Recent Purchase: Ross Finds & SaSa Order

Hello everyone! I’M BACK.
So, my goal was to have two posts last week, but my internet has been acting up again and we finally got it up and running again I believe on Saturday, but I’ve been busy with work so NOW I HAVE TIME! I actually recorded a video last night, but I may re-record the video because the lighting was lame. I am hoping to have it up on YouTube within the next week if all goes according to plan. As for the OOTD post…I literally just realized last night that the MacBook Air does not have a SD card port, so I have to upload the photos onto my HP laptop to edit. SO IN DUE TIME. But today, I received a package from SaSa.Com and I am so excited to show you all what I’ve purchased recently!!

imageSo, recently I have been mostly purchasing Christmas gifts, but I managed to snag a few items for myself as well! In case you haven’t been on my Instagram lately, you have probably noticed that I wear new glasses now!
image-1Prior to my eye exam, my eyes were starting to have trouble focusing on small items and even large items which I never used to have trouble with. I also had trouble with car lights and road signs, so once we got a chance…I finally took an eye exam! I go to MyEyeDr for those of you who are wondering, and when I went the first time two years ago, they just told me my eyes sucked (in lamest terms) and gave me my prescription. This time, they finally found out that I have astigmatism which is super lame, but at least I still have the ability to see with glasses. ANYWAYS, the next day I came back to look at glasses with the help of Anthony (because I can’t see myself in the mirror without glasses). We found two pairs I liked, but they were a bit expensive for the frames themselves. So, I asked the lovely lady at the desk if I could just have my prescription to take over to WalMart and she asked if I found any frames I liked. So I told her which frames and then mentioned that my budget was $250 for frames AND anti-reflective lenses. Well, after 20 minutes, she came out and she gave us one heck of a discount: I ended up with Kate Spade thick black frames which run for $230 themselves, anti-reflective lenses, and insurance for $250. I think it was a great steal and I am so thankful to the wonderful lady for working with my budget to make sure I get frames that I actually love.
image-2So, while we were waiting for my glasses to be ready, we stopped by Ross to really just look around. I had no intention of buying anything but I feel like every time I say that…I walk out with something. Well, if you don’t know Anthony, he loves Nike shoes. He has turned me onto Tiffany-inspired Nike’s and we found a pair in MY SIZE for only $37. To be exact: these are the Nike SB Dunk Low LR in Crystal Mint. Now, Anthony loved them so much that for our anniversary on the 1st of December, he wanted to wear a matching pair. So, I ordered him a pair so we could match. His was a bit more expensive, but well worth it! These were a pretty killer find in my opinion seeing as how I have been on the search for the original Tiffany SB’s or anything Tiffany inspired. I am a happy camper.
image-3As the title says, I also got a package in from SaSa.Com today! Now, these products were featured in a few of Lindy’s videos on the BubzBeauty and BubzVlogz YouTube channels: I order the Sasatinnie Facial Cleansing Brush for $7.20 and the Essential Rich Premier Ultra Honey Hair Mask for $9.60! I will say that I have used an Essential hair mask before and I actually featured in my post “My Tools for Operation: Long Hair!”Β and I loved it, so when I watched Lindy’s video and looked at the reviews, I am expecting A LOT from the product. With the Facial Cleansing Brush, I have not used it before, but basically it’s an exfoliating brush for your face. I am just happy that I don’t have to go out every two weeks for disposable ones that tend to sell out all the time. Honestly though, I love SaSa because the items are reasonably priced though they do take a little while to get here because I choose the standard shipping option. I am so excited to use these though and I will be doing a demonstration with the brush on Instagram later tonight! So follow me @TaylorRae319 for that!!

Well, that is it for today! I hope you all enjoyed this post because I feel like I have not done a recent purchase post in so long! Unless you count the YesStyle mini-haul…ugh. Anyways, Friday morning I will be in Washington DC doing a photo shoot for Refinery29 and Anthony will hopefully be with me to film the experience. I am so excited to meet other DC bloggers who are short like me!! AHHHHH. Anyways, there is that. ALSO. My post for this month is UP on TheDCLadies.Com!! Please feel free to stop by and read it, comment, share it, and so on!

Please have a wonderful week, be safe, be thankful. Like always ladies, remember to Live. Laugh. Smile πŸ™‚
Thanks for Reading~! ❀
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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