Falling for Fall Fashion…

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It has been such a crazy week already! I finally started classes again and quite honestly, I did not miss them. I mean, my film and literature class is actually quite interesting…but, it’s still school. ANYWAYS, I recently just started my wedding workout schedule and I am in so much pain right now! The first three days, my abs were HURTING and it was so difficult to cough and sneeze without falling to the floor. But, I suppose that’s how you know you’re actually working…right? I am thinking about doing a post on what my wedding workout/diet entails because I’m sure there are tons of engaged women trying to work out but hate the gym. LUCKILY THERE’S THIS THING CALLED YOUTUBE! So be on the lookout for that next week!

Today’s topic is all about what I am looking for/intending to put into my fall wardrobe…hence the title “Falling for Fall Fashion.” But I will also tell you some really cool websites to find the items, so you won’t be left empty handed!! With that said, LET’S GET STARTED!

fall fashion 1So for those who don’t know, fall is absolutely my favorite season. There is something about the color change in leaves, the pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, the weather, and the layering of clothes that just seduces me! Fall fashion is always a good time in my book and here are a few things that I will be adding to my wardrobe for this season…

fall fashion 2I cannot tell you all how OBSESSED I am with chunky stone jewelry. I keep seeing it on Tumblr and Instagram and I stare with envy and want it immediately!!!! But the reason why I want chunky stone jewelry is because when I think of fall, I think of more earthy tones and more nature oriented fashion inspiration. Therefore, what perfect way to add to an outfit than a piece of nature itself? I love the natural beauty of it and the simplicity as well. It can be the eye-catching piece that you need without making it too crazy if you know what I mean.
A few pieces on my wish list are:
StarDelights’ Jasper Ring
TheSilverFindings’ Silver Druzy Necklace
StoneAlone’s Beach Stone Jewelry Bracelet

fall fashion 3I am pretty sure you all are aware of my love for sweaters…I think I made it quite obvious, HAHA. Anyways, fall is when the chilly weather starts setting in and sweaters are a must have for the season. What I am noticing is that busy prints are becoming more and more in style every year. Mix it up with bold colors and Taylor has found love. The trend of layering sweaters with button-ups is still here so don’t feel afraid to buy a printed button-up and do some mix and match cords!!
A few pieces on my wish list are:
BAIMOMO’s Contrast-Collar Patterned Sweater
Tokyo Fashion’s Dolman-Sleeve Color-Block Sweater

imageI know, I know. Creepers aren’t really the first thing you’d think I’d put on this blog, but I have had creepers before in my lifetime and I am HAPPY and THRILLED that they are making a comeback. One thing I love about creepers is that they give a bit of height and give an outfit a punk and edge look even to the girliest outfits. They are simple and can be easy to coordinate with. My suggestion: go with black creepers. They match everything, I swear. Now, I would post links to my favorites but really only two creators with many distributors isn’t much to put up. Demonia and TUK are your best bets and you can probably find them in Journeys or most likely Hot Topic. If not, then Amazon for sure has them.

OH MY GOSH IT’S 1AM. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!? My insomnia doesn’t seem to be getting any better does it? My family doctor told me to drink wine, but I’d prefer to hold off on the alcohol until it becomes desperate. But yes, this is the end of my post but before I say goodnight…THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who went by TheDCLadies.Com to view my very first post as one of their Collegiate Club Contributors! So much love was sent my way and I am so excited people liked it!!! I am super stoked about typing another post! I am waiting for the calendar e-mail to arrive and AHHHHHH. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Anyways, good night everyone! I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tune for next week since I’ll be talking about my wedding workout routine and diet tips!!! As always: be safe, be healthy, and always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
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Taylor Rae


Simple Skincare’s Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes Review

Hello Hello Hello!
Today is rather busy! I am working on the blog, today is the first day of my fall semester classes, and I am still coordinating ideas and things for the engagement photo shoot and party. I am all over the place it seems like! Add in the sudden weather changes here in Northern Virginia and it’s just a mess. With everything going on, my skin has been going through some stress and my acne is flaring up a week before the photo shoot. BUT, I’m doing everything to calm my skin and keep it together. Or at least trying. I am noticing that my skin has been crazy oily with all the stress and it seems that my beloved Bioelements Cleanser isn’t able to handle it by itself.

So, today I will be reviewing a product I purchased about a week ago that I have been using alongside my Bioelements cleanser: Simple Skincare’s Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes.

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid nor asked to do this review. The product was bought with my own money and the results and review are from my own, honest, and personal opinion.

simple reviewThese are the Simple Skincare Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes which I purchased at WalMart for about $5.00. I have purchased Simple products before and I’ve always liked their simple and bright packaging and it definitely reflects the name well. It has a simple peel top, which I am relatively indifferent about because it doesn’t matter to me as long as the product stays moist. It is great for travel as well which is definitely a plus for me.simple review 2The main thing I love about Simple Skincare is the fact that their products are hypoallergenic with no perfumes or dyes so I can use all their products with no inflammation or any chance of breaking out in hives. They do not use any harsh alcohols, but they do use a fatty alcohol called Cetearyl Alcohol which comes from natural fats and oils, so it is good for your skin. What actually controls the oil is the Zinc PCA  which gives your skin a fresh and healthy look with a controlled shine. The picture above shows the physical wipe and let me tell you…it feels like heaven on your face. The wipe is nice and cold, smells refreshing, and is SOFT. I’ve always loved this about Simple’s wipes. Like I said before, I do not use these for the initial cleansing. I use these after using my Bioelements’ Flash Foaming Cleanser to help combat my oily skin. You can use it as your initial cleanser, if you prefer. I would definitely recommend Simple products to anyone with skin allergies such as myself or anyone who would like a non-harsh alcoholic cleanser.

Honestly, these wipes have helped in a short amount of time. My skin looks healthy rather than SUPER SHINY and I’m hoping with continued use, my skin will be clear by the time of my engagement photo shoot!! Thank You Simple Skincare for yet another product that I can use with ease and I have already started recommending people to use this product and others.

I hope you all liked this post and found the review helpful! I am so happy my skin is finally clearing up; just one more thing not to worry about. I am still trying to find a way to upload HD Videos rather than lower quality without having to wait FOREVER and a half. It’s proving difficult. But, with that said, I have to get ready for class! I hope you all have a great rest of the week and take care! Always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


Engagement Photos: UPDATED!

I am just a tad bit excited…our engagement photos are coming up in about 3 weeks which sounds long, but I am so excited! We’ve been slowly preparing for the shoot with Mathy Shoots People and we’ve got the basis of what we want our shoots to reflect: our geeky ways, our love, and who we are individually. So, we are pretty much set at this point, all I have to do now is just make sure my engagement dress still fits…I’m going to be working out hard these next few weeks…and years. But basically this post is to update you all on what outfits I will be wearing and why! SO, let’s see what I’ll be wearing for my engagement photos…

engagement 2So, this first outfit is very simple, comfortable, and complements mine and Anthony’s geeky side. We will be wearing the same shirt and shoes for this portion and this will probably also feature our “I Said ‘Yes'” thing on the 3DS to emphasize my ridiculousness. I’m not too sure if I’ll be wearing any jewelry aside from basic necklace and such, but it’s definitely going to be the most simple outfit of the shoot. I am excited to see how we work with this!
Old School Gamer Tee – JCPenny
Jeggings – WalMart (Comfy too)
Shoes – Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro

engagement 3This outfit is definitely going to be accompanied by some Chinese food and a picnic blanket. It’s funny, our photographer asked us what our “thing” is as a couple and I told them Chinese food and relaxing! So we are going to have some Chinese food takeout boxes and a little picnic in the park of Downtown Fredericksburg. I love this outfit though mostly because of the colors and it gives me an opportunity to wear some jewelry like the bracelet shown and a handmade necklace from my mother. It is definitely a comfortable outfit, though a bit more made up in a sense.
Striped Top – TJMaxx
Jeggings – WalMart
Shoes – Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro
Jewelry – Charming Charlie’s & Handmade

engagement 1This will probably be our final outfit and is a bit more…formal, I suppose? This is actually my favorite outfit because the dress is so beautiful! It features colorful stars and the most perfect lattice cutout! It truly does show my personality in a big way. I am so excited to wear it for the photo shoot and the engagement party as well! I was debating on whether to wear heels or not with this outfit because it is for our more formal shots, but I decided to stick to who I am and chose my off-white crochet oxfords and it honestly became the most perfect outfit I’ve ever put together. This outfit is for our walk among the colorful buildings in DT F’burg and also hints at our wedding theme. I’ll also be wearing a handmade anklet that my mother also made as well as cute star earrings. I AM SO EXCITED TO WEAR THIS OUTFIT IT’S RIDICULOUS. AH.
Star Catching Dress – ModCloth
Laced Back Cardigan – TJMaxx
Crochet Oxfords – TJMaxx
Jewelry – Random Korean Store & Handmade

So, that is pretty much a detailed list of what I am going to be wearing and how we are coordinating it into who me and Anthony are. We are so excited and we are definitely going to share the experience with you all! WE WILL MAKE YOUTUBE WORK FOR US. But yes, we will be filming that day as well…or as much as we possibly can. But, I hope you all enjoyed this update and I hope you all will look forward to the video and I HOPE YOU ALL LOOK FORWARD TO MY VERY FIRST POST ON THE DC LADIES’ BLOG AS A COLLEGIATE CLUB CONTRIBUTOR ON AUGUST 22ND!!! I’m excited. :O AHHHHHH.
Anyways, I hope you all have a great rest of your week! Be safe and always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

My Tools for Operation: Long Hair!

Other than on my phone at least. I’ve been without internet for the past week and some days, so I am beyond relieved that it is back up and running! And…I can finally start posting again and really GET THE BALL ROLLING! Anthony and I have been talking a lot recently; we are exceptionally passionate about what we do. He loves doing graphics and I am so in love with blogging, it’s ridiculous. So, we’re doing everything in our power to one day have these as our main jobs. I’ve seen so many lovely ladies accomplish so much…I want to do the same. So, I’m going to dedicate as much time as possible to SimplyTaylorRae and really put in the effort to make sure you all get what you deserve: quality posts! With that said, today’s topic is about growing out your hair. For most of you, you remember that when I began this blog I had a short asymmetrical bob and have recently began growing it out so that I can have long hair for my wedding…don’t judge me. Anyways, something I’ve heard a lot when mentioning growing out my hair was Mane ‘N’ Tail shampoo and conditioner originally meant for horses. Apparently, it’s become popular but after doing my research I found it to close to worsening my hair rather than doing any good so here are the tips and tools I’m going to be using to grow out my hair!tumblr_mr600fz9861qa95aho1_500So, right now my hair is about shoulder length as shown in the picture above. My first tool is actually a Japanese product I purchased from SaSa.Com called Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter hair mask. I’ve literally had this product for over a year and it is still pretty full so it lasts quite a while because you only need like a two-finger scoop. It’s a great product and I originally ordered it because Lindy from Bubzbeauty had suggested it multiple times, so I thought “WHY NOT!?” and now it’s become one of my most treasured hair care products. Lindy actually mentioned in a recent vlog of her’s that she is using it to help her hair grow longer and keep it healthy, so I thought I’d do the same! And gosh, do I love the smell. Honestly, it’s not that expensive and definitely worth the money if not more.hair growthThe next couple of items are really just healthy habits to keep up with to ensure your hair maintains it’s health so the growing process isn’t too effected.
First Off: EAT HEALTHY. Your hair is in need of Vitamins A, B, C, and E as well as minerals Iron and Zinc. If you are lacking in these nutrients, your hair isn’t going to grow as healthy as it should be and your hair will be lacking. One things I suggest is adding veggies to your fruit smoothies. A little bit of kale, broccoli, spinach, and so on will not really change the taste, but the nutrients are so necessary. Also, eating healthy is best for your entire body, so it’s beneficial in all areas.
Secondly: EXERCISE. I admit, I haven’t really been exercising a lot lately thanks to the UTI and Cystic Rupture last month, lack of internet, and most of all LACK OF SLEEP. Now that everything is beginning to get back to normal, I am starting to get back into working out through Pilates and Blogilates’ Pop Cardio. When you exercise, your body’s circulation improves and your hair follicles require circulation. Although you do need body exercise, your hair has it’s own exercise it requires. To exercise your hair, all you have to do is a scalp massage which you can easily do in the shower while washing your hair and brush your hair once a day (which I should probably do, because I rarely brush my hair nowadays). This will also improve your hair follicle circulation.
Thirdly: STAY AWAY FROM HEAT PRODUCTS. I understand that we all like to style our hair or at least blow dry it, but unfortunately it dries out our hair and can do crazy damage. I use to blow dry and straighten my hair every day, but now I’ve limited it to like once a week and special occasions. However, when I use heat products, I ALWAYS use a heat protectant (specifically TRESemme…) to keep my hair as healthy as possible. And trust me ladies, this does help out a lot. My hair is now a lot healthier and softer and my scalp does not over produce oil to make up for the dryness.
Lastly: WIDE COMB FOR WET HAIR. Something I tend not to do is brush my hair when it’s wet because a lot of my hair tends to come forcefully rather than naturally. But, I guess that is a rather good thing because you’re not suppose to use a regular brush to comb wet hair. Using a wide tooth comb prevents hair from forcefully falling and is a lot easier on your hair rather than a rough brush.

Well, those are my tips and tools that I am using to help grow my hair out! Luckily for me, I have two years until Anthony and I get married so I think my hair should be at a reasonable length by then. When we start planning for the wedding, I will be sure to keep you all posted on our ideas and everything! And I will be doing a blog/vlog about the Bridal Showcase in September, so look forward to that! ALSO, MY FIRST POST AS A COLLEGIATE CLUB CONTRIBUTOR FOR THE DC LADIES WILL BE ON AUGUST 22ND! So please look forward to it!
Don’t forget to add The DC Ladies and I on twitter: @TheDCLadies & @TaylorRae319 (These also apply to Instagram, hint hint)
Anyways, have a fantastic weekend everyone and always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
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Taylor Rae