Blackheads BE GONE!

Ah! I am so happy to be back! If you hadn’t been on my twitter lately, I recently came down with the flu along with going back to school. Mix those two together and SO LONG FREE TIME. Just kidding, however, I did take some time to focus on getting better and getting more rest since my schedule was ALL MESSED UP thanks to overnight shifts at work. I’m not a fan of those by the way. Anyways, today I will be talking about the vein of my existance…BLACKHEADS! Dun-Dun-Dun. I don’t know about you guys, but my skin is overly ridiculously sensitive. Anything can set my skin off to the oil works…especially when it comes to my nose. That is where I tend to get my blackheads. AND THEY ARE A PAIN IN THE BUTT TO GET RID OF. I kid you not, lovely readers. So, today I am going to be discussing ways to hopefully remove these bloody things!woman-washing-face_zps425130d4SO! First off, what are blackheads? Well, blackheads are those black or yellow bump of acne caused by excess oils that clog up the sebaceous gland’s duct.  The oil that accumulates in blackheads mostly contain keratin and sebum. Don’t be fooled when people tell you it is because of bad personal hygiene…even those who wash their face regularly get blackheads and pimples. It’s a part of life…however we can take care of them and take them out when they make their sudden appearance.

fullers_earth_dried_orange_peel_and_oatmeal_powder_image_title_qu2cs_zps1f40c803-1_zps1f3eb51dThis simple recipe is supposed to help prevent blackheads from popping up unexpectedly. You only need two ingredients and a mixing bowl:
2 Tablespoons of Oatmeal Powder
1 Tablespoon of Rose Water
Mix the two ingredients in your mixing bowl and apply to a clean, washed face. You can apply the mixture to your entire face or to your blackhead proned areas. Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Oatmeal is typically a gentle exfoliant and cleanser and will help loosen up blackheads. Rose water is often used as an astringent and also nourishes and hydrates your face! Plus you can easily make your own by pouring water over rose petals in a pot and letting it sit on low heat! Simple and easy, ya’ll.

08-global-home-remedies-honey-and-cinamon-stick_zpsf7c0b11dAh! I have never done an overnight mask before…maybe because I toss and turn in my sleep. But, for all of you who don’t mind or are sound sleepers, this may be the perfect mask for you! For those who don’t know how amazing honey is for your skin, let me tell you; honey is a natural antiseptic and helps moisturize your skin. It brings out a lovely glow I must say! Cinnamon is also a heavenly antiseptic and is known to kill bacteria and contains antimicrobial properties. With all the antiseptics hitting these blackheads, they oughta be gone! So, what do you need for this overnight mask?
3 Tablespoons of Honey
1 Teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon
I swear, these recipes are by far the easiest to find in stores right? Anyways, mix the ingredients into a paste. Go ahead and wash your face, then apply the paste to your blackhead proned areas with a cotton swab or a cotton ball. Since this is an overnight mask, you may want to put a towel over your pillow just in case you toss and turn! So, let the mask stay on overnight and once you wake up, go ahead and rinse the paste off with warm water. Repeat this until your blackheads are all gone! I feel like the cinnamon smell would be elegant as well…

tomatoes_zps72502274Last, but not least! A tomato a day keeps the blackheads away! This is by far the simplest way to take care of your blackheads and I can tell you all that it works wonders. I love tomato-based products, so imagine how much I love raw tomatoes! There is only one ingredient for this recipe and it is…you guessed it!
1 Small Tomato
ONE FREAKIN’ TOMATO! That is all it takes my darlings. The goal for this recipe is to scrub your face with a small tomato that has been smashed at least once every day. As you all know, tomatoes have a natural acid that helps remove dirt and oil from our skin thus helping prevent acne and blackheads. Not only that, but tomatoes also have tons of antioxidants that fight against free radicals and makes for a great moisturizer…perfect for winter, eh? I would highly suggest tomatoes simply because out of all the cleansers and exfoliators I have used over the years, my tomato-based exfoliator has made my skin more radiant, soft, less inflammed, and my blackheads have minimized as well. So, go ahead and give this simple recipe a try and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Ah! I am afraid that is the end of our post ladies and gents. I do have an announcement coming up within the next year, hopefully before the end of 2013. I will give you one hint…it has to do with my father. THAT’S ALL YOU GET UNTIL I AM ABLE TO GET THINGS SET IN MOTION! Haha, oh lord. Anyways, as for the delay in the SimplyTaylorRae YouTube Channel; I am currently on the hunt for a good HD video camera or a camera that takes awesome pictures and great videos. Either or…I have been hesitant to start filming before I don’t have the proper equipment…and I want to give you guys a personal experience, but also with quality. So, I promise I am not being lazy or anything. With that said, if you have any suggestions, please send them through the contact page! I am also taking requests for any health and beauty info you would like to learn or any questions you have. I want to get to know you all and what you’d like to read about!

Anyways, it is almost 12am! Time for bed. Tomorrow is going to be busy for me! My room is getting a makeover and I have cursed homework to do! The life of a college student…grand isn’t it? Good night everyone! Please have a great rest of the week and weekend, be safe, and remember to enjoy the SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE.
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae


A Happy New Year Ahead of Us

Hello Everyone! It has taken me a couple days to get everything on track since Christmas, but first things first!tumblr_mfwlqfqgQu1qkxrtro1_500_zpsa072cb31-1_zpsb4679525

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I know I am a few days late, but I had work and errands and all that jazz. So, now that I have some time, I really want to talk to you all about the past year and my new year resolutions and what not. I really get excited for a new year…for me, it means a new beginning and a brand new start. It sounds so corny and cliche and what not, but it is true. 2013 is truly a brand new start for me. This year I am turning 20 and celebrating 成人の日 or Coming of Age day. Many of you are probably wondering why I am celebrating a Japanese tradition…well, I have loving and deep ties to Japan. And it doesn’t help that I miss it so much, you know? Although here in the US, 18 is the legal age of adulthood; 20 is the legal age of adulthood in Japan. So, it seems befitting almost? Anyways, I feel that with me moving out of my teenage years, I feel like I need to take on more adult responsibilities such as saving more money and trying to move out on my own. It is going to be such a great year…I can honestly feel it! EXCITEMENT! Ah! So, I guess we should speak about the highlights of 2012 and what I learned throughout the past year.

DSC00266_zps344c6f9bSo, 2012 was definitely a year of travel for me and Anthony. We saved up and went on a beautiful trip to Israel where we experienced an incredible culture and learned about the history of the Bible and Jesus Christ. We came back with a brand new look on life and I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to go out of the country together. I turned 19 and Anthony turned 22. I retired TaylorRae.Co and brought my dream to life with the opening of SimplyTaylorRae.Com. I got to show Anthony where I came from and the place I love. I built my self-esteem, got a pay raise, and finally upgraded my brick of a Windows phone to an iPhone. I played lazer tag for the first time in my life, realized I have a sock obsession, and Anthony and I celebrated yet another year together. This year was simply amazing and I have learned so much…
1. I bottle up my emotions.
I have this terrible problem where I try not to express anything negative and it ends up getting to a point where there’s nothing left to do but let it all out in a negative way such as yelling or arguing. One thing me and Anthony discussed during our trip to Charleston was that I need to speak up if something is bothering me. It’s okay to be emotional or upset. Just let it out. My father also told me that I have to learn to talk to someone if I am feeling a certain way or bothered. I think this really came in handy when my family was going through a rough patch. I am slowly, but surely learning to speak up…though I still have moments.
2. I need to save more.
This year was incredibly costly for me and Anthony. With the trip to Israel and Charleston and everything in between…this was really our most expensive year. I didn’t think anything of it until today actually. I was watching “Four Weddings” on TLC and one bride talked about how she saved a ton of money for her wedding and I couldn’t help but think about mine and Anthony’s future. I already have some money saved up as does he, but I feel like I could’ve saved so much more had I not bought so much or went out to eat so much. I want me and Anthony to live comfortably when we decided to get married and live together…so I think saving is really going to be a big part of it. So, every paycheck more than 50% will go into savings unless I have my car payment. But that leaves me enough for gas and emergencies. Me and Anthony are going to hold off on eating out to only once a month. I think this is quite reasonable.
3. I am becoming unhealthy.
Not in the fact that I am overweight or I eat terrible. I actually eat pretty well, though I have moments where chocolate takes over my life. I don’t drink soda except for the anniversary where I had a Shirley Temple and most recently after lazer tag where I had the Red Bull Crush from TGI Fridays. That has been really the only soda I’ve had in about 3 to 4 years. I went vegetarian for a couple months, but because I’m anemic and for some reason the iron supplements weren’t enough, I had to stop in order to have enough energy to get through the day. But, I quite exercising after Israel because the school and work load was too tiring for me. Along with that, I really don’t go outside…because I am sleeping way too often. When I went to the doctor for chronic bronchitis, the nurse told me my weight and I was so disappointed in my self. I wasn’t overweight, but I wasn’t in a healthy weight category either. So, I really want to focus on healthy recipes this year along with healthy habits like exercising, going outside, walking more and all that. Maybe even take yoga classes for the stress?
4. I focus too much on other people.
I tend to worry about others and become envious of what they have achieved or the things they buy and what not. I don’t gossip, but I worry about people and try my hardest to help them and make sure they are happy and safe and what not. I also tend to overthink others’ achievements or milestones such as becoming engaged, finding a really awesome paying job, going to a destination that I’ve been dreaming about and so on. It is pure envy and I know it. It really does kill my mood at times and makes me drift away from what I already have and what I should be thankful for. It’s not bad to want to help others or to want something another person has. But as Shimmy from ShimmyCocoPuffs said on Twitter: “I choose to be inspired rather than to be envious.”  So, instead of being envious of someone getting engaged or going to Japan, those are now things that will become my inspiration to go forth and do those things…if that made sense?
5. I need a new hobby…
I realized that I am quite the boring person. I do have a YouTube where I sing and a blog, but apart from that…I have video games? Bahahaha…no. I need a hobby where I can go outside and really appreciate things in a way that I love. And if you have been on my Tumblr…you’d know that I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. So, why not develop a healthy hobby like taking pictures with a freakin’ massively expensive camera? Well, for now I am going to just depend on my iPhone for that…but, I certainly would love to invest in a HD camera and do fashion pictures…preferably Japanese fashion because it is so expressive.

tumblr_mfvfbyMmwW1rycdxro1_500_zps46df5e80This year, I have created 10 New Year Resolutions and I have posted above my desk where I will always see them. I am so excited!

1. Save Money for Future.
2. Create Healthy Habits.
3. Learn to Cook.
4. Be More Thankful than Envious.
5. Pick Up Photography.
6. Go ALL OUT for SimplyTaylorRae.
7. Improve my Japanese.
8. Develop Organizing Skills.
9. Go Outside More!

They aren’t the most exciting, but they are simple and definitely worth a year and more. So, I was thinking about putting a “things I look forward to in 2013” part of the post..but I mean aside from birthdays and one wedding…I have no freakin’ clue what this year holds!! I will just leave that a mystery for you all as well as me. Thus ending the first post of the new year! I certainly appreciate all the love and support from 2012 and I hope it continues throughout 2013. Happy New Year Everyone! May you be blessed and may all your hopes and dreams for the year come true! Take care everyone!!!
Thanks for reading~! ❤
With love,
Taylor Rae