The Geeky: 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

We are officially in December and I am HAPPY. Although I am not a fan of the cold weather, I still love the holiday season because I love buying people gifts and seeing their faces. One thing I have heard a lot of when it comes to buying gifts for friends or even me (my parents still have no idea), is that it’s hard to find the perfect gift for a geek/nerd. It can frustrating because if you don’t know what specific topic a person is ultra geeky about, you then have no clue on what to get. Well, here are a few item ideas that you can get for the geek in your life or for yourself…no judgement here, I promise.

imageOh gosh, do I love that picture. ANYWAYS, so like always I will post a link to the product mentioned however feel free to do your own search for cheaper prices! I am so excited to show you all what I’ve found!! LET’S BEGIN:
image_1I think you all saw this coming after the first picture. Well, if you don’t know what this is…this is a Sailor Moon Mobile Charger! This is one of the many items being released by Bandai in Japan to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon and I feel like it is definitely a helpful product. Unfortunately, it is not solar charged, but it does run on AA Batteries. It makes use of the USB end of most chargers so it should work with Apple products, Samsung products, Windows products, and so on. It’s cute as well featuring the Sailor Moon logo and the lovely pair of Luna and Artemis! This product is up for pre-order and international delivery at JList.Com for $22.00. I may have told Anthony that I needed this in my life.
image_2If you’re a fan of the show “The Big Bang Theory” then you know exactly why I chose this. In the show, Leonard and Sheldon have a shower curtain that features the periodic table like the one shown above. I LOVE this item. It’s a great gift for you TBBT nerds and for the Chemists in your life as well. I did one for a reasonable price of $19.99 over at Bed Bath & Beyond so you may not even need to order it! I believe the one at BB&B is one that looks exactly like the one in TBBT, but let me know if I am wrong! (Speaking of which, this gift would go great paired up with Season 6 of TBBT!!)
image_3In case you haven’t noticed or been on my Tumblr, I love Doctor Who and the 50th Anniversary recently passed and let me just say that the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) is my favorite doctor out of the entire series. I also enjoy the gift of socks…because they keep my feet warm and protected. I remember that time when socks were the lamest gifts, but if you’re looking for a cute stocking stuffer, these are perfect for that Doctor Who fan in your life! Who doesn’t love a Dalek and Tardis on their feet? So funny thing is, I found these on Hot Topic and now these exact socks are not on their. However, they have other pairs of socks for sale so don’t be worried!
image_4I love food. I love comics. I enjoy pictures of food. THIS HAS IT ALL!! I am loving the ideas just on the front cover…like the Green Lantern Pizza. If you have some who is a bit of a nerd but loves to cook, this is great along with some cooking supplies. This book has 50+ recipes from banana pancakes to awesome cupcakes, there’s a recipe for all meals! I found this on ModCloth which has it listed for $18.99 which is awesomely affordable. This would be an awesome gift and collectable. (Anthony may buy this just to convince me to cook more…)
image_5Last but not least, we have the game that takes FOREVER: Monopoly. If you love the classic board game and also love classic Nintendo characters…well say hello to the Nintendo Monopoly Board Game. I must admit, I am pretty competitive when it comes to board games…or games in general. The game pieces resemble those little symbols we enjoyed in Nintendo games such as the mushroom from Super Mario, Link’s Sword from Legend of Zelda, and even Samus’s Helmet from the Metroid series. It’s an awesome gift that you could even play on Christmas day if you wanted to! I found this lovely game for $29.99 at Kmart, so once again there may be no shipping required!

Well, those are a few gifts to hopefully give you ideas on what to get those geeks in your life! I am so tempted to order all of these…this post may have been a bad idea. Christmas is only 19 days away though! Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I am SO CLOSE. I have Anthony, my dad, and my sister left! SO CLOSE. I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces though! AHHHHH. Let me know if you’ve finished your Christmas shopping or what items you got the geek in your life! I am excited to hear from you all!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Please be safe and take care! Flu season is among us so stay warm and healthy!! And as always, remember to Live. Laugh. Smile
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


2 thoughts on “The Geeky: 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

    1. Me too! I don’t think I grew out of the obsession…
      Although the English Dub versions are hard to find and massively expensive once you do, I can gladly say that they are remaking the entire series and it’s due to air in Japan in January along with subtitled streamings online. From what I hear, more than likely Funimation will probably produce the English dub but no release date was announced.
      There are tons of merchandise coming out though!! SailorMoonCollectibles.Com has the entire list and where to buy. 😉

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