My Ultimate Wedding Workout & Diet

Hell hello everyone! Yes, I finally have had time where I wasn’t preoccupied with pre-wedding photos, bridal showcase, school, work, and everything in between. But after this post, I do have to workout and oh my gosh am I dreading it…BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE. And just in case you haven’t noticed, that is pretty much what today’s post is all about: My Ultimate Wedding Work & Diet!
1240562_10152162499224867_1776757694_nAlthough Anthony and I have yet to set a wedding date, I’ve been feeling this need to really get fit for our big day and it seemed smart to start now and loose the weight slowly and at a healthy pace. I also am in the process of putting myself on a healthier diet so that all my progress does not go to waste. In this post, I will be sharing my workout routine and ways that I am changing my diet to reflect a much more healthier one. So, let’s start:

blogilatesFor those who don’t know, I’ve had multiple back injuries including a cracked spine within the past year. So, I’ve found it difficult to find a workout regime that wasn’t too hard on my back. Luckily, I did my research and found that pilates would be the best since it’s more geared towards losing weight than yoga. After discovering that, now began the search for where and how to work out…because I hate gyms. Luckily, there’s YouTube and a special Youtuber, Cassey Ho of Blogilates. Right now, I’m currently using her Beginner’s 4-Week Calendar which you can get from her website, Blogilates.Com. Since starting the workout routine, my back has been in the best shape since what feels like forever. The pain is little to none and my legs are starting to appear slimmer. My abs are slowly starting to shape and my love handles are close to gone and this is just the second week so far.
One thing I would suggest with you all is starting off slow. My workouts started from 15 minutes and are now up to 45 minutes and a little more intense. Also, PUSH YOURSELF. I understand you may be ridiculously sore, but if you slack off one day…it could lead to two days or even to you slacking off the entire workout routine all together. So just keep at it and find your motivation. For me, my motivation is looking healthy for my wedding day so that when I get married, I can fully enjoy my marriage in a healthy body. I also suggest downloading the Blogilates app for all you iPhone users…just saying.

But here is a video from Blogilates to show you guys how fun her workouts are…

healthyIf you’re wondering what the text in the picture means…let me explain. 80% of losing weight is eating a healthy diet. So, if you’re working out and your diet consists of ramen…your wasting progress. However, I suggest slowly removing all the junk food from your diet. I can say that I tried removing it all in one day…and then the cravings hit and got worse and worse. So remove a couple things per week and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to like a chocolate bar if you fulfilled your week’s workout plan.
Also, try to choose healthier alternatives. For example: use coconut oil rather than olive oil or PAM, oatmeal instead of cereal, fruits instead of sweets, lettuce instead of bread for burgers and tacos, white meat rather than red meat. These little changes can have such a healthy and positive impact on your body. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and since the change in diet and workout, my hormones have become more balanced as well as my metabolism. So I’m not saying this out of the blue, it is definitely something that works from preventing diseases and cancer and so on. It has been proven and I say this as a way to wake up those who feel that antibiotics and drugs will help.

Well, I know it was rather short but I must assure you all a SimplyMe post will arrive with pictures from both the Bridal Showcase in Fairfax as well as behind the scenes of our Pre-Wedding photo shoot in Downtown Fredericksburg. We are super excited to share these experiences with you all!! So look forward to that next week. I also have my first bridal appointment at a family friend’s bridal boutique on Thursday so I may or not post about that, we shall see.
Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Stay safe and take care everyone and as always: Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


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