Spring Fashion Faves!

Hello lovelies. I know this post was supposed to go up last week but I had some health issues with my back. Luckily, it is feeling so much better with only minor pain. With that said, I have been so excited for Spring to arrive! Spring brings forth so much happiness for me! The flowers start blooming, the temperature is warm but not boiling, and my birthday is also in Spring…I am hoping to purchase a bike with part of my tax income and do some biking around Stafford since where I live is too dangerous to bike ride (only because you could get ran over). But I am also excited for the Spring Fashion! This year, my goal is to create my dream vintage closet and accessories and I am surely going to start with the spring season!
e5de24fb-e87f-4ddb-b179-8ca75ca17a4e_zps2f3b3b1dLike I said, my goal is to go for a more vintage look this year and I am dying for some bold patterns and my goal is to become more comfortable in dresses and skirts! So, hopefully when I finally decide to start doing look books and outfit of the days…you will start to see me in more dresses and what not. BUT ANYWAYS, here are some pieces and patterns that I am looking forward to wearing in Spring this year!

9463cde8-02ed-4c34-a1f6-2180c0b79589_zps7cd06250Ah, how I love Peter Pan Collars! They bring a certain cute touch to a blouse or shirt. If they have a touch of lace, it makes it even better! Another silly love of mine are polka dots. It is a timeless pattern that I can’t help but want to buy any piece that features it. People may call me childish because of it, however Peter Pan Collars and Polka Dots are wonderful for Spring and can cute-ify any outfit you have!

58c9d820-b01d-4629-8dc2-3564600c3001_zpseb24c078One thing I feel will ALWAYS be a Spring necessity is floral prints. Spring is definitely the right season to wear ALL your floral patterns because flowers are beginning to bloom as well. Plus, floral prints can make an outfit pop and it is always fun to mix and match colors with those on the flowers! One thing I love floral prints on are dresses. It seems like a perfect match! The flow of a dress accentuates the floral pattern and really seem to symbolize Spring itself. One of my goals is to purchase a floral dress this season just because of this reason!

91f634bf-f96a-461c-b593-8c7948360b1f_zps94a27a03If you haven’t noticed by now…oxfords are possibly one of my all time favorite fashion trends. They are perfect for Spring and Fall and can bring a vintage touch to any outfit. I have also been in love with wedges recently as well, so oxford wedges are like a dream come true or a match made in heaven. They are such a simple addition to an outfit but can bring such a huge positive impact as well! If you are starting to build a vintage wardrobe, I promise you that oxfords are easy to find and perfect for you!

Well, that is for today everyone! Hopefully now that my income tax is coming in, I can afford an HD camcorder and film a lookbook for you all! And more videos for that matter…but I am so happy my back is starting to ease up pain wise. Which means posting will not be as difficult. I am excited for Spring though! What are some of your fashion favorites for the Spring?

OH! I wonder…did you notice the new banner! Anthony actually designed it for me and I am very excited about it! He did an amazing job and it fits me so well. And it features photography from Wen McNally, a family friend. If you would like more information on either Anthony or Wen, feel free to contact me by hitting that little “contact” button up top and let me know! I will give you their contact info ASAP! But, I prefer serious inquiries only.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post! Like I said, I am hoping to make a Spring lookbook orΒ Spring outfit videos as soon as I get my camcorder. So, I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week and weekend. Stay safe & remember to Live. Laugh. & Smile. πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading~! ❀
With love,
Taylor Rae

***Remember to visit me on Twitter & Instagram: @TaylorRae319 as well as Tumblr: @SimplyTaylorRae.



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