Mini-Haul featuring YesStyle.Com

Hello Ladies (and Gents?)!!!
Today has been a relatively great day honestly~! I am prepping my room for a new bed and I’m trying to organize it so there is a lot more room to work out and do my pilates, but I don’t know how that will work out…but Anthony and I received our teaser photos from our Engagement Session with Mathy Shoots People!! I will leave a pic here just to tease you all, but most of them are on my Instagram (@TaylorRae319) so be sure to stop by and take a look if you want!
With that said, in the last post I had a mentioned doing a post on a mini-haul since I was receiving an order this week! Well, my order has arrived and I’m going to show you all what I got from one of my favorite stores, YesStyle.Com…mini-haul1So for those who don’t know what YesStyle is; YesStyle.Com is an Asian Fashion store that also carries Asian beauty products, accessories, and lifestyle accessories as well. Anyways, I decided to go ahead and order a couple items that I felt were necessary and spoil myself a little…so, WHAT IN THE WORLD DID I ORDER!?mini-haul2Yes…I ordered short-sleeved shirts for fall. Please don’t judge me. Anyways the shirt on your left is the OrangeBear Eye-Print Dotted Top and I got it for $19.01. I personally love the artwork of the eyes and the polka dot pattern. It’s actually a bit thicker than I had initially thought, but it still requires me to wear an camisole underneath. The shirt to your right is the ZOO Short-Sleeve Diagonal-Hem T-Shirt which was $17.46. This shirt was a bit thick as well, but I love the color. It’s quite off the shoulder for me but I think it would look quite cute with my light blue polka-dot vest. I really am glad I got these honestly.

mini-haul3So, I guess I forgot to take pictures of the other face mask I received but the one pictured above is the Utena Puresa Facial Sheet Mask in Sakura Extract which I bought for $11.64 for a box of 5 masks. I have been wanting to try a Japanese face mask for a while since I’ve only used Korean masks, so hopefully this will give me a good impression, yeah? The packaging is cute though so I’ll give it that for now. The other mask pack I bought is the Tony Moly I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet which comes in a pack of 3 for $7.76. It says it’s for clear skin, which is something I desperately need since my skin has been ALL OVER THE PLACE lately. But, I’ve always loved Tony Moly products so I think I’m going to be happy with this purchase as well.

Well, that’s it for this mini-haul! I will be doing my first geeky post this week tomorrow or Thursday. I’m thinking about doing like a weekly diary about “The Legend of Korra” because that show stirs up so much feeling and emotion when I watch it…and quite frankly it got me started on shipping, OTPs, feels, and so on. So I feel it would be a good start, HA! Anyways, I ended up just pic stitching a few of our engagement photos together as a pic, so YOU GUYS GET MORE THAN ONE! YAAAAAAAY!!!15391_10153300146970145_852431280_nWe should be getting a bit more in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that post. Well, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!! Please keep those affected by the Navy Yard shooting in Washington DC in your thoughts and prayers! Always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


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