This year, we celebrated her baptism and it was too beautiful to watch! I am so thankful that Anthony’s family invited me to witness such a sight and be a part of the family for such a joyous occasion. She cried during the ceremony, but she enjoyed the after party, of course.
A NEW FAMILY MEMBER: This year we added a new member to our family. His name is Taz and he is one of the most ridiculous yet loving dogs I have seen yet. He is a pit bull and lab mix! He kind of walks and runs like a drunk, jumps way too much, loves to help you cook, and thinks he is a lap dog. He still has a lot to learn, but we are so happy to have yet another member to our family.
MY FIRST FAMILY PICTURE: Well, it’s not my very first, but my it is my first with Anthony’s family! The picture was taken the same day as Bella’s communion and weeks later, Anthony sent me the picture and I immediately broke into tears. I never thought that I would be in their family picture, but there I am and there they are and I just can’t hold myself together when I see this picture. Though they always treated me like family, this really made it feel official in a sense.
I SAID YES: On June 18th of this year, Anthony and I went to a concert in Maryland and after 3 years of dating and many false alarms, Anthony finally popped the question and I said “YESYESYESYESYES!” It is so funny looking back at it 6 months later because believe it or not, I did see the ring a few months prior. Anthony and I are the worst at surprises, but his timing at actually proposing was amazing because I broke down immediately and it took me 20 minutes to give him an actual answer.
I SAID YES AGAIN: A couple months after Anthony proposed, my mother, brother, and I decided to stop by a friend’s bridal shop to get a feel of what silhouettes I would like in a wedding dress. We tried on 6 or 8 I think until we hit THE ONE. Many of them were quite vintage, but too white for my taste…and yes, I did not want a white dress at all! The dress I chose was the very last one and very different from what I initially thought. I wanted a short dress, this one is long. I wanted a vintage look, this one is a bit more modern. I didn’t want bling, this one had bling. But…IT WAS GORGEOUS ON ME. I fell in love the minute I looked in the mirror. My heart was jumping out of my chest and I immediately FaceTime’d my father and asked for his opinion…and then my brother said the one thing I needed to hear: “You like Sailor Moon…” THAT DID IT I SWEAR. So, I bought it. At a steal. $400. BOOM.
BUSINESS CARDS AHOY: After 3 years of blogging and one year blogging on Simply Taylor Rae, Anthony redesigned my blog banner and designed my first batch of business cards! We ended up finding a really awesome Groupon deal for VistaPrint and we ordered 2500 business cards. They came in on Christmas Eve and they are beyond perfect!! Thank you Anthony!
image_3So, it sounds cliché but every year I develop my personal New Year Resolutions and 2014 will be no different! What are my resolutions for the New Year?
1. One Recipe a Week! – Cook a recipe a week to build up my lack of cooking skills.
2. Save up as much Money as Possible! – The money will be used towards the wedding and such.
3. Go to California! – A place I call home and I need to visit mine and Anthony’s family.
4. Operation: Long Hair! – Goal is to grow hair out to waist for wedding.
5. Continue Healthy Habits! – Maintain a healthy body and mind, yo.
6. More Active Blogger! – I want to network and meet fellow DC bloggers.
7. Keep a Daily Journal! – To remember each day and learn lessons.
8. Grow as a Person! – There is always room to grow.
9. Be More Thankful! – There is always someone in a much worse situation.
10. Be More Charitable! – To give back is too wonderful of a feeling to explain.

That is a wrap on the final post of 2013! I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and May you have an Amazing 2014. 明けましておめでとうございます!良いお年を。Thank you for all the awesome year in regards to Simply Taylor Rae!


Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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