SimplyMe: Sick, Manga, & More…

Hello ladies and gents…
I am so sorry for not posting last week! It’s been a difficult recovery: Remember when I said I had been to the hospital? Well it was for a cystic rupture and a UTI. Luckily, the antibiotics (though were painful for the first 6 days) had worked their crazy drug magic and took care of it…I was then left with a rather sick fiancé as well. Anthony went to the doctor last week for an upper respiratory infection as well as possible pink eye. WELL, he took the antibiotics and the eye drops and…he eye began to swell incredibly. So, we were forced to take him back to the doctor who then referred us to another doctor who then referred us to another doctor 30 minutes away. Luckily they found it was a cellulitis infection in eye and the NEW MEDICINE they prescribed him have done wonders. But, in the midst of taking care of Anthony…I ended up catching a bit of his respiratory infection and I’ve been having coughing fits lately. But, we’re on our way to healthy I suppose.simplyme2So, if you haven’t been on my Twitter; My job has been affected by the furlough since I am a federal employee. Therefore they had to cut my hours for approximately 3 months, so instead of working Mondays I get to have “Furlough Fun Day Monday” as my supervisor puts it. Now I have a lot more time to read, play video games, and act like the total nerd I was probably destined to become one day. I’ve been reading novels, but I guess the “Love So Life” manga has also been terribly addictive as well. IT’S ADORABLE AND MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT AT TIMES. But if you are looking for a cute, light, and romantic manga…”Love So Life” is good. Very good. As well as my town, Triscuit, in Animal Crossing is flourishing well. I finally got access to the QR reader and I unlocked the Dream Suite which took FOREVER.  I also managed to catch the ridiculous Arapaima. I feel like a champ. A fishing champ.
In other news, I purchased a cute pajama set while shopping this past week and I think it’s just more proof that I am a Disney nerd. I think the main reason I’m addicted to Mickey & Minnie mostly…is because they’re a couple. And Minnie has great fashion sense…simplymeThis past Saturday, we had two events to attend! The first was the Men’s Day Celebration at a local church. I only went to help out with the food and finally wear my Rakuten Eagles jersey. Let me tell you, those were the best grits I’ve had in a while. After words, we celebrated D-Xampl’s 3rd Year anniversary which was a blast…but there wasn’t any real food except for cake. SO we went to Buffalo Wild Wings after and by God, that was the best burger I’ve had since moving out here to Virginia. Nothing trumps In-N-Out in California, but this was pretty darn good. But it was a good time with some good people, so I don’t have any complaints.simplyme3Lately, I feel like I’m becoming one of those crazy dog ladies who takes multiple pictures and loves on her dogs too much. BUT HOW CAN I NOT!? They are so adorable and funny…I can’t help but want to show them off to the world~. I want to love them and squeeze them. I’m even tempted to have them in our engagement photos (we had to postpone the pictures because of Anthony’s health status). But they’ve been attacking me with love since I’ve been sick so often. The kisses and jumping and constant whining at my door has been so loving. I’m truly a dog person…I’m sorry, haha.

Well, that’s been an overview of the past week and a half. I may do another post tonight/tomorrow to make up for the week off and to give you all an actual post so you don’t feel cheated with a personal post…lol. I hope you all enjoyed this post anyways! Until next time…always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


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