Engagement Photo Shoot Fashion & Beauty

Hello everyone! It’s been one heck of a week for me. A lot of pain and medicine involved, I will say. BUT, we are finally in the beginning stages of our engagement party planning which includes our engagement photo shoot. We are having our pictures done by Kathy and Matt from MathyShootsPeople.Com in Downtown Fredericksburg on Tuesday. We really want this photo shoot to be fun and vintage, so we thought Downtown Fredericksburg would be our best bet! Luckily, we get unlimited outfit changes, but we’ll probably keep it down to 2 or 3, just so we’re not all over the place. Our main goal is to show our different personalities; For me, I’m geeky, fun, vintage. Anthony is more modern, laid back, and not quite as geeky…So, this photo shoot is bound to be interesting. But here are some of my fashion and beauty ideas for Tuesday.tumblr_mpg31d49XK1qa95aho1_500I really have been dying to wear my boyfriend jeans with my wedges since I’ve seen Linda from NomNomBlingBling.Blogspot.Com sporting them in a lot of her posts! I wanted to show my love for Hello Kitty as well with this cute light hoodie that Anthony bought me recently! Such a cute and casual outfit that I found so perfect and comfy. For this outfit, I wanted to incorporate my geeky side a bit by doing the tradition “I Said ‘Yes'” picture with my Animal Crossing 3DS. I think it would be fantastic and totally depicts my life at the moment…please don’t judge me.
Hello Kitty Hoodie – Forever21
Boyfriend Jeans – Jennifer Lopez
Dexter Wedges – Payless
I can see us sitting at a café with me having an iced green tea latte and playing my 3DS and Anthony on his MacBook doing graphics. Then a picture of us on a bench with my head on his lap while we’re trying to catch fish on Animal Crossing…goodness gracious, what is happening to me?

tumblr_mph626LiuW1qa95aho1_500This is a more vintage inspired outfit that I put together. It feels a bit more romantic to me although I was never one to wear skirts. It shows a lot of my personality though, the outfit is different with the polka dots on the button up. The cute straw hat I actually bought for my trip to Israel last year, but I haven’t worn it yet this season. I finally found a wide belt and my black oxford heels which add the perfect touch in my opinion. The jewelry on the bottom is for the entire day, not just this outfit. I think it gives the overall vintage feel we expect for our wedding without giving too much detail that even we aren’t aware of. But I love how playful it is.
Dalia’s Collection Polka Dot Button Up – TJMaxx
Chevron Printed Skirt – Thrift Store Pickup
Wide Belt – Forever21
Black Oxford Heels – Thrift Store Pickup
Hello Kitty Watch – Gift
Betsey Johnson Watch – Ross
Earrings – Forever21 & Icing by Claire’s
Necklaces – Gifts
I can see us walking around the old churches in this outfit. Taking a nice stroll and relaxing around the colorful buildings. Very simple things since this outfit is rather busy itself.

When it comes to beauty, I want to look very natural. So minimal eye makeup and just a touch of lip shimmer. My hair will be either way or curled, just to give volume and frame my face a bit more. For my nails, yes I am going to have to start getting them done again…dang it. I can’t find pictures of how I really want it done, but I want a very light pink and neutral pale color. Something to match really any outfit. So, the beauty portion is neutral, natural, pale, and minimal. If that helps any?

Well, I can’t wait to take the pictures, hopefully my health improves before then! But, I am having fun doing the planning for the pictures and the party. I will make sure to take some behind the scenes pictures for you all and whenever I get the actual pictures, I’ll share them with you as well! Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Be safe, stay blessed, and always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


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