SimplyMe: Charleston – Allergies & An Anniversary

Hello darlings! I am finally back from Charleston and it feels good to be home. Honestly, I have missed my precious blog and readers so very much. Now that I am back, I am so excited to start really putting everything I have into SimplyTaylorRae. When I say this, I mean more videos and posts along with extreme marketing and promoting. I have created a brand new YouTube account, SimplyTaylorRae. I am hoping to become a YouTube Partner with this account in hopes that I can bring you all better videos and also gain a tad bit more income so I can do giveaways and what not. So, please subscribe to SimplyTaylorRae on YouTube! My other account, TaylorRae319, will be used as my vlogging account. I am also hoping to have business cards and other supplies soon. EXCITEMENT IS RINGING AT THE DOOR. I don’t know what happened, but on my vacation I went crazy with ideas and this is what happens…ANYWAYS. Let’s talk about Charleston~.
DSC00593Ah, Charleston. It’s a shame…the moment I arrived at my grandmother’s house, my allergies began acting up and my sinuses were just as bad. I should’ve known…it happens every time. But, we got there and my grandma had spaghetti cooking and oh my gosh, it felt good to out of a car. It is a terrible 7.5 hours worth of driving. Well, our first day in South Carolina, we went around looking at prices for the iPad mini since Anthony wanted one for Christmas. We were bummed out when we discovered that Apple was completely out of stock of the 16gb iPad minis. So, we decided to call it day to discuss our options. However, after shopping we made our way to California Dreaming. If you don’t know what California Dreaming is, it is a freakin’ amazing restaurant. It means a lot to me too because that is where my parents had their very first date. So, we found it appropriate to spend our anniversary there.

DSC00545The dinner was amazing and I darn near cried when I had the croissant. T’was beautiful. But, moving along, we pretty much spent most of our time Christmas shopping at North Woods Mall and Rivers Avenue. We also got a chance to go downtown to South Carolina Aquarium and meet up with one of my old friends from high school! It had been about 4 years since I’ve seen her, so it was certainly refreshing and very enjoyable. Along with that, we went to our first South Carolina Stingrays hockey game which was a blast because I “Gangnam Styled” my way onto their big screen like a champ with no shame. And poor Anthony sat there embarrassed. I cannot help it. PSY has done something to my legs where everything I hear his song, I automatically drop everything and start dancing. Curse him. But, in shorter terms, we had a fantastic and relaxing time in Charleston! Unfortunately, right not my vlog will not upload on YouTube, but the minute it does, I will post it up and keep you all updated. UPDATE: The vlog is now up (after waiting 3 hours…)!!!

Anyways, thanks everyone for being patient with me when it came to posting and what not. I am going to be on a roll here soon so watch out! Also, 12 days until Christmas!! Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I FINALLY DID MUAHAHAHA. Oh, if you want to see more photos from my trip, be sure to follow me on Instagram: @TaylorRae319!! Ahh! It is 2:30am…I suppose it is time for bed. Good night everyone, have a fantastic day, take care, and stay blessed.
Thanks for reading~<3
With love,
Taylor Rae


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