The Geeky: G.E. Sailor Moon 2012 Star Locket Necklace Review

So, whoever said it was Autumn obviously lied because the weather here is borderline winter. It has been freezing and my eczema has popped up yet again. But other than that, I guess I should say life is rather good! I am trying to get my priorities all together since I started my second class. On top of that, my oven and upstairs dual fridge and freezer are broken. However, since the weather has been cold, our roast beef just chills outside. Moving on….today’s post is finally another geeky post and in spirit of the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary slew of merchandise, I present a review on Great Eastern Entertainment’s 2012 Release of Sailor Moon’s Star Locket necklace!

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid nor asked to this review. The item was purchased with my own money for personal use. The review will be based on my own, personal, and honest opinion with no persuasion.

image-10So, I had purchased the locket almost a month ago on a sort of impulse buy for around $12.00 on Amazon. I have always loved Sailor Moon and I thought this was cute because I remember loving the concept of the star locket that Tuxedo Kamen/Endymion gives Sailor Moon/Serenity. Prior to purchasing, I did not read any reviews and I guess I should have because there was one feature that I was heavily disappointed in, but we’ll get to that soon.

image-11This is the physical necklace. It’s got a gold plated finish for most of it and a silver plated finish for the rim. There are a few very minor stains on the front of the locket itself, but I am honestly afraid that if I try to clean them that it will wear the metallic finish. The chain is relatively long, but the very end where the clasp and hook meet, there is a little bit more I guess to add for decoration or something…but that broke off the day I got it, so that was a little displeasing. It really didn’t live up to the expectations I had for it, especially when I learned that G.E. had postponed its release to make sure it was correct. But that wasn’t even the biggest problem I had with it.

image-13So, if you notice right where my thumb is…there looks to be a hinge where the locket would open up (in the manga and anime) and there would be a moon inside. Well, this hinge was entirely pointless as it doesn’t open up whatsoever. There was so purpose for it apparently and it was entirely frustrating for me to find out because that was the primary purpose of the purchase. That was what I enjoyed most of the locket in the anime. So, that was my biggest disappointment. It was like “Oh hey, try and open me. I have a hinge, but guess what? FALSE HOPE.” I get a tad angry just thinking about it.

image-12This is the back of the locket and there really isn’t anything to talk about in general. It has the Sailor Moon USA logo with the copyright initials underneath. It does look a bit cheap and there bits of metal that appear to be sticking out just a very slight bit, but I cannot feel it while wearing it, so that pose a big issue with me…other than making it look less authentic.

image-14This is basically me wearing the necklace. It is a bit too long for my preference, but I have no plans on wearing it…so, I don’t have to worry much about that. The locket itself looks to be about the size it would have been in the anime, so that really felt to be the only authentic part of it. Overall, this product was utter disappointment to me. I don’t regret buying it, because it is a Sailor Moon product, but I regret that it wasn’t properly made with the stains and pieces of metal sticking out in the back. I will probably just put this in the same box as my Sailor Moon towel and hope that I will find better items at KatsuCon in February.

Well, I hope you all found this review helpful. If you have any suggestions on better Sailor Moon merchandise, let me know! I know JList.Com has a lot of the Japan release merchandise, but most of it is on pre-order!! (Let me tell you all, I hate pre-order.) But, let me know what you all thought of today’s post! Have a great weekend ladies and gents!! Always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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