Recent Purchase: Shoes & More Polkadots…

Hey Hey Hey!
I cannot believe how hot it is for Spring…although I guess this is rather ok since we are approaching Summer soon. I am so ready for Autumn though! I miss layering up. But anyways, Anthony and I made a recent run to TJMaxx this weekend where I bought a few items for reasonable prices and I am absolutely in love with them! So, what did I buy this time?purchaseI ended up spending only $54 during this trip, but it includes a black pair of casual loafers for $12.99 and a cute, nautical inspired pair of round-toed flats for only $16.99. I also ended up buying yet another polka dotted button up by Dalia Collection which typically runs $40.00+, but I ended up getting it for $19.99 and it fits like a dream!shoesThis is a close up on the flats! If you can’t tell, it’s almost like a rope or thick thread that makes up the texture and what not. With the striped pattern, I really feel like these are so perfect for the hot days ahead and bring a summer, nautical feel to an outfit easily. I can also see these with my polka dot top, shorts with tights, and a cute cardigan for Autumn. tumblr_mn22tmMumq1qa95aho1_500These were so comfortable for work! I like the unique-ness of the toe as well. At first, I thought they reminded me of TOMS, but I feel like TOMS are just a tad bit rounder when I compared pictures. I feel like these would look so adorable with simple patterned socks, such as what I wore above. It gives an outfit some zest and fun and you manage to stay comfortable at the same time. You can wear these with flared or skinny jeans and you’d still look comfy and casual. Definitely a recommended buy.

I wish I had a good picture of me wearing the shirt, but unfortunately…I do not. But, if you keep an eye on my instagram, you’ll probably see one in the future! With that said, that was my recent purchase from TJMaxx, one of my favorite stores because of all the wonderful deals~! I hope you all enjoyed this post and I know I need to include from health and beauty posts!! That might be happening more often now that I’m on a tight saving budget!

Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing week! For those affected by the Tornado in Oklahoma, my prayers go out to you. Please stay safe everyone and stay blessed. And always remember to Live. Laugh. Smile πŸ™‚
Thanks for Reading~! ❀
With Love,
Taylor Rae

BONUS PICTURE:tumblr_mn3qu06xow1qa95aho1_500Among the flowers and bushes is the newest member to our family! His name is Boss (subject to change) and he is a 3 month old Pit Bull/Black Lab mix! He is the silliest thing ever with his long legs and stubby body. He’s found joy in jumping into flowers and playing hide and seek. But, he is getting along so well with our Yorkie Poo and the 2 Chihuahuas! We are so happy to have a new member to our growing family.


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