An Exciting New Adventure with The DC Ladies!

Hello Hello!
Don’t worry, I will be doing another post after this but this an announcement post! AHHHH EXCITEMENT.

So for those of you who are unaware, I have been affiliated with a local group of wonderful ladies called The DC Ladies. I am currently featured in their Beltway Blog Roll, however I have been given the chance to do more…

I will be a Collegiate Club Contributor for The DC Ladies starting this year. (insert excitement squeal here please…)

For those of you who are unaware of The DC Ladies, here is a little snippet from their website TheDCLadies.Com
(Image Provided by Shelley Kramm, Founder of The DC Ladies)

A fifty something mom and her twenty something daughter team up to give you an eclectic mix of what is fun, fashionable, family related and just plain fabulous in our Capital Area for women.”

They are truly a group of wonderful, supportive, and creative women and I am beyond thrilled to work with them and I highly suggest if you are in the DMV area that you subscribe to their blog! Also, if you are in the DMV area and have a blog, please contact them so you can be a part of their Beltway Blogroll!! So many wonderful blogs and ladies are featured, so why not be a part of them?

With that said, I must tell you all that the posts I will be putting on TheDCLadies will be original to only their website, so you will not see them here on SimplyTaylorRae…so if you want to see more of SimplyTaylorRae, I suggest subscribing to TheDCLadies for more posts by me. The posts that will be featured pertain to College Lifestyle, Fashion, Help and other topics of the sort. I hope that I will do a great job in representing SimplyTaylorRae and representing The DC Ladies well.

To Shelley and Sarah, thank you ladies for the AMAZING opportunity! I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing group and I am happy to see where the venture takes us! I hope that I will make you proud and provide quality posts for your website. I can’t wait to start working with you both!

And a big thank you to my family, friends, readers, subscribers, and the sort!! You all have really helped me along the way with finding my calling in life and now that I have found it…I’m taking it ALL THE WAY! I hope that I will make you proud as well. (Now excuse me while I shed a couple tears of happiness…)

Like I said, this will not be the only post today/tomorrow (depending on what time I get home…), I am still trying to think of a topic but IT’LL BE OKAY. Haha…too much excitement at once, sorry!!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae


Branching Out & Becoming Me

Hello Ladies & Gents!
It’s been a rather relaxing week, though my sleep schedule still blows for some reason. I finally got to see the littlest of Anthony’s nieces and my goodness she has grown. I just love seeing her smile and hearing her laugh, it is contagious! We finally got a chance to sign our Engagement Photo Shoot contract and send the initial down payment which is a relief honestly. I’m hoping to do a Skype session soon with them to kind of give them an idea of the look and intentions for the photos we have and what not…which kind of leads me to my main reason for this post.

When I started SimplyTaylorRae.Com, I wanted to create a website that embodies me and I have done that…for the most part. I have a love for fashion, DIY beauty remedies, reviewing, and the sort. However, I feel like I’ve left out a part of me that I’ve always felt was the biggest part of me: The Nerd. A part of me felt that I needed to leave it out because it wasn’t cool or it wasn’t what these other successful bloggers and vloggers were, but this week and been such an eye opener to just open up and be myself. I want to be able to share with you all what I found interesting at E3 or what games I’ve been playing/loving. I want to go to conventions and show you all the nerdy things I find so cool and interesting, because I know there are nerds out there who care for gaming, fashion, and beauty as well.

I’m not saying the whole entire intention of SimplyTaylorRae is changing. I will continue to post about fashion, beauty, health, and so on…however I will trimming it down to Fashion, Health & Beauty, and The Geeky. I am also hoping to redesign the banner and really turn this blog into something that truly embodies me.

So, with that said…thank you all for your love and support. It’s already been over a year since I’ve started SimplyTaylorRae and it’s been an amazing experience and I’m going to continue and push and make this something much more than what it is now, because I know it can be something big and beautiful. I want to show all sides of me through this blog and I am actually hoping to reopen my YouTube account and start making videos. I’m going to try and find a way to have them take less than 9 hours to upload! So, I have a lot planned within the next year…

Anyways, I hope you all look forward to our changes and to our future! Nothing would be possible without you all!! I hope you all have an amazing weekend full of smiles…and not rain. Haha, take care everyone and remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

SimplyMe: Sick, Manga, & More…

Hello ladies and gents…
I am so sorry for not posting last week! It’s been a difficult recovery: Remember when I said I had been to the hospital? Well it was for a cystic rupture and a UTI. Luckily, the antibiotics (though were painful for the first 6 days) had worked their crazy drug magic and took care of it…I was then left with a rather sick fiancé as well. Anthony went to the doctor last week for an upper respiratory infection as well as possible pink eye. WELL, he took the antibiotics and the eye drops and…he eye began to swell incredibly. So, we were forced to take him back to the doctor who then referred us to another doctor who then referred us to another doctor 30 minutes away. Luckily they found it was a cellulitis infection in eye and the NEW MEDICINE they prescribed him have done wonders. But, in the midst of taking care of Anthony…I ended up catching a bit of his respiratory infection and I’ve been having coughing fits lately. But, we’re on our way to healthy I suppose.simplyme2So, if you haven’t been on my Twitter; My job has been affected by the furlough since I am a federal employee. Therefore they had to cut my hours for approximately 3 months, so instead of working Mondays I get to have “Furlough Fun Day Monday” as my supervisor puts it. Now I have a lot more time to read, play video games, and act like the total nerd I was probably destined to become one day. I’ve been reading novels, but I guess the “Love So Life” manga has also been terribly addictive as well. IT’S ADORABLE AND MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT AT TIMES. But if you are looking for a cute, light, and romantic manga…”Love So Life” is good. Very good. As well as my town, Triscuit, in Animal Crossing is flourishing well. I finally got access to the QR reader and I unlocked the Dream Suite which took FOREVER.  I also managed to catch the ridiculous Arapaima. I feel like a champ. A fishing champ.
In other news, I purchased a cute pajama set while shopping this past week and I think it’s just more proof that I am a Disney nerd. I think the main reason I’m addicted to Mickey & Minnie mostly…is because they’re a couple. And Minnie has great fashion sense…simplymeThis past Saturday, we had two events to attend! The first was the Men’s Day Celebration at a local church. I only went to help out with the food and finally wear my Rakuten Eagles jersey. Let me tell you, those were the best grits I’ve had in a while. After words, we celebrated D-Xampl’s 3rd Year anniversary which was a blast…but there wasn’t any real food except for cake. SO we went to Buffalo Wild Wings after and by God, that was the best burger I’ve had since moving out here to Virginia. Nothing trumps In-N-Out in California, but this was pretty darn good. But it was a good time with some good people, so I don’t have any complaints.simplyme3Lately, I feel like I’m becoming one of those crazy dog ladies who takes multiple pictures and loves on her dogs too much. BUT HOW CAN I NOT!? They are so adorable and funny…I can’t help but want to show them off to the world~. I want to love them and squeeze them. I’m even tempted to have them in our engagement photos (we had to postpone the pictures because of Anthony’s health status). But they’ve been attacking me with love since I’ve been sick so often. The kisses and jumping and constant whining at my door has been so loving. I’m truly a dog person…I’m sorry, haha.

Well, that’s been an overview of the past week and a half. I may do another post tonight/tomorrow to make up for the week off and to give you all an actual post so you don’t feel cheated with a personal post…lol. I hope you all enjoyed this post anyways! Until next time…always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With Love,
Taylor Rae

Engagement Photo Shoot Fashion & Beauty

Hello everyone! It’s been one heck of a week for me. A lot of pain and medicine involved, I will say. BUT, we are finally in the beginning stages of our engagement party planning which includes our engagement photo shoot. We are having our pictures done by Kathy and Matt from MathyShootsPeople.Com in Downtown Fredericksburg on Tuesday. We really want this photo shoot to be fun and vintage, so we thought Downtown Fredericksburg would be our best bet! Luckily, we get unlimited outfit changes, but we’ll probably keep it down to 2 or 3, just so we’re not all over the place. Our main goal is to show our different personalities; For me, I’m geeky, fun, vintage. Anthony is more modern, laid back, and not quite as geeky…So, this photo shoot is bound to be interesting. But here are some of my fashion and beauty ideas for Tuesday.tumblr_mpg31d49XK1qa95aho1_500I really have been dying to wear my boyfriend jeans with my wedges since I’ve seen Linda from NomNomBlingBling.Blogspot.Com sporting them in a lot of her posts! I wanted to show my love for Hello Kitty as well with this cute light hoodie that Anthony bought me recently! Such a cute and casual outfit that I found so perfect and comfy. For this outfit, I wanted to incorporate my geeky side a bit by doing the tradition “I Said ‘Yes'” picture with my Animal Crossing 3DS. I think it would be fantastic and totally depicts my life at the moment…please don’t judge me.
Hello Kitty Hoodie – Forever21
Boyfriend Jeans – Jennifer Lopez
Dexter Wedges – Payless
I can see us sitting at a café with me having an iced green tea latte and playing my 3DS and Anthony on his MacBook doing graphics. Then a picture of us on a bench with my head on his lap while we’re trying to catch fish on Animal Crossing…goodness gracious, what is happening to me?

tumblr_mph626LiuW1qa95aho1_500This is a more vintage inspired outfit that I put together. It feels a bit more romantic to me although I was never one to wear skirts. It shows a lot of my personality though, the outfit is different with the polka dots on the button up. The cute straw hat I actually bought for my trip to Israel last year, but I haven’t worn it yet this season. I finally found a wide belt and my black oxford heels which add the perfect touch in my opinion. The jewelry on the bottom is for the entire day, not just this outfit. I think it gives the overall vintage feel we expect for our wedding without giving too much detail that even we aren’t aware of. But I love how playful it is.
Dalia’s Collection Polka Dot Button Up – TJMaxx
Chevron Printed Skirt – Thrift Store Pickup
Wide Belt – Forever21
Black Oxford Heels – Thrift Store Pickup
Hello Kitty Watch – Gift
Betsey Johnson Watch – Ross
Earrings – Forever21 & Icing by Claire’s
Necklaces – Gifts
I can see us walking around the old churches in this outfit. Taking a nice stroll and relaxing around the colorful buildings. Very simple things since this outfit is rather busy itself.

When it comes to beauty, I want to look very natural. So minimal eye makeup and just a touch of lip shimmer. My hair will be either way or curled, just to give volume and frame my face a bit more. For my nails, yes I am going to have to start getting them done again…dang it. I can’t find pictures of how I really want it done, but I want a very light pink and neutral pale color. Something to match really any outfit. So, the beauty portion is neutral, natural, pale, and minimal. If that helps any?

Well, I can’t wait to take the pictures, hopefully my health improves before then! But, I am having fun doing the planning for the pictures and the party. I will make sure to take some behind the scenes pictures for you all and whenever I get the actual pictures, I’ll share them with you as well! Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Be safe, stay blessed, and always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile 🙂
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae