The Foodie: Korean BBQ at Kogiya

Hello Hello!
It has been such an adventurous day! I met up with two of my lovelies, Serina & Chami! We all used to be in Japanese Club during high school and so we still get together when we have a chance. Today the girls wanted to introduce me to a restaurant called “Kogiya” and I am so thankful they did because my stomach was not prepared for what happened!

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid nor offered a discount nor asked to do this review. This is purely based on my opinion and experience as a first time visitor and the meal was paid for entirely. Thank you for understanding.
imageNow, beware because this post may be a bit picture heavy! I must admit that prior to coming to Kogiya, I had never really heard of it! I always ate at Yechon in Annandale because it was right next to my favorite bakery, but I am so glad to have had a chance to swing by for some food and have a blast doing so.
image_1Kogiya is located right off of Little River Turnpike in Annandale. It is right at the end of a tiny little shopping strip with quite a small parking lot. The restaurant itself is rather small, so I suppose the lack of parking space is really an issue. The outside doesn’t look bad at all though! It looked quite urban and cute with the cow mascot. I was pleasantly surprised.
image_2The interior is primarily urban with a heavy metal accent to the walls and tables. Some of the details remind me of certain Chipotles and what not. All the tables had a lovely little BBQ grill in the middle for all the glory that was to happen during your meal. The chairs were black with a leather (possibly fake, but I wasn’t trying to be weird and feel up the seat…) and to my surprise, the top of the seat comes off to reveal a lovely little tin to put your belongings in so they don’t get dirty or lost or such. I kept my purse on because knowing me…I would’ve left that joint in the seat. Funny enough, at the bottom of your seat is a little memo: “KOGIYA IS MY NEW MEAT JOINT” They also had two TVs, one with the local news and the other playing KPOP music videos…like CL’s “The Baddest Female.”
image_3Looking at it now, I’ve only done reviews on Korean restaurants…ugh. WELL, as you all know, Korean food typically comes with a load of sides and Kogiya did not fail in that department. Not only did they give us more sides that usual, we got dipping sauces for our BBQ and a thinly sliced salad that was delicious! My stomach was too excited, because EVERYTHING looked good. The pickled veggies, the bean sprouts, the salad, the kimchi; it was ALL DELICIOUS. So, I must applaud Kogiya for such tasty sides because I ate them with no problem.
image_4After we received our sides, one of the waiters came by with the BBQ meat and began cooking! We had to pick 2 meats and so we decided on Chadol Bakgi or a fatty brisket and Jang Sam Kyup Sal or spicy pork belly. The brisket was amazingly delicious especially in all the dipping sauces. It was great to eat with kimchi as well. If there was one thing that was kind of frustrating was how long in between cooking the brisket and the pork belly we had to wait. By the time they began to cook the pork belly, I had already finished most of my rice and the sides were almost gone. Not to mention that first time they cooked the pork belly, they ended up burning it due to miscommunication with us and with the other waiters. They were quick to replace it, but had we not constantly checked them, they would have burned again. This ended up making our stay at the restaurant last an extra 30 to 45 minutes, which was (like I said) a tad bit frustrating. Luckily, the pork belly was good and even better wrapped in lettuce.
image_5So, during the cooking of the barbecue, they waiter brought out one of my favorite soups, deonjang jjigae, and something I was afraid to eat, poached egg. Now, please understand that my taste for eggs has dwindled over the years. However, despite said problem, these poached eggs had a miso taste to them and so they were quite delicious though I couldn’t eat much of it. The soup was off the hook however. I always have soybean paste soup when I am sick or have a super sinus infection and lately, my sinuses have been way too out of hand and painful! So, you can imagine the excitement I felt when I saw them set this on our table. Needless to say, we demolished it. The taste was comforting and not too spicy, making it perfect for clearing out my sinuses without my nose running all over the place.
image_6After we finished our meal and boxed everything up, our waiter came over and told us that the dessert is complimentary and we could choose from iced coffee or sliced oranges. The rational and fit side of me said oranges, but my heart took over and ordered the iced coffee. I DO NOT REGRET A THING. The fact is was free was good enough for me, but the coffee itself was pretty delicious. I typically don’t drink anything but green tea lattes when it comes to coffee (if that is even considered coffee), but I thought I would give it a try and it was not what I was expecting…in a good way. It was sweet and refreshing, unlike other iced coffees that have a bitterness to them or it was just made too dark or something. This was delicious and small enough to wake me up a little bit! I think next time, I may try to order it in a bigger cup.

I suppose overall, it was a fun and good experience. The little situation with the pork belly didn’t prevent us from having a blast and catching up. We shared lots of laughs over good food and the waiters were very kind and tended to the situation as well as they could. I am definitely thinking about good here for my 21st birthday and experimenting with their Soju list!

If you would like to visit Kogiya, feel free to visit their website here to check out their operating hours and full menu.
image_7I hope you all enjoyed this post! It was literally such an awesome and effective day, in my opinion. I also handed out my first business card! I slipped it into the little check booklet at the restaurant with a note on the receipt explaining that the restaurant would be featured on my blog! But I also managed to pick up a few bakery goods and a big ole bottle of Pocari Sweat. I am easily pleased. I am going to be vlogging about New Years and doing a “Look Back at 2013” post! SO BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

Once again, I hope you all enjoyed this post and I wish you all a Happy New Year! Let me know what your New Year plans or resolutions are in the comments below! Please take care, be safe (especially New Year’s Eve, ya’ll), and always remember to be you and live, laugh, smile.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

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