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wedding stuff

Hello To Everyone!
I am back finally!!! It has been so busy recently and I just came down with another ill day and oh my gosh I CAN’T WIN. But a lot of wedding stuff/planning has been underway and a lot of food, working out, and I am literally all over the place. But now that some of the important things are taken care of, I can really start to relax until the last week of September since we’ll be having our Engagement Cookout with family and wedding party members. But here is a little update on what’s been going on lately!!

wedding stuff1So, last Sunday my family, my best friend/Maid of Honor, and I went to Fairfax for the Washington Bridal Expo and I have forgotten how overwhelming these bridal conventions can be. There were so many different vendors and so many prizes to win. It was madness. Luckily my family and Ambrozine were so helpful!! We ate our weight in free food and cake and oh my gosh it was great in the meal aspect. I did find a few photographers and videographers that I really wanted to meet with and so on, but for the most part…it was just crazy and I will probably only go to one more and then be finished with them. But I am so glad I got to see my best friend and really go over possible plans, color combos, and so on!! She’s truly the best MoH ever!

wedding stuff2Monday, Anthony and I finally took our pre-wedding/engagement photos with the incredible duo photographers: Mathy Shoots People. The whole day was just geared towards prepping for our session. I had to get my hair curled by my hair stylist, had my mother do my makeup since I get shaky hands when it comes to eyeliner, and talk about ideas with Anthony. We did our photo shoot in Downtown Fredericksburg since it’s got antique shops galore and a river near by for great photos. We also took some shots in a freakin’ awesome vintage store called Horseshoes and Hand Grenades also located in Downtown Fredericksburg and they were so amazing to us! They closed the store a tad early so we could take our photos without any interruptions and distractions. They also had like super cute vintage clothes and it took everything in my power to not buy everything. But I do want to thank everyone who helped out!!! Thank you Matt and Kathy, H&HG, Jennifer Cheek (hair stylist), and my mother!! I can’t wait to show you all the photos!

wedding stuff3Last but not least, Thursday I went to my first Bridal Boutique!! Apparently, my mom had a friend who’s sister ran a local Bridal shop in Occoquan called Amy’s Bridal Boutique! So, my mom, brother, and I went up for the day and had some Salvadorian food before heading to our appointment. In case you don’t know what those things are in the picture, they are Fried Plantains (Plantanos) and Pupusas! I tried to limit what I was eating since I didn’t want to be bloated while trying on possible corseted dresses. Well, after lunch we headed over to the store and I fell in love with Amy and her mother! They were so lovely and personal…I felt so comfortable trying on dresses. After about 4 or 5 dresses, I felt so awkward because I had really loved them all. They all had something that I fell in love with, but not enough to buy on the spot. There was one dress though that when I initially saw, I thought it was definitely not the one and it was going to be laughable even. Let me just say that just because it looks a certain on the hanger, doesn’t mean it won’t look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS ON YOU. Well, I tried it on for hoots and giggles…and I fell in love immediately and I told my mom to FaceTime my dad to show him. We all felt it: THIS WAS MY WEDDING DRESS. So…I bought it. I would post a picture of the dress on here, but just in case Anthony decides to read this post…I’m just going to keep that a secret until our big day! Sorry!!! But a brief description: It reminds me of a shooting star. BAHAHAHA. I’m sorry again.

Well, that is pretty much all that has happened recently! Just an update on TheDCLadies.Com: My next post will be live on the 26th during TheDCLadies Wedding Week! So, I have a special idea planned for the occasion, but it will still pertain to college students so don’t worry! I am supposed to be receiving a lovely package of purchases within the next few days, so I may do a mini-haul this week or do a review on the recent Legend of Korra Book 2 episodes since I’ve been trying to add a geeky feature to the blog. Let me know which you would like best in the comment section!!!
Anyways, have a fantastic week everyone!! Please stay safe and if you could have Colorado Flood Victims in your thoughts and prayers, please do so! Remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


2 thoughts on “SimplyMe: Wedding Stuff & Other Things…

  1. God Bless you and guide you through all the ups and downs of your wedding and rest of your life planning. We love you both and think that your doing a great job taking one day at a time. Big hugs and I love the Blog…

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