The Foodie: Dining at Yechon in Annandale

Hello Hello!
It has been a fantastic day seeing as how it was the first day in a week where it didn’t rain and the sun was out. I decided to take my brother, Kyle, out to Annandale for Korean food and also to pick him up some vegan pastries at The Loving Hut. Although we were only up there for like two hours tops, we are so worn out! Kyle is still passed out in what he thought would be a nap and I am trying to stay up to do some working out since I ate quite a lot today! So, incase you didn’t notice, we did go to Yechon in Annandale for lunch and I felt like documenting my experience! Therefore…LET’S START!

DISCLAIMER: I was not asked nor paid to do this post. This is purely based on a personal experience and was paid for by myself with no discount or persuasion.
image-5For those who don’t know, Annandale is located in Northern Virginia past Braddock Road. It has pretty much an entire Korean community filled with the best bakeries I have ever visited since Japan as well as some really great restaurants. Now, I have never had Korean home cooking, so I can’t really say if it tastes authentic or not, but Yechon has never disappointed me when it came to making my mouth water. One thing Kyle was so surprised about was how friendly the staff was. Once you walk in, all the waitresses welcome you as you walk to your table. The manager tends to take you to your table and comes to your table personally if anything is wrong. It’s just a great atmosphere. The only thing I always cringe about is that it is ALWAYS packed. The parking lot isn’t huge, but I’ve always managed to find a spot somehow and magically. But I guess the food is so good that EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER wants to eat there.

image-6Yechon’s menu features both Korean and Japanese cuisine. They have a pretty diverse sushi menu, which I have yet to try. Their Japanese menu is rather small and really only features items like Bentou Boxes, Udon, and Yakisoba. I must admit though, the udon is actually quite good and the bentou boxes are packed full and there is always something different for a side. But, I rarely come for their Japanese food. I prefer the Korean menu because there are far more choices and…I came with intentions to eat Korean food. Simple enough right?

image-7If you haven’t had a Korean meal before, you normally get about 5 to 7 side dishes that you can add to your meal and rice or simply eat by itself. Our’s featured kimchi, spicy bean sprouts, a sweet potato mash, and 2 different seaweed dishes. Quite frankly, the sweet potato mash (made out of white potatoes, they just have a sweet coleslaw taste) and the seaweed dishes were not really picked at. I’m sure they were delicious, but I had my eyes set on the kimchi and bean sprouts which were AMAZING. Kyle had a field day with the sprouts, so I gave him the most of it since he’s vegan and can’t really eat kimchi due to the fish oil. The kimchi wasn’t as spicy as I had hoped, but it didn’t have the fishy aftertaste that some kimchi can get and the smell didn’t linger either which I truly do appreciate.

image-8So what in the world did I order? Well, I have had some pretty bad sinus infections thanks to the cold, wet weather here in Virginia lately so I felt led to order doenjang jjigae or fermented soybean paste stew. Now, one thing I love about Yechon’s doenjang jjigae is that they DO NOT put octopus bits in it if I say no meat or seafood. They put in all the yummy veggies such as jalapeños, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, and onions. Along with some soft tofu, it is a great and spicy meal that will clear your nose right out, but not make you cry out of pain! It was so perfect that after I ate the veggies and tofu, I had to use the broth in my rice to make kind of a makeshift congee. Kyle ended up ordering the only real vegan friendly meal on the menu; vegetable yakisoba (you can see it in the side dish picture). He was pleasantly surprised by how great it tasted and ate every last bit. The waitress was surprised when she came by to check on us.

image-9Overall, my experience here was great like always and the food was mouth watering. I would definitely recommend coming here and guess what ladies and gentlemen…IT’S OPEN 24/7 EVEN ON HOLIDAYS. And there is the cutest bakery RIGHT NEXT DOOR that has an amazing green tea latte and fruit tart! So if you’re looking for lunch and dessert, I would highly suggest coming to Yechon.

For more information, visit Yechon’s Website: Yechon.Com.

YAY FOR FOODIE POSTS!  I am so glad I got the opportunity to spend time with my big brother before he heads out to California by the end of the year. We honestly had a great time at Yechon as well as Shilla’s Bakery and Breeze Bakery. It is always such a blast traveling up to Annandale and this time was no different. If you want to see some of my purchases and more pictures, be sure to follow me on Instagram at @TaylorRae319. I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it informative and what not! With that said, I hope you all have an amazing week! Be safe and always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae



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