Recent Purchase: Jessica Simpson Luggage

Hello lovelies! How is your week going? Did you have a good Easter holiday? How about Spring Break? I hope all is well!! For those who are wondering, my Easter was a bit busy. The morning was spent with my family and we had a lovely ham and breakfast brunch. Then I had to head to work. Too bad Easter isn’t a federal holiday. (Gov’t Job Problems…) But afterwards, Anthony’s family invited me to a BBQ and even saved me some food. So, it turned out to be a wonderful get together! Anyways, I have recently been shopping a lot in prep for Spring and Anthony’s birthday. So, we ended up stopping by at TJMaxx where I got him a few things and then we ended up at Ross…and that’s where this post begins.tumblr_mklsgkF9E81qa95aho1_500So, we end up at Ross and while we’re looking around, I noticed a cute navy polka dot bag in the corner of my eye. So, I walked over and took a look and noticed it was a piece from Jessica Simpson’s luggage collection. Anthony came by and took a look and then noticed that the whole collection was in the store. And, you can guess what happened next. After 20 minutes of talking, price comparing, and all that jazz…I ended up purchasing 3 pieces of luggage that I can use for my travels since Anthony and I have pretty big plans to travel the world. I guess you can say I took the first step. 😉 But, my biggest thing was how much I got all of it for. Only $175 for all three pieces. I got the largest suitcase for $75 (original tag says $360), the medium suitcase for $65 (original tag says $320), and the large tote for $25 (original tag says $140).
I cannot believe what a deal I got. I was always told that luggage was ridiculously expensive and so I never even thought about buying my own luggage. But Anthony reminded me that we had a lot of traveling plans in our future and that I should just take hold of this deal…so I did and I am beyond thrilled. I will probably use the tote bag for more than travel because it is freakin’ adorable and has a cute vintage feel to it that caught my eye. So, if you have a Ross store near you, I would highly suggest you check it out for this luggage set because it is truly adorable and affordable.

Well, that’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed this new segment I added to the blog. It’s like a “haul” but specified on one item. I will leave the hauls for the videos. Speaking of videos, I’m hoping to have a collab video with two of my best friends up by Friday since we are filming Thursday evening. Also, my summer vacation is coming up in May so I hope and pray for more time to dedicate to filming and posting. With all of that said, I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week! Remember to follow me on Twitter @TaylorRae319 for blog updates and a whole bunch of other randomness. Take great care everyone and always remember to Live, Laugh, and Smile!
Thanks for Reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


4 thoughts on “Recent Purchase: Jessica Simpson Luggage

  1. so lucky! I want this set – I have searched the internet – I found it for ridiculously priced. Jessica Simpson brand I am always surprised how awesome it is from shoes, to bags, private wear etc. . . I wish I could find this at ross! Bummer – it seems you bought this almost 2 years ago. How would you rate it now? I might still buy it.

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