What’s In My Bag?

Hello everyone! AHHH, it feels good to be in a new comfy chair. It makes it so much more easier to work with. So, I hope you all enjoyed the first video from the SimplyTaylorRae YouTube Channel. It was far from good quality, but I was so excited and went ahead and just used my webcam until I get my HD camcorder. I am also starting to think it is time to invest in an HD camera as well. But that will be income tax present. ANYWAYS, today is going to be on a subject that every female and possibly even male blogger has touched on. WHAT IS IN MY BAG. I was tempted not to do it because I wanted to wait until I could do a video to accompany it and have fantastic pictures, but I thought…WHY NOT? I can always update later anyways and might as well? HERE WE GOOOOO!!!

DSC00642_zpsd6373200So I suppose I should start off with my bag. This purse was a Christmas gift from Anthony in 2011 and it has possibly been the best bag I have ever had.  It is freakin’ HUGE and for me, I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my bag so it was perfect.  It has also held really good and is going into it’s 2nd year of use looking fantastic. I love this bag so so so so much. I highly recommend Coach bags. Just sayin’. Shall we move on?

All the items I currently had in my bag are numbered! So let’s start with Numbero Uno!
#1: This small pouch actually carries my ridiculously big prescription sunglasses. The pouch was a Christmas gift from a friend and it came with like three other medium and large pouches, so it was truly a great gift I must say…
#2: This pouch holds my iPods and my handkerchief…why do I put them in the same pouch, I have no clue. ALL CUTE THINGS GO TOGETHER. But the handkerchief is Hello Kitty and super cute and the pouch features floral, polka dot, and strawberry patterns…A.K.A. EVERYTHING I LOVE. Plus, the handkerchief and pouch were a gift from a friend who went to Japan for a couple weeks. So, it is something I cherish dearly.
#3: If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s when you have pens or pencils in your purse making marks on the inside. I hate it. So, I have a pencil pouch where I keep my pens and pencils in so that doesn’t happen. This pouch was a gift from a Japanese exchange student we hosted in California. I wonder if she will be surprised that I still use it?
#4: This is my beautiful Cath Kidston wallet I bought from ASOS.  I immediately fell in love with the pattern and the size…it fits so much, yet can fit in my tiny red ModCloth bag as well. I have also gotten many compliments on it, so I feel this was a great buy.
#5: CHAPSTICK. A person’s best friend, I swear. My lips have been terrible this season, so I have chapstick in every bag I own. The chapstick in this bag is Blistex Simple & Sensitive. Hypoallergenic is AWESOME.
#6: Car keys. I live 45 minutes from my job, an hour from my college, and 30 minutes from general civilization. My car is necessary.
#7: My Check Book. Yes, I write checks. I am shocked when I hear people my age say they don’t know how to write a check…I find it useful when I lose my one and only credit card and have no other means for paying for stuff. It’s a safety precaution, honestly.
#8: My iPhone and iPod. I will not lie, I cannot live without these two items. I keep on schedule with these items. I like to mess with photography and listen to music with these items. They help me keep on track and all that jazz…plus the Navy Federal App is nice.
#9: Yet another pouch…this is my feminine hygeine products pouch. Need I explain? The pouch I purchased in Wajima, Japan in a market. It’s held up remarkably I must admit.
#10: I have been finding it necessary to carry a book around now. I am constantly finding random time to read nowadays and there are two books I am IN LOVE with: The Ingredients of Love & Howl’s Moving Castle. I can’t stop reading! But, maybe that’s a good thing…

Well, there you have it everyone! It was a rather short post…however, I am hoping to post again tomorrow night since I will have much more free time to do so after classes. After I get my HD camcorder, you bet this will filmed! But, I must say good night rather quickly! I hope you all have a fantastic week, stay safe, be blessed, and remember to cherish simplicity!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae



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