SimplyMe: Tree Decorating & More…

Ah, guess what? THE END OF THE SEMESTER HAS ARRIVED AND I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY. I did pass both of my classes, in case you all are wondering. Anyways, my life hasn’t been too exciting since Thanksgiving! I didn’t get the chance to take a lot of pictures…BUT I did manage to get video!

So, that’s a little video on how I spent my Thanksgiving and the few days after! It doesn’t seem too exciting, but it was a super special day. MOVING ON:
image_1We finally got a chance to decorate the Christmas tree! For some reason, every year it gets more and more special and beautiful…maybe that’s because as I get older and closer to mine and Anthony’s wedding, I’ve realized that we may not get to have this chance for a long time after. My parents make fun of me for making it a big deal, but it’s still special to me regardless.
image_2Recently, I had a chance to catch up with my dear friend, Mariko, during Thanksgiving break! We were both craving some awesome Korean food so we went straight to Choi’s and we ate so much, it was AMAZING. For some reason, the dukbokki (or tteokbokki) was extra delicious! We had some really nice conversations and caught up on life. I’m jealous because she’s heading to Japan for Winter Break! I’ve been trying to convince Anthony that we should go, but I think he’s afraid of the language barrier for him…even when I suggested Okinawa. After dinner, we had a light dessert of coffee and sweets at Starbucks. It was so great to see her before she jets off!
image_3So, if you read my post on how I am maintaining my hair for growth, HERE’S AN UPDATE! So, the before picture was earlier this year I believe prior to March. I have been growing it out since and it is showing some length finally! So, I’ve been sticking to my routine of using the Essentials Hair Mask every other day and now that Winter is here and DRYING UP MY HAIR, I am using an avocado and almond butter based conditioner that my hair is loving. I haven’t used any heated products since the engagement photo shoot back in September. My hair is finally at the length where I don’t need to brush it or straighten it or anything. It’s laying pretty darn well on it’s own! I missed these days because now it means MORE TIME TO SLEEP. But overall, my hair is at it’s healthiest and it’s growing and growing! I told people I didn’t need no horse shampoo…pfft!
photoFinally, Anthony and I celebrated our first anniversary as an engaged couple! (We are now into our fourth year!) Unfortunately, Anthony was incredibly sick for the actual date but a week later we were able to celebrate appropriately! I bought us a lovely and quiet Chinese dinner at a local restaurant we frequent. I had the veggie lo mein and Anthony has the beef yake-udon. I told him to get some miso soup to help him pass the final days of his cold, but he insisted no. We then had mochi ice cream for dessert! After dinner, we went back to the house for some sparkling cider and to rest up before we head out to see “Frozen”!! And can I just say…IT WAS AWESOME. Honestly, I am just purely thankful that we got the chance to do a date night and really get out of the house. I love those days when we get time to ourselves.

Well, that’s all that has really happened so far! I am going to making more videos so please be on the look out! I am so happy that I am able to upload videos without waiting 7 to 16 hours! IT WAS A MAGICAL EXPERIENCE, THANKS APPLE. Anyways, so there will be more videos to come. I am also currently working with Anthony on my business card design as well as a new banner to match the business cards. I hope you all remember that this does not mean I am only doing sponsored posts or anything of the nature! I created Simply Taylor Rae to embody who I am and to help others embrace themselves whether they like fashion, beauty, food, or geeky things! This is for you all and it will remain so. I am so thankful of how far this blog has gone though. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d enjoy writing or blogging or photography or MAKING VIDEOS.

OK OK, The post is finally done. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and I hope the Christmas/Holiday season hasn’t been too frightening so far! (Holidays scare me…) Please take care everyone and remember to Live. Laugh. Smile.
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

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